Why We Need A Sustained Independent Fearless Movement For Permanant Change!

While the world is so focused on the ever increasing and even more highly publicized police killings that appear to be getting more out of control as time passes by, the Black community needs to increase their effective aggressions in the crucial areas that seem to be overlooked in the pursuit of the visible more obvious areas of our struggle.

We seem to get so upset when a cop kills one of our unarmed youth but we never show up to the voting polls with that same fire in our belly to make sure that an out of control judge that hands out those unnecessarily high sentences out never gets put back in position again.

If you ask me, the police killings of our babies is the more obvious result of a racist system that manifests and as long as we focus on this one aspect of their war on us, we will lose each and every time.

Why can’t we channel this energy in a sustained manner even when there is a gap between the front page killings of our youth?

Police Sirens

Why should we only be inspired to get up and make some noise when CNN or any other major news propaganda network decides that a particular modern day lynching is good enough to spotlight for their ratings?

Does CNN have to approve of a tragedy first before we act on changing the conditions that led up to it?

We as a community need to be connected beyond the reach of the television set as we presently possess a multitude of high tech methods that can keep us “in the know” as to what is transpiring in our communities across the board.

We will turn out to vote for a Black President who can’t even address our specific needs as a people while speaking directly to all others, yet we don’t even know the names in the race of the local politicians who will affect our lives even more so than someone so high up on the political ladder.

Oh we most definitely know when Al Sharpton arrives in town for his “cherry picked one man show of a photo op rhymefest” that will only ascertain that his brand of opportunistic race profiteering will remain relevant.

So understand that Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson are a sustained movement representing Black people’s concerns because no one from our community ever voted to put them there!

We need to mobilize a sustained movement from the ground up void of the narcissistic egomaniacs that never relents even when the media goes back to their business as usual agenda of focusing on the manufactured foolishness that keeps us distracted and disconnected.

We need a sustained movement that keeps all local politicians accountable to doing their jobs instead of the walk in the park terms that they serve with the lucrative perks that come along with their positioning.

We need a sustained movement that presses forward with keeping these police supervisors transparent in their agendas to fight crime and serve ALL of the people instead of being used as the tools in the gentrification that is taking place all over the country with downtrodden Black people feeling the painful end of it.


We need a sustained movement that will resist all covert attempts by the government to destroy what we have left as a community and not allow the powers that be to force our children to go to school in another community to feel like outsiders while the schools in theirs are torn down.

We need a sustained movement of sharing the crucial information that we have been guilty of not seeking out that will let us know what is happening in our neighborhood as well as being part of the planning of what happens there which is our right.

We cannot have a sustained movement as long as we keep our minds tied up in the distractions that our oppressors put out here for us in Social and Broadcast Media.

How can you put the new furniture in place without first removing the old?

In order to awaken your mind to help you to take action you will have to wake up from the old way of thinking as well as your perceptions of the world around you.

One of the biggest challenges that I see for Black people in America is that we are going to have to understand that we can make a difference without the approval of those outside of our community.

We always seem to believe that we need others to do for us what we can do for ourselves.

Black Panther Movement

We do not seem to have the confidence to go forth in a powerful way to make the changes happen with a sense of urgency that has never been seen before in our history.

We will have to change that one simple thing about us if we are to ever make an impact to stop the old order in which we react only AFTER another child has been killed by the police.

Somewhere along the line in our time here in America, we have been convinced that we are nothing and that we need our oppressor to get anything effective done even after screaming and shouting all day in church claiming how blessed and highly favored we are!

Isn’t that ironic?

Isn’t it foolish to claimed that we are so blessed and highly favored when our people have a damn noose around their necks?

And even for those who may possess a few more materialistic trinkets that they will leave after their time is over on this earth, understand that you are NOT blessed if you still have Brothers and Sisters out here who look just like you who are hungry, cold and out of doors without any hope or help in sight.

If we are to ever have a sustained movement that benefits our people to uplift us in a righteous way, we are going to have to weed out those who sell us out in the back room deals that we never see while claiming to stand up for us publicly in the hypocritical ways that they do.

We need to take that rage that we feel when our youth are murdered by the so called authorities and spread it out over the 365 days that make a year.

But who has the courage to stand up and create this new sustained movement and will resist the offers made by the secret societies who will promise the tempting amenities of the world to you if you only “tone it down” to not upset the applecart?

Louis farrakhan

You have got to understand that there is so much more below the surface when dealing with these unholy hierarchies that have swallowed up and even killed those who have dedicated their lives to being the truth tellers to the people.

So any sustained movement has got to have individuals in it who give their all who understand that there will most likely be a physical death or character assassination coming to them along the way.

The funny thing is that we are all going to pass on and transition from this plane of existence anyway, so why not make it count for something so that after you are gone the people who are coming up behind you will have a better idea and blueprint of how to continue the fight?

Year after year I see the same compromised pastors who live in these downtrodden Black communities who won’t even move their mouths to speak out on the dilapidated conditions that exist their because they are afraid to step on the toes of the politicians to whom they are in the same ideological bed with behind closed doors and away from the flock.

Decade after decade we see the same political entities who come smiling in your face with a multitude of promises on how they can make things better while at the same time signing off on the police efforts to treat you like an animal during the hunting season.

We need a sustained independent movement that will snatch the reigns of power away from anything that doesn’t serve our best purpose and put our finances into a transparent movement that does.

We have got to stop being so damn star struck when one of these two faced politicians arrive in our midst for a photo op that will improve their image with the very people to whom they want banished from their sight.

This reminds me of a recent event here in Orlando where I live when the Mayor, Buddy Dyer, went into the Parramore area to hand out free school supplies to the children who lived there who most likely came from a low income home.

Mayor Buddy Dyer Gentrification Specialist Hypocrite

On the surface it looked fine and dandy, but why doesn’t the mayor stop being so hypocritical and halt the police harassment on those same families who have lived their for so long simply because he wants the real estate that they stand on underfoot?

What is the purpose of giving a few school supplies to the children of a people who are not empowered to do better for themselves while you claim to be such an upstanding man of character?

While they can polish up the same old agenda to make it fair seeming to those who have suffered under it for what amounts to a lifetime, I for one can see through the bullshit and will call it out for what it is.

We need solutions to the issues that our oppressor keeps us in for his profit and the only way to get it is through a sustained movement that never relents and informs those what is really going down behind those closed door meetings.

Challenge your politicians and hold them accountable!

Challenge that tap dancing hymn humming punk of a pastor to get in the streets and do God’s work that way Jesus did amongst the people!

Challenge YOURSELF to become more involved even when our children are not in the spotlight for being murdered by the police!

Challenge the so called good people of this world to stand with you and make every effort that you possibly can on multiple platforms to shut this wicked system down so that a true righteous kingdom can rise on earth as it is in heaven!

If not then continue to stick your head in the sand and sing “We Shall Overcome” to tell the world how “Blessed & Highly Favored” you are while the bullets come for you and your children as they will in a very short time!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Dedicated Brother,



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