Negligent Arizona Mother Takes Her Kids Donation Money To Finance Her Baby Daddy’s RAP ALBUM!!!! -The LanceScurv Show

Here we have one Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona Mother who left her children in a blazing hot car alone and unattended supposedly because of a job interview that she couldn’t miss, was showered with 114,000 dollars from many kind-hearted Good Samaritans who felt for her in her plight, yet took advantage by going on shopping sprees and giving at least 6,000 of those dollars to her child’s father to finance his rap album!

Her plight was that she was ordered by a judge to come up with 40,000 dollars by a certain time to place in a trust fund for her children or else face much stiffer punishment.

But she truly showed what she was made of when she received the blessing of the money that in hindsight everyone can see that she didn’t deserve.

Why are so many of us so irresponsible when we know better than to act as reckless with our finances and our futures like we do especially when we have young dependents?

Shanesha Taylor Graphic

I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if we lived a reckless life and had to face the consequences all alone, but to receive a well paid second chance at a mess of a life from total strangers who didn’t have to do anything for you and treat it like it you had the right to a shopping spree was dead wrong!

Not only that, but to take the money given from a kind sympathetic heart to finance a Rap Album from a Baby Daddy who was probably paying you no attention until he caught wind that some money was rolling in made the violation even worse!

Some women are simply not fit to be mothers and seem to always put their own selfish desires over their children as well as a deadbeat man who only has a shriveled age old penis to offer!

I would love to her what you have to say about this one!

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