The Illusionary Boundaries mentioned in the title of this video are simply that…….an illusion. But I find it so amusing when something that is not real is used to corral the ambitions of those whose enthusiasm is filled to the brim by those who have not the courage to dig deep inside to challenge themselves to strive toward a better life. Too many of us have had our spirits killed by believing in the limitations put on us that are made to be broken.

This preconditioning of the mind to me is the true “death” that won’t ever allow us to live because we are afraid to venture past what has been in place for who knows how long. We have the boundaries that religion places on us take make us feel guilty if we dare question the contradictions held within that age old belief system. We have family members who will constantly reinforce the limitations of your entire bloodline letting you know that you can ONLY achieve something within the confines of your generational D.N.A. You will have all types of situations -friends, family and job associates to name a few – feverishly surrounding you to remind you of the failures that came before you in the areas of mastery that you are attempting to surpass.

You must not allow their limited mentalities to permeate your thinking because it will surely trap you in the same manner in which mentally, physically and spiritually incarcerated. Your success will depend on how well you are able to isolate these energies and attacks on your drive to reach your life goals. Just because someone has a friendly smile or gives you a pat on the back while shaking your hand does not mean that they are approaching you with a clean heart void of hidden agendas and secret motivations. Your very survival depends on your spirit of discernment that will empower you to move away from these destructive entities. Please share your perspectives on this topic in the comment area below.

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