Never Cancel Your Appointment With A Rainbow

No one ever expects to see a rainbow when they wake up that morning, you can never call that type of spontaneous miracle into your life on command. That gift must be enjoyed at that exact moment because if you break that delicious gaze at nature’s splendid visual for a moment it can vanish oh so swiftly!

Such is life and the beautiful entities that are allowed to cross your path in it. Never put them on hold.

Absorb them now.

Let them affect you now.

For the gift may only be for that moment.

Cry your tears of joy for them in their presence showing appreciation for whom they are. That act in itself will protect you from the guilt that creates the tears in their passing.

You will always selfishly miss their presence in your own pure and innocent way, but you will stand strong in the knowledge that you did right by them and you shared your feeling for them in a manner that transcends the very law of life and death itself.

Rainbows and loved ones are given unexpectedly and taken away in similar fashion. Take neither for granted.

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