Never Forget That A Smile Can Make The World Of A Difference In A Needy Strangers Life!

Today while zoned out driving my bus I somewhat isolated myself from the war masks that most wear in public in order to protect the scared little kittens that they really are deep down inside. I noticed that no one had a smile on their face.

This is the norm of what you see most of the time when working with the public directly in the streets, the grittiness gets no more raw than that.

I can’t stress enough that on an emotional/mental level I can somewhat feel like that home run king in baseball who is practicing his technique in the confined space of the batting cage. So many people come at you with a wide range of unexpected mentalities and spirits and you don’t have but a split second to discern them for who they truly are without the toxic residue from the previous person tainting your perception of the next.

Tough call indeed. To be boxed in a tight area without much of an area to hid from these entities as they come at you at full speed without as much as a second to catch your breath! Challenging indeed. Now most Bus Drivers either get stronger from these daily transactions of the spirit or they become toxic themselves. Or they wilt under the daily pressure and become somewhat of a negative ball of a psychotic mess. They will never again see the beauty of life because of their narrowed mentality that came from their unprotected encounters with the legion of spirits that infect the world!

Life is how you see it. When driving through the areas of the city that most refer to as the ‘hood, you can either see it as a disaster zone with the run down buildings, high crime rate and poverty amongst other unsavory things, or you can see it as a place for new beginnings when viewing that young sapling of a plant that grows between the cracks of the broken concrete. Hope can exist anywhere and everywhere, it’s only a matter of how YOU think and what you have inside of yourself as an outlook on life. That’s ALL there is to it!

Plant Growing Through The Crack In The Concrete

So when I see these disgruntled faces that came from the negative situations that most people failed to handle correctly, I try to have compassion on them and understand their pain because when a person feels as though you understand their trials and tribulations, they will be indebted to you for life because you gave them a sense of relief from the pain that they felt in their hearts.

Now being human, I am not always the high powered being of all things holy that many may seem to feel, it’s quite the opposite.

Since I am an ultra sensitive person who can absorb the energy of others and turn it around converting it into anything that I please, there is a time when my filters can get clogged and regurgitate the things that I process on a daily basis. When I see this happening I know that it is time to change my spiritual filters and meditate on the restoration of my mind.

Now when you discover your need for a spiritual cleansing, you may not always find yourself in your humble abode and behind the protective walls of your loving home. What are you to do when you find yourself in this scenario and out of gas? Merely “look” for that sapling of a plant growing out from between the cracks of the concrete!

It’s there, and even more abundantly than you could imagine! Always remember, that God NEVER leaves you in a bad situation without a way out of it! So if you are feeling stressed, run down and just plain ole out of it, know that help is on the way and probably right under your nose just ready to take you out of your funk.

Well on this day where I found myself challenged to the hilt, it felt as though this day was meant for me to lose my sanity and to be duped to react in a manner that was highly uncharacteristic to my laid back cool demeanor and reputation. This came after being cursed out so badly from few young females who really didn’t know how to read and comprehend the bus schedule and blamed me for being late when in fact the bus ahead of me that they were waiting for broke down and were upset from the long extended wait. They didn’t even want to hear an explanation but I guess because of some other unknown issues going on in their lives at the time, I became the valve that would set those needling frustrations free.

Then there was the passenger who was in a wheelchair and had to be strapped down securely but seemed to not have washed for two months and cut loose with a well timed fart when I was on my knees in front of her at crotch level adjusting the straps. To add insult she sprayed me with a flu laced sneeze that had the back of my throat itchy for the rest of the day and in fear that I was going to catch the same flu that I just got over a few weeks earlier. Talk about a challenging day!

But just as ole Scurv considered throwing the towel in and going postal there was a young lady who requested the next bus stop as her exit out into the street to embark on her personal journey.

Now while I wasn’t necessarily checking her out in “that way”, I did notice that she was what most men would say is drop dead gorgeous but from my point of view it was in an understated manner. She was dressed conservatively and carried herself in a very ladylike manner, no one could say by her carriage that she was some cheap type of woman who you could speak to in any way you wanted.

You can tell that while she was approachable if you had something of worth to say to her, she wasn’t the type for anyone to “try” with the usual street gab that most of these low minded men execute who have nothing on their minds except to leech off of the resources of a good woman. No. She wasn’t having it but wasn’t the type to refuse a pleasant greeting in passing.

Why am I saying all of this about a woman to whom I know nothing of?

Well, just at the right time as I felt the sands of restraint leaving my emotional and mental hourglass, this pristine example of honorable womanhood walked up to me a smiled my way just as my last nerve was about to break.

Pretty Black Woman

Her smile wasn’t based in lust or some type of seduction, but one of support and caring. I mean, I really felt her gaze and for the split second before she turned from me to leave the bus, she put her hand on my shoulder and said: “I saw your frustration for the whole time you were cursed out for no reason and in dealing with that wheelchair person and I have to commend you my brother because most men would have lost it when you held it together. I don’t know you but I love and admire you for that! Have a wonderful and God filled progressive day!”

I sat there with a bus load of passengers with my jaw dropped wide open and didn’t have a CLUE how to answer her for her wonderful uplifting words but it didn’t matter because she didn’t even wait for an answer, it wasn’t even necessary.

All of a sudden I felt the life surge back into my every limb and the strength return to levels beyond what was previously there! Dear Lord this stranger of a woman was a Godsend and it showed me how much a woman has the healing powers to share with a good man when he is worthy of her love and affection.

What a natural high!

There is NO joint. No cocaine. No liquor and NO pill or injection that can rival the loving contact that was afforded me at that precise moment…….


But this lesson that I learned also that we as a people, and I’m talking of all humans right now, have lost that bond between us that reaches out to us on a basic human level. Any mother who is out and about who sees a child fall down on the pavement and scrapes their knee will feel the same pain as if it were HER child! She will come to her aid in a loving and very much human level until that child is smiling.

But these days we have lost that bond as humans between each other, what happened to me earlier was a rare happening indeed and I truly want to say to that young lady that I truly appreciate your gesture and received it as it was supposed to be received.

It wasn’t about flirting, it wasn’t about lust nor was it about trying to “holla” at her if I ever saw her again. It was about one human being seeing the negativity that came my way during the time on my job and reaching out in a caring manner to share a few words of encouragement to me because I truly needed them!

Why can’t we be so sensitive to the needs of others like this all of the time?

Why is it that we have to walk about the earth with our battle faces on as though we are going to war?

Angry Man

Do we realize that to hold our faces in such a repulsive manner that we actually create an atmosphere of negativity that will manifest into reality?

Why hijack our own happiness by walking out into the world with this mentality? The world can be a totally different place if we sprinkled a little love amongst us if we saw a need for it in one of our fellow human beings!

That moment for me was truly a ray of sunlight on a cloudy and gloomy day and proves that the sexes can love each other on a deeper level more so than seeking to always jump in the bed together.

Whoever you are my friend, know that I will never forget how you flavored my day with your words and presence and I promise to do for someone else what you did for me…….

…….and to all of you reading this article, instead of sharing an e-mail chain letter that will amount to nothing positive in the world at all, just forward some love to someone who needs it because you will surely be blessed!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Happily Stunned Brother,



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