New Hampshire’s Keene Pumpkin Festival Rioters: Why Doesn’t The Media Call Them Thugs?

Let’s take a look at the media coverage of the Keene Pumpkin Festival in New Hampshire that found itself in a situation that got out of control enough to have the authorities summoned in full force to arrest 84 people leaving 30 people injured.

Not once did I see the word criminal, thug or low life used to describe those exhibited the riotous behavior which started around 1 p.m. on Saturday October 18, 2014.

This barbaric caveman-like behavior started when two large groups of approximately 1000 people each began throwing objects at each other, most of which were rocks and bottles.

As the Police arrived to quell the madness, they too were hit with full liquor bottles and billiard balls as their authority simply was not respected.

“The damage was disturbing,” said New Hampshire State Police Col. Robert Quinn, “To turn your aggression toward another human being in the manner that they did is what I characterize as extremely serious.”

Also, Keene Police Chief Kenneth Meola stated that the police will review images and video from this tragedy in order to prosecute those who were the “heavy hitters” out of the group, especially those who set fires, slashed tires while also vandalizing and overturning a vehicle.

Quinn also added that after all is said and done that there is a great chance for first-degree assault charges for those who threw the objects at the police.

The police had to use dogs, rubber pellets and tear gas to disperse the crowds at Keene, but nowhere in the media coverage did I read, hear or observe on any level the same code words and derogatory language used in the Ferguson Missouri uprising at all.

This is a huge change from back in the early days of the Keene Pumpkin Festival which was first held in 1991 by a non-profit group to showcase 600 lit “Jack-O-Lanterns”in the downtown area.

It grew beyond all expectations and by 2013 that number was well over 30,000 attendees, world records were broken but at this level of attendance so was the law.

So what started out as a family friendly event that included all types of activities for all ages, became a target for college students who had nothing more than partying on their mind.

This obviously became a huge headache for event organizers and city officials as by 2011 there was “widespread public drunkenness” but nothing on the level of what transpired last weekend.

And if the truth be told at Keene New Hampshire, would the media coverage be that much more scathing if those who attended were Black?

While every race has its bad apples who will show their ass at the absolute wrong time, we as Black people are portrayed always in the broadcast, print and cyberspace media outlets as these out of control violent looting thugs who are hellbent on acting as though we are the lowest beasts of the land.


The Million Man March - Keene Pumpkin Festival

While I would be a fool not to admit that there were some who were out of control at Ferguson Missouri and New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (Just to pick two off of the top of my head), many of us have truly forgotten the historic gathering of Black men in Washington D.C. at the Million Man March called in existence by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and by the hard work of so many countless people who believed in the vision of the march.

For every Black man that the evening nightly news chooses to highlight committing a crime or acting like a fool, there are dozens of law abiding men of color who never get caught up in the system and live peaceful upstanding pristine lives that never get spotlighted publicly for the good that they do.

So yes, I am somewhat pissed off that the facts in the Keene Pumpkin Festival were reported without the slant that I would personally receive if I were to act out of line.

Let me and a few of my buddies be responsible for a car being flipped for absolutely no reason at all and guess what would happen?

We would be killed on the spot with no questions asked.

Keene Pumpkin Riots

Let me be responsible for throwing full bottles of liquor at a police officer and guess what would happen?

Hell! In the Black neighborhoods across this country a Brother could get shot to death for merely raising his hands while holding a wallet or a smartphone!

Now really look between the lines, these weren’t just a few who started acting out of line merely for the fun of it. These were 2000 out of control idiots who were split into two groups who went on the attack by throwing objects as well as the rioting between them!

But you know what? These “scholars” are the doctors of tomorrow, the lawyers of future and the movers and shakers of the communities from which the come from so don’t expect too many to really receive any harsh treatment at all.

This story will gently fade away into oblivion while judges are paid off and little white envelopes stuffed to capacity are passed between hands discreetly to make it all “go away!”

We don’t get such breaks at all and this is why America’s prison are full of us as the majority presence while in the actual population of the streets we are the minority!

But could you imagine 2000 Black people rioting and turned in against each other during a family friendly event?

There wouldn’t only be tear gas, pepper spray and dogs to disperse the crowds, there would be helicopters, tanks and SMART-BOMBS dropped on the crowd regardless as to who did what!

They ALL would die that day and the media would be there to amplify the tragedy!

This is why we as a people in this country must always be aware of how we are portrayed in the media and how others will expect us to act out in the manner that they see on the television set because our lives may just depend on it.

It’s unfortunate that we have to collectively jump through these unfair hoops that are set high for us to get through, but that’s the reality of living here in the United States of America.

The faster you understand how your enemy think thinks is the better the chances that you don’t get caught up in their deceptive web.

As you can see, others get a break in the media when they find themselves out of control but never should you think that you will receive the same privileged treatment because to do so would cause you to really find yourself in a sorry state of affairs indeed!

Simply understand this schizophrenic American system of media, law, perception, status, race and justice and you will do just fine!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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October 24, 2014 5:21 PM

Just want 2 know was ANYONE shot 8-10 times by the officers, under attack who felt his own life was threaten? Was anyone left to lie in the street with their blood flowing from their upper torso 4 four hours? Was the military called as backup to assist the local police? Were the rioters rioting for human right and fair justice? Did any rioter make a surrender jester and was gunned down like a disease dog?

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