· Senator Gracia Delva who disapproved the nomination of Lambert as another interim president, said that he texted repeatedly the deceased president around 1:00 am because of the shooting in the area but unfortunately, the president responded to none of his texts. He also made the comment that President Jovenel Moise’s residence was not only well guarded but the doors were reinforced with steel. It would have taking a lot of time and effort to get in the house, unless someone let them in. Finally, he said that he witnessed one of the wealthy businessmen, in 2018, who asked for Jovenel to recused himself from the presidency. However, Jovenel didn’t listen.

· The Haitian First Lady Martine Moise revealed that after they shot her, they slapped her to see if she was still alive or dead. And they presumed that they had killed her.

· It seems that the assailants arrived at 10:00 pm and killed Jovenel exactly at 12:30 am with exactly 12 bullets. James Solages and Vincent shot him. Claude Joseph and Jean Aguel Civil beaten him and tortured him before they had him killed.

· Neighbors also reported to have seen drones circulating around the president’s residence. Most likely, it was the C.I.A. observing their dirty work. Also, while the assault on his property, Jovenel Moise called several embassies, but no one came to his rescue, which is proving even more the Americans implication in his assassination.

· Claude Joseph, the interim president, is a C.I.A. trained asset who was involved in the plot to depose Aristide in 2004. And it is also said that, 2 days before the assassination of Moise, the deceased president ordered his mercenaries to murder his girlfriend, which would explain why Joseph tortured him before having him killed.

· I first suspected the Russians because it made no sense that the U.S. Government would sanction something like that. But now, I think even if they weren’t involved, the Russians most likely knew about this. And if they did, why they didn’t stop it? Haiti would have been a very strategic port right at the flank of the United States. Why would they pass that opportunity? Unless Jovenel Moise was too corrupt to make a deal with.

· Meanwhile, an American news article, confirmed that Pierre Reginald Boulos, indeed, hired Art Estopinan to lobby President Biden, 2 days prior the assassination of President Moise. And at 1:00 am, on Wednesday morning, Dimitri Vorbe posted a tweet, jubilating. What was he jubilating about if not of the assassination of the president?

· There is a lot to unpack because now we found out that there were organ trafficking and drug trafficking involved. It is obvious that President Moise felt out of his dept, which would explain why he reached out to the Russians. But this plot getting more and more confusingly complicated. The same American and U.S. permanent residents that were arrested in February 2018 are the exact same that were arrested, yet again, for the assassination of the deceased president.

· Also, the same Colombians that were captured in Haiti are the exact same that have been captured in Venezuela while the failed coup last year, in September 2020. Maduro said that those same mercenaries were ex-military that were incarcerated for crimes in Colombia. Those mercenaries were forbidden to travel and curiously, those same men were found implicated in the assassination of the Haitian deceased president. Which means that the Colombian government knew about the mercenaries’ travel to Haiti. Normally, they require a mission from you in exchange of a reduce sentence in Colombia.

· He said some of the mercenaries were captured at the Japanese Embassy.

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