The Nicki Minaj “Racist Tweet” Was Nothing But The Truth! – The LanceScurv Show

NICKI MINAJ is once again in the center of controversy after a statement on the social media platform Twitter was taken as racist when actually what she was alluding to was 100% factually correct!

While I admit that was never supported much of what Nicki Minaj put out to the universe for the younger crowd that she catered to because of the toxic messages laced within her music, I have to say that I must applaud her in this instance for standing up and pointing out the undisputed truth!

Will she be penalized for her actions? I believe she will because when you are in an industry run by that demonic Culture Vultures that have heavily invested in the Jezebel imagery that was shrewdly engineered to damage the minds of our youth, you must pay for going against the grain and shedding a light on something that is obviously the truth!

THE NICKI MINAJ "RACIST TWEET" Was Nothing But THE TRUTH! - The LanceScurv Show


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