Nigerian Man Is Committed To A Mental Institution For Merely Being An Atheist!

Mubarak Bala, a man who is held against his will and forcibly medicated in a Nigerian Mental Institution located in Kano State simply because he was deemed to have a personality disorder after claiming that he believes that there is no God.

This man is by no means a madman for his personal beliefs but because of the barbaric systems that exist in Nigeria, this type of travesty can be allowed to happen and it is truly a crime that someone cannot have a belief system different than the masses and be punished simply for that fact alone.

As a matter of fact, I would say that Mr. Bala is a brilliant man even though my personal belief system is quite different from his.

Mubarak Bala

He is brilliant in the fact that he is a chemical engineering graduate and also was found to be of sound mind and perfect health when accessed earlier.

Why did he have his mental well being accessed in the first place?

well, apparently it was his family who set him up for this after learning of his changed personal beliefs because he was raised a Muslim as the area in which he was raised is predominantly Muslim.

So I guess that this was his punishment for being the “bad apple” in a family who wouldn’t see that his ever developing personal outlook on his life really is his and his alone to define.

So after being accessed as being 100% sane and in good physical health by the first doctor, he was taken by his family to another doctor for a second opinion and was railroaded after his family dropped a few lies on him by saying that he was making claims that he was a “Governor” and other trivial lies.

The only reason why this story got out was because Mr. Bala had a cellphone hidden on his person to emailed and “Tweet” out to his Social Media followers who have much respect for him to what was transpiring out of the public eye.

Samsung Galaxy S4

One of his emails read:

“And the biggest evidence of my mental illness was large blasphemies and denial of ‘history’ of Adam, and apostasy, to which the doctor said was a personality change, that everyone needs a God, that even in Japan they have a God. . . “And my brother added that all the atheists I see have had mental illness at some point in their life.”

He was confined from June 13th 2014 and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has gotten involved aggressively to help the cause for him to regain his freedom.

There is no law in Nigeria against apostasy, but in certain parts of northern Nigeria Sharia Law is upheld and apostasy is punishable by death which makes one understand how serious a situation this is.

This situation is really a reflection on how the majority population can force feed their belief system on one who has independent feelings toward the religious convictions of the masses.

Atheism Graphic - Atheist

In my opinion, this is not merely a Muslim thing and I did not write this article as a slant to the Muslim Community.

But the sad fact remains that ignorance and the need to be in control can rear its ugly head in any society or religion and even though many are making a big deal over this story as they should, it is my experience that here in America one could face similar consequences under the power of the United states government although probably not for one religious beliefs but because of their political stances.

So while I hope that Mr. Mubarak Bala finally gains his freedom as a human being, my fight here in America is a parallel fight because of a wicked government that will inflict unjust measures of punishment in various forms if you are a threat to influence the masses to stand up against their agenda.

While it may have been his very own family to commit Mr. Bala to the mental institution where he is now unfairly imprisoned against his will, here in America you had the Counter Intelligence Program that went after any apparent leader who was a threat to official government propaganda especially the rise of any Black Power movements that motivated the downtrodden Black Community to fight the blatant oppression placed on them.

So whether its a family or a government, unjust detainment because ones beliefs are different is just plain wrong.

But I tell you one thing, while the family of Mr. Bala in my book is completely wrong for what they did, Mr. Bala would probably be revered and honored by the system here in America and probably be given a job offer real quick by the United States Government!

While I honor the human right that Mr. Bala has to believe or not believe that there is a God and would also support his legal right to think as he chooses, I will say that because the U.S. Government knows traditionally that Black people as a whole believe in a higher power and have a sense of morality even when we are in our most decadent state, it would be easier for an atheist to be influenced to infiltrate and work for a government that is hellbent on keeping a unified Black nation from ever rising here in America.

This is how the United States government works and it is no secret that they play dirty while using the media to cover their tracks by spreading an engineered image of being the one who fights for justice for all.

World Trade Center Attacks Brooklyn Bridge

I would seriously love to be around 75 years from now when certain documentation that is kept under wraps and away from public viewing gets released because I would have many of my personal inquiries answered about the World Trade Center attacks, the war in Iraq and other smaller issues that are apparently tainted with wrongdoing under the table.

The last point that I wanted to make was that man made religion is one of the most corrupt and controlling forces in this world today and even though the majority of Americans might look down on Mr. Mubarak Bala for stating that he is an atheist, most of the so called Christians here in America are more atheistical in their practices while proclaiming to believe in a God!

Think not?

Then why is there so much separation here in the United States between the races if the so called U.S. majority population was so loving and inclusive because of their wonderful belief that we are all one family under God?

Do you lynch your beloved family members?

Do you kill you family members for the smallest perceived infraction in a system where you profit from their labor freely while keeping them enslaved for generations?

Now you all know I could run with this forever but I believe that you are intelligent enough to get the point.

The bottom line is do not tell me how bad it is anywhere else in this world when we have just as much if not more corruption here on American soil.

So if there is anyone who feels that Brother Mubarak is off kilter in him essentially claiming to be an atheist, understand that while I do not agree with his belief, I do defend his right to live his life as he wishes as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else in their life.

That being said, there should be no so called Christian who lives in America who looks down on him or the imbalanced system that he lives in because with all of the houses of worship dotting the landscape in the United States we shouldn’t have all of the corruption that we do here if everyone is who they say they are.

In God We Trust

With the amount of hate, promiscuity, addictions, wayward lifestyles and divine transgressions that take place on these shores that operate under “In God We Trust”, we ought to be a shamed of ourselves for proclaiming God and doing every damn thing that He hates behind His back in full view!

So could you imagine how fast we might get locked up in a mental institution if we had encountered the same circumstances in Nigeria if we who called ourselves Christian actually acted even worse than any law abiding atheist with the decadent lifestyles and practices that we work so hard to embrace and make fair-seeming scoffing at God’s law in a deliberate and delusional fashion?

While many will throw off at a non-believer we need to give a righteous gut check to those who claim God in everything that they do but are the very faithful followers of satan himself by their practices!

It’s definitely something to think about for sure.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your On Point Brother,




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