The Nightmare Called THE AMERICAN DREAM! – The LanceScurv Show

Brother Keston shares a profound perspective in a very comical but authentic manner when it comes to what most of the world calls the American Dream.

For those who believe that the United States of America is truly the land of Milk and Honey then I would wholeheartedly suggest that they absorb the wisdom shared in this timeless video.

He speaks from experience as he knows how to navigate this system excellently while maintaining his sense of balance in a place that will rip you up and tear you apart! America will seduce you to pursue the “DREAM” that oftentimes allows others to benefit from your countless years of hard work, sacrifice and denial.

This system was created to suck the life force from the gullible masses after deceiving them into the worlds biggest pyramid scheme that never intends to make that ultimate payout that you’ve earned before dropping dead paying for bills that will always be there until death!

I definitely hope to hear more from Brother Keston as he is willing to share his fascinating and empowering approach to living life in this oppressive country while maintaining a happy balanced life in these shark infested waters called America the Great Whore!

The Nightmare Called THE AMERICAN DREAM! - The LanceScurv Show


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