No Eating On The MTA?: 2 Brooklyn Chicks Fight With A Woman Because One Was Eating On The Train!

As far as the video is concerned, here is my two cents:

Living in New York City is a completely different vibe and set of unwritten rules that many who have never lived there can ever understand. I would go even further to say that merely living there is not enough, you would have either had to …been there from birth to adulthood or there from your formative years to adulthood to understand and grasp the mentality completely. Do you think that those chicks could do jail time?


The cops there in the city most likely would have broken up the altercation while laughing at the same time! What might be a major event elsewhere is commonplace there. On the real, you don’t even LOOK at anyone to long or too hard if you are not looking for problems. So to go as far and SAY something out of your face is a major violation that in another situation could really have resulted in death! Is it right? No! But that’s just the way it is there.

Personally, as much as I am a public persona online, certain things I just couldn’t be comfortable in doing. I have spent literally thousands of hours on those very same trains growing up and never felt comfortable eating in front of strangers, especially a hard to eat food like spaghetti!

The bottom line is that while you must always observe your surroundings at all times, you mind your business unless someone puts their hands on you or is violating on a universal level (Hurting children, old folks or women) but never run your mouth when it is something that has nothing to do with you.

I’ve had people on the train sitting in front of me masturbate, urinate, throw up, perform oral sex and do all kinds of things and if I didn’t feel comfortable I would just get up and move away to another car or seat.

I can almost guarantee you that this woman wasn’t born in New York City because if she was she would have known better. No one deserves to have anyone put their hands on them but t the same time it wouldn’t have happened if she kept her mouth shut. Who was she anyway to offer her opinion when everyone else didn’t have a problem with it.

To add insult to injury, I’ve seen guys smoking weed at the same time while asking a cop where was the nearest ATM! The New York City Police Officers are bombarded with major jobs when arriving on duty and could care less about the things that are major in other places. It’s a totally different creature.

There just isn’t anything like being in New York City…….

Do you think these girls were out of place?

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