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In this week’s episode of The Red Carpet our own Dr. Ramona Brockett breaks down what Ferguson Missouri No Indictment means in signaling the New Jim Crow Era that so many in our government have been waiting for.

This is not a warning to the masses but an assessment of what is!

Dr. Brockett brilliantly breaks down the thin facade that covers the so called legal deceptions and well worded legislature that have lulled the people – and more importantly Black people – to sleep while we’ve hidden our consciousness in the sands of a reality television programming that has kept us from seeing our true realities for the sorry state of affairs that it has become!

So make sure to focus in on this brutally honest dialogue generously shared by Dr. Brockett and remember that while the truth may hurt, it ultimately is your best friend to see the things that your friendly looking enemies truly don’t want you to understand.

We invite you to share your opinions and counterpoints in the comment area below.


Jim Crow Graphic

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