For over 60 years George “Kirk” Scott had been part of hockey in one form or another. From rink rat to top scorer in Junior B hockey to joining the Plymouth Whalers coaching staff to being inducted into the International Afro-American Sports Hall of Fame in Detroit. Kirk’s teachings helped shape players like Tyler Seguin, Chad LaRose, Austin Levi and Justin Williams.

His influence can still be seen out on the ice to this day yet in the history books you would have a hard time finding his name along side other coaching staff and players.

With his hockey career behind him Kirk now wants to bring awareness of the history black players had in a white domination game and help its future by bringing black and other minorities into the sport, to maybe one day see the first black head coach in the NHL.


Author George “Kirk” Scott shares his 60 years of experiences and memories in the game of hockey and explains not only how Black people were the first to play this very popular game, but how they invented it. The perception that Hockey is a White man’s sport – of which I’ve been guilty – is a fallacy that will be smashed once you hear our dialogue and then hopefully read his book titled “Half In Half Out”.

His book goes deep in to reveal what the masses do not know and what the current corporate entities behind this very lucrative sport turn a blind eye to. George K. Scott, nicknamed Rusty, proudly speaks of his involvement from his early days in the sport but also shares his pain from never being acknowledged to the very craft that he dedicated his life to.

His love for the sport runs deep but the pain is just as intense and possibly more so than the love. Please make sure to leave your feelings on this topic in the comment area below. If you have any history or memories of the early days of Hockey also please leave them below.

We are always interested in speaking with our Elders who possess an often underappreciated rare knowledge that will be lost forever once they have transitioned on to the next level of existence. Thank you so kindly for the precious time spent here with us and please do make sure to return again!


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