Black people today are not a monolithic people. We may have certain particular similarities in many cases but when you speak to us on an individual basis the differences can be as stark as night and day. That being said, you cannot judge all Black people based on your experience with one or a few. But one thing is for sure no matter how much of a good character that many of us may have, the overall imagery of us has plummeted to depths of decadence unknown.

The sad part is that all of us will suffer because of this when dealing with those outside of our community. Now I must stress that our open enemy makes sure that our engineered image is that of our men being homosexual, thugs or womanizers and prostitute/whores who will do anything for a dollar. The masculine women who may or may not be lesbians are pushed as well as the obese mammy types who will always have a sambo-esque smile on their face.

But no matter how bad an image that the enemy puts out there about us may not be true, there are some of us who suck it up hook line and sinker to make it a reality to the delight of the world who sees us as sub-human entities not worthy of life. Brother Kwaku breaks it down so simple as always to sound the alarm on how far we’ve slipped as a people and what needs to be done to correct the already serious state of affairs that the Black community finds itself in.

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