Nurturing The Greatness From Within

You were made in a very special unique way. How dare you strive to take away the original qualities that you were blessed with in order to fit into the underachieving mode of the forgettable state of being called mediocrity?

Many of us have settled for less.

We seem to want to manifest something from within other than what our dormant brilliance calls for. This is why we must understand that we may not always find our calling right away from the starting line in life. If many of us realized this, maybe we wouldn’t give up as swiftly as we do thinking eventually that we have nothing special to offer the human experience.

The fact of the matter is that we do.

And once we realize the greatness we possess, it ignites a passion within us that can manifest boundless energy toward self improvement because now we believe in ourselves and know what we have! Mothers! Fathers! Family and caretakers! You must expose your children to new environments .new stimuli .before their minds close off to how broad and wide the world actually is. Once they accept the imaginary and outright lie of the myth of the “glass ceiling of limitation,” it is easier to take the less demanding route and accept a lower standard of goal setting, and from what I can see, is a very popular choice.

How sad, is the answer to world hunger standing on the street corner smoking a joint?

What scientific discoveries will never come to light that could benefit our needy world because it is locked down in a state prison buried deep within a misdirected “brilliant person of promise” because of a drug habit gone wild?

How many women have had their ambitions “shut down” because of an abusive relationship that has drained them of their ability to nurture the confidence from within to rise beyond the deficient levels set by a hateful controlling loser of a man who had no vision even for himself except to dedicate his life to the full time job of holding you down?

How many worthy women who would make wonderful wives and companions think so little of themselves that the only place they feel appreciated and productive is the whorehouse?

PLEASE inject into your little girls a sense of self worth so that if ever it is challenged by the wicked forces of evil they will have an emotional storehouse of esteem to be able to say to themselves in the rough times when our drive can sometimes be weakened: “I AM so much better than this and this situation does not define me!”

As adults sometimes we may think that we know who is good for us but many times in hindsight we find out different. Always make sure than whoever is sharing your intimate space, exposed to your dreams is a person who has their OWN dreams that they are feverishly aspiring to also. If not, they are NO GOOD for you and need to be excluded from you’re your life immediately!

If we don’t exercise this important option, how can we instill this in our young? We can tell them what is right all we desire but it means nothing unless we can lead by example. They are NOT stupid! With the world taking such a drastic direction into hopelessness and everything that seems good has a catch. We need to take full responsibility to personally plant the upright seeds in our youth so that as time goes on, we all will reap the fruits of a better planet!

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Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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