NYPD Officer Allegedly Caught In Video Footage Stealing $1300 Dollars From Innocent Black Man!

Once upon a time it was the police officer who you ran to when you needed protection from the robbers, thugs and criminals who sought to relieve you of your precious resources and possessions.

Now many individuals simply don’t know where to run because it appears that the line of law enforcement and the state of criminality has been permanently blurred with the criminals doing good deeds and the police acting downright thuggish.

While this is not the case everywhere across the board, more and more instances of this confused mission statement manifesto are surfacing to confuse the law abiding citizens of the land.

Now it must be stated that the crooked cop is nothing new for those who are not deceived by the mainstream media propaganda, as we’ve always known that one (Or several) who has acted as a law all unto themselves while their comrades turned a blind eye to their shenanigans.

So my individual definition of a crooked cop is one who continually and knowingly violates the law as well as seeing the people that he is supposed to serve and protect as the enemy.

New York City Police Department - Rogue Officer

This shows in their actions and demeanor over a period of time as the communities to which the crooked cop serves begins to know him (Or her) quite well.

I also have to say that while the other cops in the midst of the tainted officer may not be guilty of actually committing a crime, their silence and lack of action taken to bring attention to those violations committed make them just as guilty as the certified thug cop.

The Blue Wall of Silence has been in effect for as long as we can remember, especially in New York City where this latest caught on tape incident of police misconduct has transpired.

Thank God for video recording devices and an internet connection, it’s a Black man’s BEST FRIEND!

In this case which happened on September 16th 2014 at the Surfside Gardens Housing Projects in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, we have an unidentified police officer searching 35 year old Lamard Joye,  in response to a call that claimed someone was in the vicinity that was supposedly in possession of a gun.

The video clearly shows Lamard Joye up against the fence allowing the officer to search him as this thug cop reached into his pockets to steal the $1300.00 dollars in cash that he had in his possession.

The cop never returned Lamard Joye’s money and never found a gun.

After the officer took the money Lamard Joye can be heard on the footage saying “Give me my money” while the officer pushed him back and then sprayed a substance out of a canister which we all can assume was pepper spray. As Lamard stumbled away another bystander can be heard saying “He just stole his money, he just stole his money.”

Nowhere in this video footage taken do you see this very aggressive officer return the money that Mr. Joye worked for legally and had the intention of using it to celebrate his 35th birthday that night.

Those of us who grew up in the inner cities across Amerikkka know that it’s a standard practice for the police to steal money from drug dealers and thieves because those who have it taken will never make a report.


NYPD  Officer Steals Money

But what this money hungry cop has probably realized is that this was no dealer of street pharmaceuticals but a tax paying citizen!

Lamard Joye’s attorney, Robert Marinelli stated that “this officer made an assumption that any money Mr. Joye possessed was obtained illegally and therefore he would not report the theft. This assumption was wrong. Mr. Joye is a hardworking taxpayer. An incident like this would never occur in a more affluent section of the city.”

The New York City Police (NYPD) responded in an official statement saying: “The incident was precipitated by a call of a man with a gun. When officers arrived at the scene, they encountered numerous people at the location. As a result of the allegations, the matter is under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau and CCRB [Civilian Complaint Review Board].”

Now here’s the kicker, check out this statement issued by Patrick J. Lynch, the President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association:

“Resisting and interfering with an arrest is against the law. It is time to stop the amateur video activists who interfere with police operations from setting the agenda.”

Patrick J. Lynch - President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association NYPD

It appears to me that the P.B.A. was more interested in demonizing one who recorded the incident than getting to the bottom of the wrongdoing that was executed by this rogue police officer who obviously has a Napoleon Complex with a heavy dash of penis envy.

And for Patrick J. Lynch – a man whose last name makes me feel a bit uneasy as a Black man living in America – to say that anyone interfered with police operations makes me wonder if he was in a drunken stupor when he made that statement!

Clearly no one interfered with the so called police operations even when the police operations entailed the cops stealing a law abiding citizen’s hard earned money on his birthday.

As far as these “amateur video activists” are concerned, if a police officer is doing his job then he has nothing to worry about from the footage taken by a camera.

The biggest issue that we’ve always had in the Black community was that we never had any physical proof of wrongdoing except for our word, and with the in house lawyers of the N.Y.P.D. who are well versed in the art of wordplay and deception, it was always quite hard to prove any wrongdoing when going up against those professional liars in a court of law.

But now the setup begins in an emerging police state that wants to demonize a citizen for exercising their right to record any and all police activity from a safe distance as to not interfere with police operations.

Lamard Joye - Officer

The individual who took the footage – to whom I applaud – of this crime spree was in his/her legal right to do so and if these police did what good judgment – of which they obviously didn’t have – then we wouldn’t be having this discussion today about Lamard Joye’s stolen money.

This video clearly shows the face and stature of this out of control officer so it’s no mystery as to his identity, but expect the well paid legal spin-masters to find some kind of loophole to attempt to turn the situation around and make the victim appear to be the guilty party.

Thank God no one was shot and killed this time.

And in parting I want to say as I always do, instead of spending your money on the frivolous items that mean absolutely nothing, take a little cash and invest in a small handheld High Definition (HD) Video Camera and allow no one to intimidate you from using it as it is your right and will protect you or someone else from the lies perpetuated by the thugs with badges.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your “Amateur video Activist” Brother,



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