Obama Applauds Bruce Gender-Bender: SHAME ON YOU! – The LanceScurv Show

Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Gender-Bender, makes the headlines because he so desperately wants to collect Social Security as a woman in his old age and must make a spectacle of the ordeal in the public.

To make matters worse, President Barack Obama – who has NEVER addressed the Black Community directly and consistently like he does all others in his presidency – Tweets Bruce/Caitlyn directly with words of support!

Support for what?

This is not the first time our dear President let it be known that he fully supports all things LGBT, but what happened to even ACKNOWLEDGING that there is a Black Holocaust STILL transpiring right up under our noses with the systematic disenfranchisement of an entire people to profit the elite at our expense?

Nooooooo! He can’t touch that one!

Vanity Fair

But President Obama will keep the mental, physical and spiritual support on all things immoral by making a point to be seen standing up for something that is diametrically opposed to the Christianity that he claims to be his faith.

Do you have any secrets of your own that you just might reveal to Michelle and the world after your final term is over in office?

You know, you hear things but you try not to take them so serious but it’s getting to the point where I just don’t know about you Barack!

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  • Shane Law says:

    So if my daughter comes home saying she hates her body I should encourage
    her to love herself as is… But if my son comes home wanting to become a
    girl I should run to the doctor to get his penis cut

    Bruce was too much of a coward to speak “his truth” years ago before
    getting married to three different women and having children. He chose to
    live a lie, cowardly dragging everyone that is close to him into that lie
    with him. Coward enough to live that lie to win his gold medal because he
    could not have done it as a woman back then. Now that he has forced his
    loved ones (while media is forcing the world) to accept and acknowledge his
    decision… He’s a hero?? Not in my book.

  • Rip Van says:

    Bruce Jenner is celebrated. Chaz Bono is celebrated. Obama calls and
    personally congratulates people like Michael Sams, Jason Collins, and the
    Windsor woman, who are behaving in ways that contradict the theory that we
    humans are still a species. Yet the political Left and the Obamas have
    extended no love or support to the Spokane NAACP president who identified
    as Black. She attended an HBCU and has a Black husband with whom she and he
    have conceived and delivered a child who is made up of 50% of each’s DNA
    (without a surrogate, I presume). She passed as Black without medical,
    surgical, or pharmaceutical intervention – no excisions or implants. She
    described several life experiences that were not true (whereas Jenner and
    Bono have also described personal beliefs and occurrences that cannot be
    truth, and have undergone invasive bodily interventions that go against the
    natural biology and physiology of the half of the species that each is a
    DNA and phenotypic member. Yet Jenner and Bono have been greatly celebrated
    by the political Left). I am a Black American adult male, a trained medical
    doctor, who has endured the medical claims of certain factions of the
    medical and psychiatric communities that have supported lgbt delusions that
    are IMPOSSIBLE to substantiate, yet accepted in mainstream society as
    proven truths. In conclusion, if one group can claim to be something other
    than its absolute self by proclaiming life experiences contradictory to his
    or her natural biology and physiology, then the Spokane NAACP president
    (now resigned) should be just as celebrated for making claims about her
    life experiences to legitimize her racial-orientation. The ends do justify
    the means. Otherwise, all lies are equal whether in the mind or in the

  • Alana H says:

    The hero is the person they led on for many years!

  • superteedee says:

    We have reaped what we have sown. President Obama never cared about us in
    the first place. Socially, The US have been worst under his presidency.

  • thakarterhour says:

    Should’ve never voted for dude…i admitt i got caught up in the first
    black president hype…this guy suspect no bullshit to late now he got his
    two terms

  • Cameron Varner says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Christians complain about LGBT people shoving their
    ideals down other people’s throats, yet they’ve been doing the exact same
    thing for thousands of years? Practice what you preach.

  • Diamond storm says:

    What’s funny about this is that when Bruce did his first interview about
    transitioning on the E! network, he specifically stated that he didn’t vote
    for Obama and he didn’t care for him.

  • Belinda Kaysac says:

    Gender benders are sodomites. They are confused. It’s a disease called
    sexual orientation Bruce is being used by the illuminati cabal for their
    agenda to blurt the lines and feminize men… Disgusting!

  • Belinda Kaysac says:

    The man has a dick and Obama’s wifey has a dick as well! You can see it in
    pictures. Bet the man/ woman in the White House will come out in all his
    glory,embarrass his daughters and say” I am finally free!”

  • Belinda Kaysac says:

    Of course the asshole will applaud Brucie Jenner, he’s been living with a
    transgender for, how long? He is gay and his wife/ husband is a man. Gross!
    I am not condoning this bullshit!

  • John Robinson says:

    Lance speaks the truth.

  • John Robinson says:

    Is there actually people that think this change is ok?

    This nation man! Good thing I am Cuban.

  • R Davis says:

    What was Obama supposed to say something negative? I personally don’t
    understand why people personal choices affect others it’s as if people love
    to stay up in negativity. I’m almost positive that Caitlyn, Obama, etc
    aren’t bothered by anyone’s personal opinion about them because at the end
    of the day you’re all non factors.

    I personally could care less about someone else life because i’m busy
    living my own. People speak of the Bible but don’t live by the word
    themselves and I say this because you see, and hear so much of things
    coming to the surface about these so called “religious” people that have
    manipulated people to the point to where people can’t/don’t think for
    themselves. People are supposed to follow GOD not man!

    None of us are without faults/issues this person was brave enough tell the
    and live in their truth in the open and I commend them for that because
    many folks live and hide behind lies. We all will answer to GOD and when
    the time comes just hope that YOU will receive Jesus mercy/grace and you
    enter the gates of heaven.

    People need to worry about their lives and stay up out of others……

  • Star the Creole Queen says:

    Your absolutely right Obama doesn’t care about the black community I can’t
    believe he would speak out on this what about all the deaths of black men
    and women also Obama just signed an Act called the Blue Act which will
    protect Cops from Us ! Wtf shouldn’t it be the other way around ? Bunch of
    bs the gay agenda is getting out of control pretty soon half of America
    will be gay or Transgender , now they are coming out with a new TV show
    about Transgender families ! I’m appalled I have small kids and they don’t
    need to ever see no confusing shit like this. God told us not to do this
    yet and still people are doing it smh

  • Bum Head says:

    Bruce Jenner is a weirdo and President Obama a disgrace.

  • brown buter says:

    Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner is worth 100 million dollars he don’t need
    over time anywhere…but i think i get what you’re saying though

  • leilani dupree says:

    Boy oh boy! you took the words out of my mouth, I was waiting for someone
    to stand up an speak some truth on the matter! I’m sick an tired of this
    gay agenda,trying to force everyone to accecpt this foolery!

  • rickfoxx99 says:

    hobama a fruitcake,mate

  • Eva Johnson says:

    Thanks Lance for speaking the truth! All these men “transitioning” to be a
    woman. Just one thing: what makes a woman (atleast the kind men want to be)
    is a WOMB. Otherwise, he’s just playing dress up. Don’t they get
    professional counseling before these procedures? Doctors and Psychiatrists
    should let these men know that “certain things” can be removed, but we
    can’t give you a womb, we can make you have monthly cycles, and these
    things are God’s doing so the world could procreate. There would be NO ONE
    on earth if two of the same kind tried to make a baby.

  • K. Halli says:

    I could not wait to hear your take!

  • manweller1 says:

    The gay agenda is in over drive

  • kimberly santana says:


  • Gatta Harmon says:

    100% True

  • BlackThoughtsSurrounded101 says:

    First Jason Collins now Bruce Jenner those LGBT checks must be nice Obama
    will not bite the hand that feeds him.

  • Miss Gang Smashers says:

    Hollywood Freaks, Political Freaks…Obama is co-signing this sick mess
    because he is Gay and Michelle/Michael Obama is a Tranny! Let’s keep it

  • 30fabtel says:

    This topic or issue is scary, to say the least, while I’m not speaking up
    for this type of lifestyle, I can understand walking or traveling on your
    personal journey in honesty. This is just the beginning of the age of
    Aquarius…Know Thy Self family.

  • brown tee says:

    Speak the truth Lance. This gay agenda is a push for perversion. It doesn’t
    has anything to do with “freedom” or “being yourself”, this is just a
    bunch of perverted people who want you to accept their sick lifestyle.

  • BoardzNdaHOOD says:

    I think he was walking around the house and just started finding stare
    kardashian parts. Notice how big that “S” is on the cereal box? Put it in
    the front. “Swheatie” haha He’s been telling us!

  • Chi T says:

    Lifes gone down low

  • LIONKING1103 says:

    Well spoken… People need to wake up, as the hidden agenda is not so
    hidden anymore.

  • DAVIDO17able says:

    Nice video scurv. Obama is just a corporate puppet for the mainstream media

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