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Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Gender-Bender, makes the headlines because he so desperately wants to collect Social Security as a woman in his old age and must make a spectacle of the ordeal in the public.

To make matters worse, President Barack Obama – who has NEVER addressed the Black Community directly and consistently like he does all others in his presidency – Tweets Bruce/Caitlyn directly with words of support!

Support for what?

This is not the first time our dear President let it be known that he fully supports all things LGBT, but what happened to even ACKNOWLEDGING that there is a Black Holocaust STILL transpiring right up under our noses with the systematic disenfranchisement of an entire people to profit the elite at our expense?

Nooooooo! He can’t touch that one!

Vanity Fair

But President Obama will keep the mental, physical and spiritual support on all things immoral by making a point to be seen standing up for something that is diametrically opposed to the Christianity that he claims to be his faith.

Do you have any secrets of your own that you just might reveal to Michelle and the world after your final term is over in office?

You know, you hear things but you try not to take them so serious but it’s getting to the point where I just don’t know about you Barack!

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