Occupy Life: These Corporate Plantations And The Imported In-House Monkees Who Serve Them!

That cat’s out the bag. America has finally awakened to the hustle of their resources that has been going on ever since the Federal Reserve has been put in effect. If we don’t unite immediately as if our lives depend on it we are all doomed because in actuality it does.

Whatever happened to that America where you could go down to a company downtown or in the industrial areas and put in an application for work and pretty much know that you could happily drop your blood sweat and tears there for half a lifetime and look forward to a fruitful retirement because of the fair exchange of good pay for a hard days work?

What happened to those days?

Why is it now that the number one feeling that one must feel on these jobs that are really corporate plantations is fear?

What happened to an employer caring for the well being of their workers, what happened to the respect that breeds a positive working environment, what happened to the open door policy where your thoughts, ideas and suggestions were just as much valued as any fellow administrator of the “boss” because they knew that strong companies were built from the ground up? What happened to those days?

Why is it that there seems to be more time and energy put in to “watching” the movement of the employees? You want to know why? It’s because the higher ups know that they do not give a damn about the individuals that they claim to care for so much because they know that they can get another fool who will work for a fraction of the pay with non existent benefits that will save them a bundle to keep their salary, bonuses and perks going up!

Working for these companies looks more and more as though we are merely the low level street prostitute who gives all of their earnings to the pimp! And then when you have the “nerve” to ask the pimp for just a few more crumbs off of the earning that YOU made with your generously given labor, they will pimp slap you and look at you as though you are out of your mind to have moved your mouth to ask for more in the first place.


That dreaded word that we all try to ignore yet is always there constantly reminding us that if we stand up against “the corporate machine” that we will be without a job so we must remain quiet and hope everything works out in our favor like that hard to get splinter in your foot that you just can’t seem to reach in oreder to remove. It will go away eventually you say, when I wake up it won’t be there! You lie to yourself then find yourself in an even sorrier state of affairs when you wake up to a new day to see you now have an infection!

Now you have to dole out the cash that you don’t really have to go to the hospital to care for a situation that could have been so easily avoided.

This is how it is to work for a thankless employer.

This is what it is like to live under a thankless system who thrive by sucking the blood of the unsuspecting people.

This is what will continue until we all come together without fear to make things fair for us all!

This is why the purging of a wicked demonic system by the Occupy Wall Street movement will wake up the dead bones of the employment valley and set us free!

You know, the funny thing is as I speak to the people everyday in the streets is that most will express the feeling of not being against tightening up their belts to sacrifice through the lean times of living near the line of an on again off again recession. Most hard working people out here in America are fair like that.

They will put in a hard days work and only expect what they worked for. But these days it seems as though your employer is your enemy and to even sit down at the table to negotiate your progression raise for the next few years would make boxing promoter Don King salivate because of the low blows, illegal tactics, venom, arrogant pompous jackass condescending attitudes that come from one who is supposed to work along with you to build a company for the greater good!

Don King would make a fortune promoting these negotiations on cable pay-per-view as the intensity would supercede anything that one would see in the dirtiest boxing match, mixed martial arts match or World Wide Wrestling federation event! Hell! With employers like these who needs enemies?

Personally, I am not angry at ANYONE who has gone to school when others partied, sacrificed when others splurged and stayed up lates nights studying when others slept in order to achieve the financial successes, accomplishments and status that they may be enjoying at the present time. How can I be angry with them when they have worked the righteous system that is there for anyone to through their sincerest of energies into to go higher if they so choose? That’s a good thing!

But when one gains there riches, extreme luxuries and amenities off of the backs of the unsuspecting (And quickly waking up!) good natured people who toil tirelessly and endlessly ONLY for a fair days pay and a regular paycheck then NOW I have a problem with that!

So you mean to tell me that the “American” way is to steal, cheat, mislead and hoodwink the loyal employees out of what they have worked so hard for and EARNED only to find that those Colgate smiles and written contracts can just as easily be ignored like a piece of shitty toilet paper that gets flushed down the bowl without a second thought?

Well think again “bossman”, understand that the very strength of your system is based on your ability to gain from the efforts of those whose backs you stand on, like a pyramid. The wider the base of the pyramid, the higher the peak will reach.

You cannot stay where you are if the people whose necks you stand on suddenly pull away from supporting your lofty lifestyle if you do not treat them fair!

You have money and connections to make yourself look good through media a well paid propaganda campaign, you have money to burn to go to those conventions all over the world while sleeping in lavish hotels and eating the best that the culinary experts have to offer while you claim it is all in the name of business, yet you will insult those who don’t even get to do half of the things that you enjoy by not being fair as promised in a legally binding contract?

Will it surprise you when you get a visit from that one disgruntled employee whose home is in foreclosure and whose children must do without all because you want to protect your bottom line?

Look for more people to just get fed up with the games and go out in a blaze of madness that will quickly make the evening news with the well paid (In the pockets of the big corporations) newscasters ask the old tired question “What would make someone do something like this?”

Well everyday in America this will happen time and time again because the people have been pushed to their limits! The people have realized that after years of giving themselves to a job that the job hasn’t thought of giving something back FAIR to the people! It’s a prime textbook example of a dysfunction relationship to the hilt!

“We The People” have been sold out and now everyone is feeling the noose around their necks! Why do you think on my blog I have a picture in the header of the American Flag in the background with a noose in front of it?

Now you see!

It’s not about hating this country, it’s about how this country lures you in with the promises that were written into the Constitution and Bill Of Rights that really mean nothing if you are not part of the elite corporate entitities that have sold you an illusion for their benefit!

They will amp you up to do their bidding while all along not even have it in them to do right by you! It’s the ultimate form of rape! They will tap in to YOUR feeling of patriotism in order for you to go to “war” for them and THEIR corporate interests while they have played you for a fool as you are destined to return with either a bad dose of post traumatic stress disorder, a lost limb or even in a bodybag!

Well these days one doesn’t have to go to war to acquire post traumatic stress disorder! All one has to do is to look at their paycheck!

With a fixed income that might be granted a nickel or a dime every year and is expected by these employers with a slavemaster mentality to stand up against the rigors of inflation, rising health care costs and deductibles, escalating taxes as well as the unexpected expenses that this life will bring is just plain foolish!

The handwriting is on the wall and I must say that this is a phenomenon that I have know all of my life as a Black man trying to carve out a life for myself in this “land of the free”, the tsunami of injustice has now rushed over to all segments of the community and the entire population is feeling what I have always known as a constant companion.

Since this has been the norm for me all of my life, it appears to those who are new to this that I am not affected by it as much as they are and maybe they are right. I’ve been living in the crosshairs of of this war on my standard of living and quality of life since the day I was born. So understand that for me to be standing here as strong as I am that I must know a thing or two about the tactics of the enemy that you have always believed was your friend.

First off, you never put your faith in any one way of making money. You must always have multiple sources of income so that when one threatens you or shows their fangs to rule you with fear, it will not affect you because their employment contribution to your “bank” is only a small part of YOUR overall system!

Second, you must always live below your means, do not put yourself in a position of HAVING to depend on an employer who might just show their true colors and thrust you into a mindset of fear because you are afraid of losing the trinkets that you THOUGHT you possessed and now may not have the financial where with all to maintain a lifestyle that has shackled you to the bidding of your slavemaster.

Third, never believe in anything that your employers tell you on the way in immediately after being hired. They only anticipate getting that first wave of enthusiastic perfomance out of you until you realize that it was all a shame and quit, leaving them to start the process all over again with a new bright eyed and bushy tailed employee, or that your frustration will lead you to do something to get fired or that you will have your spirit beat down an accept whatever pennies they toss at your tap dancing feet!

Is THIS any way to live?


But when you have learned to cultivate your OWN means of earning money that is yours and yours alone these corporate slavemasters cannot strike one ounce of fear inside of you because YOU KNOW that there is a ton of money out here in the world to get and you don’t have to waste your time begging them for what it is that you should be (And can be!) doing for yourself!

This is why everyday for me is an adventure and an opportunity for the self promotion of what I have to offer the world instead of wasting my energy bashing a corporate slavemaster (And their imported well paid house Negros that were only hired to do their dirty work and take the weight off of them who really pull the strings!) who is only doing what the wicked call on their life dictates.

Don’t waste your time locked in a battle with those who care not for you! Use them as they use you and give them NO MORE of yourself than they compensate you for! It’s as simple as that.

Shitty pay. Shitty service.

After the union has eventually disappated understand that like that late night cheap whore who makes her money turning tricks in the alleyway with the husbands who in the daylight hours are the fine examples of decent living and epitome of the socially proper pillars of society, she knows that her feelings couldn’t ever be hurt because she merely plays the role that her “client” pays her to exemplify. Tell them that you love them while they “get theirs” but never ever believe it, because to believe it will only bring you heartache, just make sure those bastards pay up first!

It’s all about the money with these damn jobs…….

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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