Occupy Your Sanity! – Inform Everyone In Your World That You Will Not Return Until You Find Yourself & Take Back Your Peace Of Mind Once Again!

Isn’t it ironic how far we have come as human beings in the technological advances we’ve made where we could pick up our smart phones to dial in an address and instantly receive directions from where we are right to the front door of that desired location?

We can find old schoolmates that we may not have laid eyes on for decades by merely punching in their names for an online search of the social media websites like Facebook and they instantly appear placing you mere moments away from possibly getting a response from them to enjoy those old memories together as though it was yesterday.

We can find those old cherished songs whose names we may have forgotten by merely possessing a small lead as far as having a verse or one of the group member’s names to lead us back on a trip down memory lane.

Need a specific recipe? Look no further! Punch in your desired culinary delight into the search bar on your computer and you will be preparing your favorite dish like a pro in no time flat!

…….and for those of us who have a more carnal brazen demeanor, finding a lover who shares your particular knack for the bizarre fetishes that not a soul in your world knows you possess is only a few clicks away.

There is nothing that one cannot find now with the aid of our modern technology…….

So if this is the case then let me ask you this…….

Why is it that with the ability to find literally anything our little heart’s desire almost at will instantaneously we can’t seem to find ourselves in the midst of all of these technological advancements?

We’ve gained the world at our fingertips but we’ve lost ourselves in the fray!

Upon awakening to a brand new day we are bombarded with the insignificant and trivial news of what the First Lady wore this morning on a trip to Target and know what celebrity is on their way to rehab even before they arrive there all before we have made up our mind what we were going to wear that day or what we were going to consume before our first meal!

It’s safe to say that with all of this information hitting our brains even before we have the opportunity to have our thoughts to ourselves that many of us are losing the ability to know who WE are anymore!

Think about it.

When was the last time that we had the luxury of really being bored?

Well now when most individuals feel that empty bored “I have nothing to do” feeling coming on they quickly reach for their Internet enabled cell phone or find themselves in front of the television or conveniently sitting in front of the computer!

There seems to be no time left on our society for our mind to mentally recalibrate itself. There seems to be no time left for us to be able to digest the happenings and events of our day because as soon as we find ourselves in the quiet place of meditation there is something new vying for our attention to bring us back into the madness again!

And even if it is not anything that pulls us away from being still for a moment we feel as though we are missing something if we do not get online for a day (A day? Try an hour my friend!) so we begin to feel the withdrawal symptoms from our constant cravings of an online/technological fix.

We have lost ourselves.

We don’t know who we are anymore.

If you don’t know yourself and your mission on this earth how can you live the full life that God intended for you to enjoy?

Salvation and victorious living does not come from beating everyone else in purchasing the newest outfits of a fast passing fashion fad or the newest smart phone that will be next years junk as it will not bring you any closer to eternal life and the true peace of mind body and spirit that you consistently and unsuccessfully seek in these man made devices and false status symbols that give you a temporary rush of satisfaction and leave you flat, yearning for more and just as hungry and empty even more so than you were before.

It’s a never ending cycle.

…….and that was merely from a technological standpoint.

What about those to whom we feel obligated to do for who in actuality sucking down our emotional resources due to their lack of respect in how we diligently make sure their world is running smooth? I do not mean our children or elders but these entities who have somehow lodged themselves into our lives unofficially and seem to gain from this unbalanced union where you find yourself constantly on the edge of madness while they possess that blissful glow from your hard word, sweat, sacrifice and tears?

We have the bosses and supervisors on these plantations called jobs who demand more out of us day after day yet refuse to give us the agreed upon raises that were in writing the day that we got hired! And they wonder why so many people go postal on them?

We have our mates who seem to have an agenda all their own that has nothing to do with the union of two but what they can gain out of the union of you both either for financial or emotional support. Just a mere prostitution of the concept of unconditional love, shouldn’t it be both people feeling this way? Most often not!

The bills keep coming but the time for rest and relaxation seems to be pushed back even farther because the moment you get that time off for a week, you will have two months worth of house chores, cleaning and projects to do in record time that will STILL not be completed and leaving you exhausted when you return to work!

Does the drain on your life ever end?

The Tea Party in America speaks of taking “their” country back (That’s an entirely different article altogether!LOL!) as well as the Occupy Wall Street claims that they are fed up with the imbalance that exists between the common 99% as opposed to the wealthy 1%. But what is it that we do when we are drained down, sucked out and just plain old tired of how our lives are set up with all of the demands that we have on us in this imbalanced modern society and in our out of control “pull everyone’s weight” personal lives?

Most of the time we do nothing until either we have a mental/emotional/physical breakdown…….

This is one of the reasons why drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, sex addictions, religious (I didn’t say spiritual now!) addictions and dysfunctions as well as domestic violence is as high as it is! Now granted, don’t get me wrong, that is not the ONLY reason why the aforementioned conditions are at an all time high but it surely helps to squeeze out more of them into fruition statistically for sure. How much I couldn’t tell you but it must play a factor in it indeed!

We want to escape but don’t know how. We want a break but the piling up of financial obligations keep us pushing as well as the demands of those to whom we enable keep us on edge.

The wisest of us realize that to escape into some type of indulgence that could quickly open the portal to becoming an addiction makes no sense so what should we do?


We need to plan at least three days where we are not accessible to anyone and do what ever it is that we need to do to bring us peace of mind!

Is it that walk on the beach feeling the sand between your toes while the water hits your ankles as the breeze rushes across your sun tinged skin?

Or maybe it is to lock up inside of the house deliciously barricaded in as you pay no mind to the ringing doorbells and noisy cellphones (Cut them off! Having those pests escorted STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL is the ultimate revenge!) that attempt to assault your new found balance!

Or you might enjoy going to another close by city where not many people know you and pretending that you live there, get a hotel room and hang out during the day in the vicinity of an area of five miles around and don’t think of anything back where you live unless it is a life or death emergency!

Understand that many of those in your inner circle won’t like it because the first thing that those who suck from you will think is who is going to fulfill the needs that YOU have held down for so long when you are gone?

Well, that’s THEIR problem!

What will they do if (God forbid) if you dropped dead right now?

Occupy your sanity and inform everyone in your world that you will not return until you have found yourself and take back your peace of mind again! If they don’t like it then tough!

Here is a LanceScurv word of advice, heed it well:

You should NEVER have to wait an entire year for a vacation. Your life should be organized enough that you should be able to enjoy a little bit of the vacation mindset every single day that God blesses you with! If you are stressed beyond measure then YOU have to take the blame for finding yourself in this situation. Please note that I am not speaking about the caring of an ailing loved one or the abrupt consequences that come from the sudden loss of someone close to you that you love, those situations are stressful no matter how you slice it and is out of one’s control.

What I am speaking on is the mismanagement of one’s time to the point where we allow others to take up our precious time and therefore robbing us of the benefit of being able to enjoy a quiet meal or those extra few moments reclining in the bed before we decide to tackle a productive day.

While many of us attempt to budget our finances with excellent results, I find that the majority of us fail miserably when it comes time to spend wisely the available free time that we have as well as not having the ability to compartmentalize that same time when we have it to play with.

When you are at the table enjoying that meal, you should think of nothing else BUT that meal.

When you are reading that book that you finally treated yourself to, your mind should be nowhere else when you are flipping page after delicious page!

In other words, live IN the moment!

When you are living completely in the moment with no distractions life can truly be sweet every step of the way!

Never allow anyone or any situation rob the joy that you feel every single moment that you have life no matter the circumstances!

Be leery of the spiritual vampires that attempt to take up shop in your subconscious mind that are other wise know as “Joy Leeches!”

The leeches of your joy should NOT be in your budget because you can’t afford their draining presence in your midst. BANISH THEM!

So now you see that there is so much more to maintaining a truly centered life and how swiftly you can lose your peace of mind if you do not shrewdly and wisely protect that God given asset called joy, peace of mind and happiness!

Now you see how I can get so much done in my day because I keep the foolishness cut out to a minimum.

Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,

Lance Scurv




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