Oklahoma and Tulsa City do not come across as a place that is riddled with drug addicts, crime, police killings/brutality and racism. You just don’t hear about how bad it is when you don’t live there. I’m quite sure in order for Oklahoma outsiders to fill in the gaps of what is not confessed, the image of Oklahoma as a smaller quiet city with lots of love and charm will pass through our radar undetected.

Maybe city and state officials will keep their jobs if that image lives on but our own Brother Scrooge Greedy is here to tell you the raw truth about Oklahoma. He paints an entirely different picture than what those who profit from a pristine image would want you to know.
Feel free to share your perspectives on this topic and let’s continue the conversations that are far too long overdue.

Thank you immensely for spending your precious time here with us and do know that you are appreciated! Enjoy!

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