Old Age Can Be The Sweetest Time Of Your Life When You Submit Yourself To Obeying The Righteous Principles Of God!

Sitting in the doctor’s office earlier today for a routine checkup gave me a unique opportunity to make an observation that was quite soothing to me and made me realize something very important about life.

As I waited for my turn to be called, I sat in the waiting room with some very wonderful individuals who happened to be senior citizens with the youngest of the fifteen individuals being about possibly seventy years of age.

These beautiful people were of all races and cultures as well as originally being from many different parts of the country. I guess I was the misfit of the group being so “young” at forty-eight years of age at the time of this writing I have to say that being in this position was quite refreshing as it released me from the ever growing position of being called an old man by the usual people that I deal with in the public spotlight on my job.

But in actuality I have to say that I am enjoying life even more with every passing year because my ability to appreciate the little things have increased because as you age you understand even more so how fragile the gift of life really is.

I sat there transfixed at how these people talked as though they knew each other for a lifetime and addressed to each other with the utmost respect.

It seemed to me that as we get older we begin to see how universal life really is above and beyond the narrow trappings of race, religion, financial status and political orientation – just to name a few categories that people associate with strongly in their younger years.

It also dawned on me that much of what we make a big deal over in our youth is not as important as we thought it was. I mean, there are some of us who see through the matrix of frivolous activities an pursuits of what many do on their younger years to have the foresight to build a legacy of something meaningful that spans a lifetime. But most do not realize this until they have been an adult for many many years.

Nonetheless, to see ones life move into their twilight years is humbling indeed and I believe that this is the deciding factor that causes us to discard of our extreme idiosyncrasies in the same manner that a pilot with low fuel dumps any unnecessary cargo that causes his plane to consume the precious fuel that will bring him to a safe landing area.

The result is a life free of the trappings of our own narrow beginnings and inherited beliefs that may have prevented us from enjoying a wider range of life enhancing experiences.

While sitting in that waiting room I didn’t detect one iota of racism, sexism, status or prejudice at all between those who waited for their call to see the doctor. Everyone who joined the fray was greeted with a kind word and a smile no matter who it was that came through that door. The small talk that was exchanged between them was some of the most pleasant banter that could recall hearing in recent memory and the loving manner of everyone in that waiting room was nothing short of Heavenly.

I couldn’t help but think to myself that why does it take almost an entire lifetime for us to see each other merely as human beings who are all children of the Most High and not the illusion of superficial categories and boundaries that are really nothing more than imaginary tricks of the enemy?

To be in their presence this morning was truly a validation of what I have felt for a long time. It made me realize that while our humble beginnings help as a starting point for what’s to be a full an fruitful life, it can also be a double edged sword that can choke us like that necessary lifeline of an umbilical cord that kills the baby at birth if not handled correctly in the process of childbirth. And while our life experiences are supposed to follow us to enhance our lives as we grow in understanding, it was never meant for us to “linger” in that infantile place for too long as it will cause us to become stagnant.

Could the butterfly truly fly if it holds on to the cocoon that it got so attached to in its period of transformation?

It can’t and won’t if it doesn’t let go!

Letting go and seeing the bigger picture is the little lesson that I relearned today while enjoying the company of my Elders. While I already knew this as a young boy growing up under my very wise Parents, it was a nice feeling to see that what they told me about the many wonderful facets of life was the truth.

With that being said, what is it about our own personal lives that we must let go in order to be able to allow the delicious flavors of life to truly flow into our personal experience in a more efficient manner than it is now?

Are we covetous, territorial, controlling, envious, narcissistic, domineering or just MUST be the center of attention in every situation that we encounter? We must learn to slay our old selves in order for the new being to come through in fruition. How many of us are truly handicapped yet don’t know it because we presently have the fleeting strength and physical beauty of our youth which has become the all to unimportant focus that will truly leave us at a disadvantage as we will NOT be able to fly like a butterfly who won’t let go of their old cocoon?

How filthy would our kitchens be if we did not clean up after ourselves after every meal? What vermin would now come into our homes because of the unnecessary condition of disarray that exists because of our neglect to adhere to the principle of cleanliness?

How filthy are our hearts for those of us who do not cleanse and purge ourselves after every encounter that shows us that we are where we are supposed to be on the spiritual plane? What demonic strongholds have we invited in willfully because of the unnecessary condition of disarray that exists because our own neglect to adhere to God’s principles of spiritual cleanliness?

It works the same way whether it is an spiritual example in the physical or a physical example of the spiritual. As one works so does the other in an unseen way. The problem is that we have got to look beyond the cultural and racial separations that exist to see how connected to each other that we really are. Don’t wait until the twilight of your lives to do so because for all of us tomorrow is never promised by our Mighty God Himself!

Never postpone what can be done today. Self reflection costs you absolutely nothing and the benefits of indulging in such a healthy practice will leave you more appreciative to what you have been blessed with from within in a overwhelmingly happy manner than the man who has it all as far as material wealth is concerned but can never enjoy the simple things in life because his heart is infected with the toxicity of superficial superiority to the point where he cannot see himself connected to anything…….not even God Himself!

Letting go and keeping your spiritual and emotional filters clean will allow you to enjoy EVERY moment of your life as though it is Heaven on earth, and THIS is the joy that God bestows on His obedient and humble children no matter how much chaos is in their midst!

Old age? I welcome it with every passing day, because like that beautiful butterfly, I’ve let go of all of my “old cocoons” (Once beneficial but now toxic situations) in order to fly as high in the sky as I possibly can the way my Creator created me to do!

If there is any secret that I have personally, I’ve just revealed it for the world to take heed!

How else could I have such a clear mind to produce as much as I do here everyday with the amount of obligations time-wise that I have?

Let me hear from you as it is always a pleasure to share my thoughts here with the world.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Lance Scurv


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