Old Age And Gray Hair Does Not Always Signify Great Wisdom!

When I was a young kid I always assumed that because a person was grown up or even elderly that they had great wisdom and lived a Godly life because of it!

…….nothing could have been further from the truth as I would learn later in life.

But that was so much easier to handle more so than the realization that older folks who appear to possess so much wisdom actually never stop indulging themselves in the petty immature childish games that people half their age have grown tired of!

When I came into that understanding I was so disappointed with life for a little while. It didn’t last long but it was comparable to a little kid who got a little older and discovered that Santa Claus just didn’t exist.


That child thought of all of the times that he or she was fooled and becomes a little frustrated because the fun that was found in ignorance can never happen again now that the truth is out.

So I began to look over my life at the individuals to whom I’ve known over the years and found some real explanations as to why they acted the way that they did.

So things when they happen are truly a mystery, but when you go back in time mentally armed with the hard earned wisdom you’ve accrued in the current day, you seem to figure out the very things that once baffled you.

I hope you are on the same page with me on this because I’m about to flow with the unbridled thoughts and unrestrained feelings inflicted on my keyboard…….


Some of you older men and women need to go somewhere and sit down quick. Y’all don’t even realize how late in the game of life it is, yet you continue to play the same old tired games that you did 30 and 40 years ago.

50, 60 and even damn near 70 years old some of you men are, breaking your neck to look at these young girls as though they are really seeing you as if you are in your prime!

And even if they give you the time of day or even a little play you seem to forget that it always goes down (Just like she does!) around the time that you get that piece of sorry Social Security or Pension Check!


It has nothing to do with the fact that you are some incredible lover because all you do is pop those Viagra pills while she has to endure your stinking breath!

And to you so called mature women: You need to leave the revealing manner of dress to the young ladies who are in “that phase” of life.

There is no way some of you trunk heavy perpetually bloated post menopausal women should be dressing the way you do. Now I’m not suggesting that you and these older men quell the sexual desires that you both may still have, but you need to package and present yourself at lot better than you do because whether you know it or not, time has FLOWN and the dress sizes have doubled!

Overweight Woman

But seriously, now that I’m in that age group as I approach my fifty-first birthday in a few short weeks, I really see life a whole lot different from this side of fifty than I did as I was fast approaching it.

I just can’t see myself languishing in the immature mindset that I see many in my age group staying in.

The petty jealousies.

The illusions of grandeur.

The perpetual regrets on life events that can not ever be changed.

The tears that still flow over long lost loves.

The comebacks in an former area of expertise that will just never happen.

The competitiveness.

The stench of neglected toxicities.

…….and the list can go on forever.

Dear Lord please don’t let me get that way, please allow me to clean my mental, spiritual and physical heart of these accumulations that clog and damage our unseen filters to keep us from seeing how beautiful life truly is!

I pray everyday to be blessed with the ability to laugh no matter how rough this life can get.

Especially when I am seeing my friends, acquaintances and associates drop like flies in what now seems to be a bi-weekly occurrence, after a time, you begin to understand that this thing called life doesn’t last forever on this level.


…….what’s sad is that many of us will never understand this and die playing a game that should have been let go a long time ago.

Wisdom? They never got it and will now die a fool. Hey. Somebody has to do it, just don’t let it be you!

Yes, but back to my original point, old age doesn’t mean that you have wisdom. I remember how shocked I was when I found out that the lady next door to me had a thing for me even though she could have been my damn Mother!

I remember when I broke up with a girlfriend in what was a long term relationship, this next door neighbor of mine was telling me that she knew of a woman on her job that had a serious crush on me. I asked her who and she said that she would be out of place to reveal that.

Over the next few days I tried every trick in the book to pry the secret out of her as to who this romantic mystery person was, but she never gave in.

Oh well, I figured I would never find out…….

Lusting Youngster

But one late night I got a call from my neighbor and she told me to get ready because not only would she be coming by, but she was going to bring that sexy mystery lady over to my house to finally confront me face to face on how she felt about me.

I don’t know why I was so excited about this, but I spiffed me living room up and set the mood so intimate and romantic only to find myself waiting and waiting and waiting…….

Feeling like a grade A rank ASS after waking up hours later early in the morning as the sun peeked into my eyes to the sound on my CD player of the popular Teddy Pendergrass song, “The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me”, I knew that something was up more than met the eye!


While I couldn’t figure out why I would never meet this coworker of hers who she described as being drop dead gorgeous, years later I realized IT WAS HER!

Drop dead gorgeous? No way and not by a long shot. But she was to become one of my biggest enemies to the point of not speaking to me and doing everything that she possibly could to damage the wonderful life that I was beginning to have with my new Wife.

Lesson learned.

So don’t think that old women don’t get moist between the thighs just because a few gray hairs have sprouted up where the sun don’t shine. Pussy is pussy no matter HOW old it gets!

…….and just like men sometimes think with the wrong head, many older women can still find themselves thinking with their swollen clit. Believe that!

Mature Woman

Even though those prior words were of a sexual nature, I could go on and on with stories on how old men would find themselves jealous of others for childish reasons and a whole slew of other scenarios. Some people just don’t get it!

So don’t write off that younger individual thinking that they have absolutely no maturity because they might shock you! Wisdom is not exclusive to old age only because when it was passed out in the school of life, their were a whole lot of students asleep when it was time to pay attention in that class.

When you seek the advice of anyone, make sure that they are qualified to even grant you a guiding word because they just might be as lost as you are on that particular topic. And since most people merely want to hear themselves talk, to absorb the words they share that have no substance to them will only sink your distressed ship even faster.

Psychiatrists Couch

We as individuals must make the transition from our foolish youth to adult warrior to wise Elder gracefully. Only the frauds are unable to do this because they never spent anytime on the battlefield of life. What I mean by that is that they partied their life away to learn nothing of that phase of life at all, now they want to have that respectable Guru status without nothing of note in the recent past on their personal resumes.

You will find the old guys who want to tell you how to treat a woman while all their lives they beat them.

You will hear the older women tell you how to raise and nurture a child but they never had any kids nor did they want them when they could have.

You will hear the chronic gambler tell you how to manage your money, but he after living three score and ten doesn’t have anything to show for all he claims to know nor does he have a pot to piss in! LOL!


Always check the source and consider it when the words start flowing because if your attach and open your mind to the rantings of and old fool who impersonates a wise elder, then you will find yourself up the wrong road just like many of them have found.

Prayer, meditation, spending time away from those toxic energies and speaking with God direct is the only outlet that you need as it will NEVER lead you the wrong way!

Earn your gray hairs the right way and your every utterance as well as what lurks under them in your brain will always be something that reflects the wisdom of God and not a babbling old drunk who loves to hear himself talk!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Studious & Humble Brother,



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