On Earth As It Is In Heaven?

When I observe the faceless sea of people that I must deal with on a daily basis dealing with the public on my job I can usually decipher the general mood of the crowd almost instantaneously.

I can tell when there is a big event or a game coming up. People are usually more animated and you can feel the energy brewing below the surface a bit above the norm.

You can tell when a holiday or event is over from the day before, that next day feels slower like a Sunday (and usually is) as you witness the hangovers, tired eyes, hoarse voices and folks who wake up groggy and really late because of the previous night of drinking and drugging.
It’s all very predictable, it’s like this year, Independence Day 2010 fell on a Sunday so that just influenced the Saturday before to be something more of what it usually is. And to be honest, I am not into doing the holidays like many others that I know and I completely forget that it WAS July 4th approaching. What alerted me to the fact that there was an upcoming celebration approaching was there more cars on the road that Saturday night/ Sunday morning as I drove home.

But it’s all the same, although that instance was a bit obvious, when you are “out there” in the street working every night like I am, you “feel” when something is off from the norm.

Now that we are on the same page I can get to my next point, because I am in position to “sense” the general mindset and moods of the public, I can detect the slight fluctuations in the air even more.

That being said I can truthfully tell you that as far as I can see, we as a people, and I mean EVERYONE, are in PAIN!!!!

Okay, things may be fine for you in YOUR particular personal situation, I didn’t mean this literally, but overall our society is in a great deal of discomfort and they just do not know how to escape what they feel.

Open your eyes, look around you and observe. While there have always been bizarre situations that have been reported on the news, we are seeing travesties occur at an accelerated rate more so than any other time in recorded history!

And while I DO understand that we have the ability electronically to record, capture and decimate information more now than ever before through the use of our smart phones and technological gadgetry, I will STILL argue my point that there is a definite spirit of evil running wild across the land that is causing spiritually ungrounded individuals to “snap” from pressures that we would previously have the strength to endure after getting down on our knees to pray about it.

And I am not trying to let people off of the hook by allowing them to say “The DEVIL made me do it” because to if that was a legitimate excuse across the board, it basically let’s an individual off of the hook in being accountable for their actions.

If you have ever read any of my other articles, I have always stressed that there is a definite “spiritual disconnected” that lays the foundation for so many unnecessary and unfortunate situations to happen and leaves the door wide open to invite satanic activity to come right in and comfortably set up shop in your lives.

And it’s that “wide open” door that leaves us victim to whatever else wants to come in because we do not ensure an airtight defense against these stray entities who are viciously traveling about the face of the earth looking for a home to tear down.

We are feeling it.

We may not know exactly where it is coming from or how it got in but we feel it and it is not a pleasant feeling at all.

I can see the unhappiness etched across the faces of those to whom I deal with everyday.

The Colgate smiles, the forced expressions, the thinly veiled facade of joy that has become an “oh so tired” routine in attempting to appear to be happy while the light of divine joy remains dead in their tormented hearts. This is why we snap at the small things in a major way. The times are different now and we are under a pressure that the world has never known since man was placed on this earth.

Why else do people who have seemingly PERFECT LIVES reach for a gun to blow their own brains out when they had so much to live for? We have to look beneath the surface to truly understand what is going on around us……

Yes, we have had wars and killings, catastrophes and bloodshed since the beginnings of time but NOTHING can compare to the present day with our “out of control” perverse mentalities!

If you have ever been caught up in the worldly pagan ritual of “Christmas shopping,” you will understand the sense of urgency that the satanic forces that have been released from the pits of hell possess because it is a very similar situation! I know that you are saying to yourself how in the heck could I make such a comparison but if you have ever tried to find a gift late on a Christmas Eve during the extended shopping hours made to accommodate the late last minute shopping rush then you will fully understand!

BOTH situations are under pressure because of an impending deadline that looms over the heads of the shopper, who must find a gift for their loved ones before that store closes, and that demonic entity, whose job it is to deceive and capture as many souls as it can before the deadline of the return of the Messiah.

Both are desperate to accomplish their goals before the time is up. In the shopping malls at this time, there aren’t too many happy people as the time that we should be praising God for giving us His only begotten Son and exuding the fruits of the spirit in our personal carriage, we oftentimes display the opposite! The cursing, damning and fighting that goes on in the name of Jesus Christ is a strong indication of the spiritual bankruptcy that lies beneath the surface so well hidden.

With the legions of negative forces that have been released into the earth, it is quite evident with the escalated perverse activities that are transpiring at a record pace that SOMETHING is in the air in amounts that were never before seen!

And if you have recently had the experience of turning on the evening news what you see will surely punctuates my point! Now I am aware that the media spin masters pick and chose what stories that they have chosen to air, but with so many citizens in trouble with their mortgages falling behind and eventually into foreclosure, our finances spiraling out of control (If we have any finances at ALL!), the tensions that having less and less to make it in this world will bring into ours homes and relationships, you can sugar coat the world with engineered propaganda only but SO much!!!!
Those folks that I see on my bus have REASON to look the way they do. You see, by not being informed and educated as to what is REALLY happening in the world to be prepared on ALL levels of existence for the tribulations yet to come, these people have NOTHING of a spiritual/mental resource to draw from to make it through just as their forefathers have through the rough times in history!

And if truth be told they haven’t seen ANYTHING YET!

I read a tremendous amount so I can’t quote the source but correct me if I am wrong, but I heard that the massive amount of stimulus money that was put into the American economy to stimulant growth is running out and should be completely exhausted by years (2010) end.

So what are you going to do when your boss brings you that pink slip and the realities suffered by those on the evening news that seemed to be so far away from anything that you thought that you would ever experience comes delivered RIGHT into your living room to deal with?

The biggest struggle will be in dealing with your pride. If your material possessions have defined you then prepare to become suicidal, learn from these words now and begin to LET GO! While I am not wishing hard times on anyone it is best to be prepared by cleaning out ALL of the unnecessary emotional clutter from now so that it will not get in the way if an unexpected and unwanted chain of events occur!

What used to be desirable is not the ideal anymore. The rules of game have changed and many are still playing it the old way. Look at the Real Estate market now, home prices have plummeted and foreclosures continued to eat away at the horizon as jobs disappear at phenomenal rates! Some of these jobs in my humble opinion will NEVER come back!


Well if the demand to build isn’t there because the masses cannot afford to build then how will the construction jobs return? The middle class will become the lower class and the lower class will have to hit the streets to make it.

Just yesterday a passenger on my bus who has been riding for years boarded and told everyone how he just lost his job! He worked as a cook in a restaurant named Bogarts on International Drive here in Orlando. He arrived to work as always about an hour earlier and was surprised to see the operations halted with no customers inside.

All of the employees were standing around in an empty restaurant having a “meeting” as he was a bit taken aback to the fact that he never knew that there WAS some kind of scheduled meeting. He was told that the restaurant would be closing in a month and that they all would receive “a good word and reference” from him when they moved on.

My buddy observed a huge moving truck in the rear and inquired as to why it was there.

He was told that it was there to move some of the liquor to his other eatery a mile down the road. Something was very fishy he thought to himself. Now after being told this news, everyone went home that day to return the next day to resume their last month of work. Well, when they arrived, the doors were LOCKED! Phone calls were made and after an hour of hearing answering services and busy signals, someone picked up only to say that the restaurant was closed for good due to the filed Bankruptcy of the restaurant owner!

When the workers inquired about there earnings that were owed to them, the response was that there would be NO payout on any prior earnings because the bankruptcy protected the owner from having to pay! This gentleman that I know is a 17 year military veteran and you mean to tell me that THIS is the treatment that he gets?

NO ONE should be treated in this fashion!

The few hundred dollars that means so much to HIM is a drop in the bucket for that business owner! You just CAN’T treat people in any way like this!

A college education literally guaranteed success on the job market many years ago but these days to have a degree is like being all dressed up to go to a party that you have been looking forward to going to for months but just found out was cancelled at the last minute. What are you going to do?walk around the house all dressed up with nowhere to go?

Many waiters and waitresses that I talk to that are working at the local restaurants these days are college graduates and are working those jobs to make ends meet!
Something is terribly wrong with our system.

Stop depending on a boss and stop depending on a job and the false sense of security that it brings as all it will take for many is to lose their jobs to create a domino effect.

Cut out the middle man and “deal direct” by starting a small business where you get your money directly in your hand. This is not the time to sit down and beg ANYONE for a job because many employers do not care about you as their ONLY concern is their bottom line! Those who are prepared to sew, cook, do handywork, babysit or provide any service to the extreme affluent will be able to make it and their “making it” may still be at a dramatic salary price cut but they will still be able to eat.

In other words it’s time to live BELOW your means.

I personally have adopted this mentality quite a while ago and now feel as though I am living like a king amidst the turmoil of the times. Over half of the food on my plate at home is grown for FREE in my garden. I have no expensive vices, my only indulgence is my Internet connection and if push come to shove I will cut that too and find a “hot spot” where I can get it for free.

Keeping up with the Joneses?

I never got into that mentality and to tell you the truth I don’t envy them now because they are tearing their hair out trying to figure out how they are going to pay for all of their “status symbols” while I enjoy the deepest of sleep and peace of mind……
The answer my friend is to come back into the simple life.

The life where we depend LESS on the man made system of inflated perceived wealth and value to the life where we totally submit to God’s powerful laws that would have kept the world out of this mess if we didn’t pompously stray off of the path in the FIRST PLACE!

If we knew so much then why are we living in a world that is so far off of the mark of a wonderful that was intended for us by our Creator? like a rebellious child who didn’t listen to their parents and went out into the world to do what they wanted to do and ran into a bad situation, we like that child, had to learn the hard way!

Financial collapse, corporate greed, foolish consumption and spiritual wickedness has run us into the wall!

And if we collectively accept the consequences for our transgressions and look to rebuild ourselves in a totally righteous manner then maybe I wouldn’t have to see so many tired, depressed, hopeless, drained and weary faces on my bus every night………

You know, you can’t play with God’s world and expect to live good and even get away with your foolishness! God’s will cannot be stopped! I mean, we say it often in our bedtime prayers from young but maybe we never really knew what it meant:

……..Thy Kingdom Come,Thy Will Be Done,  ON Earth As It Is In Heaven!

…….and by the looks of things around, He is sure allowing it to get “shook up” REAL GOOD!

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