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The fractured state that the Black community in America finds itself in is unacceptable in a time where we are being marginalized and gunned down in record numbers by those who despise us.

It would be foolish for us to turn to any other community for the nurturing, love and support that we are more than equipped to provide for each other and it would be a waste of time to ask anyone else to do for us when they have their own priorities for advancement.

America speaks about the benefits and joys of integration yet they work hard to keep separate neighborhoods that are red-lined for their various people and cultures that work hard to maintain their exclusivity while we work hard to embrace an ideal that doesn’t exist.

We walk oblivious to reality and douse ourselves in a religion that never delivers while others reach their proverbial promised land to enjoy a heaven on earth that we have to die to ever have a chance to get to that is not guaranteed.

Yet with so much that is obvious and staring us right in our face, we are envious, hateful, separated and leery of coming together as a people as though we are violating the oppressors unwritten law and/or need his approval to do so!

Why are we like this toward each other when in actuality all we have IS each other on these shores that are soaked with our blood?

If America’s soil is going to be soaked with African blood because of the blind hate of someone who claimed to love God yet shows us the exact opposite, then why not give our blood to defend ourselves and elevate ourselves out of the conditions that we live in since blood is going to be dropped anyway as a last resort?

But in the meantime we need to unify and stop this foolishness of being fractured as a people much to the benefit of one who doesn’t want to see us together as a unified front!


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