“One Girl, Five Gays” – What In The Hell Is This World Coming To?

In the wee hours of the morning just a few short hours ago I did something that I haven’t done in about two years. I sat down in front of the television set with the intention of WATCHING the television set!

This was actually premeditated.


What struck me as strange was that I felt awkward in my own living room as I occupied a position on the couch that I had just discovered how comfortable it actually was!

All whom I’ve observed that sat there before had seemed to be overtaken by a mysterious intoxicant that held them hostage there for hours on end while program after meaningless program blasted their senses and molded their psyche into the herd mentality that renders ones enthusiasm useless for anything more than to absorb more of the garbage designed to bedazzle ones senses and “zombify” ones life.

“Not me” I thought to myself, this is an experiment that I will abandon immediately once I feel that seductive intoxication begin to grip my greater judgment.

I thought to myself how much I have to do on a productive level and just couldn’t subject my proactive self to a life (Even if it were for
a couple of hours!) of being an average spectator because I have always considered myself one who was a constant producer of all things creative.

Plus, to be very honest with you, it frightens me beyond measure to see those two words together in any combination – average and spectator – because it takes absolutely no great effort to be average and I have never damn sure been a spectator in anything! So this was some very strange ground for me to tread on to say the least.

I grabbed the remote that had been there for about a year that I knew not how to operate, I was almost force to fetch the remote just to find the “ON” button but lucked out and touched it by mistake. All I needed now was to locate the “UP” and “DOWN” button and I was good to go.

What I noticed at first was how the dynamic of television has changed over the years and definitely since my time of single digit ages when television wasn’t as lethal a poison as it is now and may have been limited in its options but possessed more of an engaging and wholesome content.

And what dynamic was I speaking about? I was referring to this thing called “Reality Television” – how bold a proclamation it is to call it Reality TV! This might be a reality for some but wouldn’t it be absurd for someone to think that this is reality for everyone?

Well, I was already pissed off and took offense to this because now I could see how our children would accept these manufactured mind control tools of culture control as “reality” and lose their natural sense of being intuitive by surrendering their curiosity without a fight because their questions about the world around them would be answered by a group of dysfunctional misfits who at best aren’t too fit to reside in anyone’s “reality!”

I apologize for coming off so condescending but this is my consciousness that you are trying to affect and I protect that with all that I’ve got!

Now while ogling the channels that flew by as my thumb enjoyed its new relationship with the up and down button on my remote I quickly avoided the “infomercials” that are now a common sight that plague this thing called late night television like those aggressive Mosquitoes that can’t stay away from you well exposed ankles at the cookout after consuming the rich sugary laced staples that you’ve promised yourself time after time that you would stop devouring.

And as far as getting used to the phenomenon of late night television is concerned, let me brazenly show my age and tell you that the only late night television that I knew about growing up is that American flag that waved for a few minutes while the particular station that I was watching signed off only to then have my ears violated by a very unfriendly tone that forced one to awaken to either turn the television off or find a warmer position on the couch.

Those were the sweetest of days, and although my own children laugh at me when I tell them that I didn’t have the luxury of watching multiple cartoon channels around the clock or having the luxury to digitally record a favorite program when I was away enjoying another task, they will never know the joys of hurrying up to pee because you wanted to get back to the TV screen as to not miss a minute of the show when the commercials finished or the happiness we felt when our favorite cartoon theme music would come on.

They just wouldn’t understand it at all.

But I believe that for anyone reading this nearing the half century milestone in their lives would and would even prefer those good old days even with all of their limitations.

It points to that little known fact that we have come to understand with the inevitability of age………

………that less is more.


We didn’t have to hear the constant profanity, we didn’t have to be exposed to the undulating video cozens that have turned that screen in your home into a private Porno theater. No, we never had those issues either although I suspect that I am a bit envious of the 15 year olds today when I see what they have as visual stimulation to accompany their private testosterone driven erotically based right handed (Or left if you are a lefty! Lol!) adolescent activities when all I had was the brassiere, underwear and lingerie section of an old wrinkled Spiegel Department Store catalog for my visual titillation and jerk off material. I guess I made it work and it got the “job” done…….

Too much information?

I think not! Because that’s why you love peeping out the Scurv blog, because you know that I am liable to haul off and say anything at anytime here!

But anyway, while we never had to deal with any violation of our innocence in the privacy of our own homes I could have never have imagined in my wildest dreams and imaginations (And boy do I have one!) that I would be exposed to such a graphic conversation on a program featuring one girl and five gay men.

I have long observed that with a sizable segment of the gay male community, that many of those who claim same sex preference seem to enjoy the “shock effect” of acting out their distinct mannerisms in front of their unprepared onlookers who give them the rush that comes when you are the center of attention. Maybe it’s just me but that is my two cents.

But as the dialogue between the participants in this high energy question and answer formatted program went on, it got even more detailed and filthier as it went along! I guess these “money at all costs” program executives know a thing or two about how to secure the constant high ratings that guarantee higher paychecks for everyone at the end of the day.

But as I sat there in shock as this gay guy proudly spoke of his ability to make any man explode in bliss with his oral skills, I thought to myself that a program like this couldn’t exist if there just wasn’t a demand for it! So not only are the show producers at fault morally but the people who eat this slop up like pigs are just as guilty!

And before you start flooding my email box with hateful letters understand that I am not gay bashing anyone. Filth is filth no matter how you slice it and while it would be just as wrong for a sexy young lady to sit up on television to explain to the world how good she is in bed, I would “bash” her just as fast because we have so many dire issues to be dealt with in the world than to be titillated with the gory details of someone’s fetish-like desires.

Do your thing by all means behind closed doors and let’s do the right thing and feed the hungry kids out here – create some jobs for these unemployed people – teach the youth how to take care of themselves and let’s help to mold them into responsible adults and let’s come to the aid of the homeless as well as the women who are battered and abused!

I don’t want to hear SHIT about no gay man’s dick sucking abilities! We “got” some real issues out her in the world to attend to immediately!

And in closing I want to repost a “tweet” that I twitted” earlier that kind of encompasses the mindset that I have today:

“It’s almost inconceivable that the world could be at its tipping point while we maintain the “head in the sand” mentality” of sport & play!” 3/24/2011

We really need to get our priorities straight because as a nation when you compare how it is over on these shores to what goes on all over the world with the wars and natural catastrophes we still have to give thanks to God even with an ailing economy and poor job situation here. The least we can do is focus ourselves more so in a righteous manner just a degree better everyday than we were before. I’m not saying to become an overnight Holy Roller but to remain cognizant of where you stand in the overall scheme of all things pleasing to God!

…….and if the saying is true that life imitates art, then maybe our television programming today will one day soon be what our children can say when they are older like we are now that THESE were the good old days…….

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October 11, 2011 10:06 PM

Okay first of all, if you spent a little longer actually watching the show you would know its not all about sex. It talks a lot about how hard coming out is, how to get through gay bashing, and life stories. My friend came out to me this summer and the show actually helped him and I alot. Everyone on it is lovable and funny and their own person. Everyone who watches goes in knowing of the sexual aspect, and if you are so damn sickened by it you can change the damn channel.

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