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Here I had a conversation with a very frustrated Craven County North Carolina Mother who simply wanted fair treatment for her son in school so that he can get the education that he so desired just like any other normal teenager.

What this New York transplant learned firsthand is that there is an unspoken law that deals with “outsiders” in a special manner, especially when you don’t submit in a timely fashion to “play by the rules.”

Havelock North Carolina is a far cry from that faraway place called Queens New York where the people there stood up against any injustice that crossed their paths.

From what this Mother encountered firsthand in the Craven County school system was nothing short of mind blowing and taught her that this place called America has a long way to go before banishing the ignorance, racism, venom and unfair treatment that has become all too commonplace in the United States of America.

Listen in on what too many of us have to go through from someone who simply wasn’t prepared for this type of Southern Hospitality.

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