One Of The Many E-mails Received: What Do You Think Of This?

Below is an exchange that I thought everyone would find interesting between yours truly and someone who has an opinion about my work. It seems that I get a huge amount of e-mails and text messages stating that my work is racist. I beg to differ! This is but one of literally hundreds received. I would love to hear your feelings pro and con on this e-mail that I received, please leave your comments here on the board for all to see!



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Date: Yesterday

Category: Community

To: Scurvin

Subject: sorry, im not down with reverse racist propaganda

so, unless you want to hit the reverse on this anti-white propaganda machine you’re rolling with.

reverse racism, is still that, racism, and im not ok with it, because i want a TOTALLY INTEGRATED society, that doesnt focus selfishly on whatever will benefit any particular sects/communities. in the short run.

My Response:

Thank you for your intelligent answer and response. But when someone tells me this I do not understand how it can be racist when the very issues I speak on in the Black community are very much real and are not dealt with in the so called “mainstream” media.

When a Chinese man is concerned with his community/culture, no one claims that he is racist. When an Italian man is proud of who he is, why isn’t it considered nationalism? God made us in all different colors and varieties that are to be celebrated. But when a Black man with a stolen culture/religion speaks out in a proud uplifting way, it’s racism. But when Black men are portrayed in the news disproportionately as thugs & do-nothings, it’s called news…..

Talk to me, because if I as a Black man ignore the problems that WE have that are NOT dealt with in the integrated society that you yearn to dwell in so much, who will?

And while you may want a totally integrated society, then why in every city all over this “beautiful and just” (And yes, I AM being sarcastic!) country, there are divided communities whose boundaries are unseen to the naked eye but very much real and are spoken of in a “hush hush” manner.

And if truth be told, the oppressive entities who stand off in the shadows benefit MORE from our ignorance and downtrodden condition in the LONG RUN than anything that I do here online for FREE!

If I am so racist for attempting to clean up this mess then why aren’t you outraged at the people who created a system that enables them  to benefit from it?

…….and if truth be told I am not making one thin dime for sharing my soul here with my family here on Black Planet so understand that EVERYONE is not driven by the need for a profit!

Please let me know how you feel about this……

Lance Scurvin

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Lance Scurv
December 19, 2011 2:22 AM

To My Dear Sister Sylvia,

Your words came right on time and they were truly a Godsend! You wouldn't believe the amount of hate-mail that I receive but it makes me know that I am striking a nerve that needs to be touched.

I will always continue to speak the truth and I do appreciate your support more than you could ever know!

Thank you for making my day!

Righteous Love Always,

Lance Scurvin

December 18, 2011 10:37 PM

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion….don't get mad because there is someone out there who has his own original thoughts. Why try to knock a real black man to his knees when you allow other races to ride you and push you down without even a whimper. I admire anyone with the conviction and will to share their thoughts while standing all, as a black man should.

Lance, baby keep doing what you doing cause there are some of us who really enjoy and look forward to reading your writings. Continue to stand tall and always keep your head up.

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