One Woman’s Frustrating Dilemma: Should I Give Up On Finding Mr. Right? – The LanceScurv Show

As you will observe in this very revealing heart to heart conversation, many women who are available and eager to find their permanent significant other – a.k.a. Mr. Right – feel that their options are dwindling fast and possess an ever mounting frustration that causes them to believe that their aren’t any good men around anymore.

Is this the truth or simply one woman’s perspective?

While there are a vast amount of potential sex partners that are readily available to sooth one’s sexual desires, many women wouldn’t even take the time to invest in these men after witnessing the red flags of dysfunction constantly pop up that signal danger!

While I do believe that there are more good men out there than many single women realize, I think that it’s wiser to take the time to work on oneself to raise one’s personal stock so that when the divine paths are finally crossed you will be an even better version of yourself to enter into that highly desired long term committed relationship.

Listen in to the dating trials and tribulations of this individual who, while meeting disappointment after disappointment, still forges forward living a progressive life in never giving up on finding her King!

One Woman's Frustrating Dilemma: Should I Give Up On Finding Mr. Right? - The LanceScurv Show

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