Only fans is an Internet platform where individuals can post their explicit adult content and get paid directly by the fans for what they show.

While there are more intricacies to this platform that’s basically it in a short Google search will bring you up to speed on the details of this platform.

Those who have made the leap into starting their adult businesses by using this platform have made lots of money even though not everyone has hit the jackpot.

Needless to say that during this era of this pandemic it has been a blessing to the bank accounts of many who either lost a job or just didn’t have one.

So when only fans made the announcement that they were going to band the adult content from their platform it placed many in the state of panic who only had the one source of income that came from this platform.

So it was a sign of relief when those in the higher positions of making decisions for the platform reversed the decision to ban the adult content.

So our discussion outside of reporting on this news that many would be overjoyed to hear we also spoke about the negative and possibly positive effects of making your money in this manner as well as what one needs to do to remain independent so that no matter what the platform decides to do in the future you have benefited from it where no one can hurt you financially ever again.

Regardless as to how one feels about it on a moral level, sex sells, and the popularity of this platform reflects what many have a burning passion to indulge in whether they are public about it or not.

So while it is easy to blaspheme those who are creating this content as we understand that both sides of the coin will be affected, we must also understand that there is a desire for this content and that cannot be disputed.

There can be many reasons for this and we broke that down in this conversation and even though we were pretty thorough the conversation must continue because it goes so much deeper than what one can have in a short dialogue.

Are we sick as a collective society or is our involvement in the porn industry something of a great sign in red flags that we need to attend to in order to bring ourselves back to a healthier date of being.

Do feel free to share your viewpoints and perspectives in the comments section below so we can continue our talks on this topic and thank you so much for sharing your precious time here with us as it brings us great joy! Enjoy.

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