Oppressed And Loving It – The Defeated Dependent Mentality Of The Black American Wage Slave!

There are those who claim that the slave trade in America was all about economics and not about racism. I will accept that as part of the many reasons why so many of these so called founding fathers of this oppressive country took the plunge to get rich from the prospect of free labor from the Black Africans who built this country into the great place that others now benefit from.

They say that racism wasn’t the motivating force behind the cruel and inhuman treatment of my Elders but what else could it have been after you’ve already captured a people over the course of hundreds of years to fuel the immense wealth and  privileged position that their immediate offspring enjoy to this day as though it is their hard work and sacrifice that put them there?


Now please do not get me wrong, this is not some angry bitter rant from someone who has some hidden agenda but this is an attempt to dialogue and ask a few pertinent questions to those who may be ignorant as to how this place called America really operates and to maybe wake up a few dormant minds to the truth so that they will not actually end up violently angry when the reality that they have been sleepwalking through hits them like a ton of bricks!

That being said, if those who claim that slavery was only about money and not racism then those very same people cannot claim that I am racist for urging those in the Black community to support the Black businesses that reinvest in our usually downtrodden communities!

You can’t have it both ways.

That being said, why is it that we as Black people see reality for what it is? Again, this is NOT a Black against White diatribe, I am much too intelligent for that, and I will continue to explain that and make you understand where I am coming from because there are so many who want to “soundbite” me by taking a small snippet of what I am saying to string it together to make it seem as though I meant something else so far different than what I originally intended.

But back to what I was saying about reality, why is it that we believe so much in a system that doesn’t even work for the people that it was originally set up to serve? If we are approximately 13 percent of the population, it is obvious that we will get the scraps and crumbs from this economic order if we continue to play by the rules that are designed to benefit the system first before any return on our efforts come our way.

So what am I suggesting?

That we all go and do something illegal? No.

That we all get up and leave this country for a faraway land where we can start all over again? Nope…….because we are not mentally stable and secure enough overall to pull off such a miracle, we still possess the mental toxicities that have haunted us during our arrival to these shores and would pretty much jack up where ever we went!

I have faith in our elite but it wouldn’t take much to spoil the blessing and like I said before, we would have to be over the mindset that’s in the present. It’s not a Black people put down thing, it’s a jacked up human nature thing that would most likely take just as long to recuperate from if even THAT short of a time!

We need to understand that we are on our own.

No one is going to come into our communities and fix them up for us and give to us what we need to be out there looking to do for ourselves. It doesn’t work that way and I do not know why for example so many of us are sitting down on our asses merely waiting on some dream job to appear!

Gone are the days that you would venture to any downtown in the United States unannounced to show up to the various places of employment to ask for a “job application”, and if you did why would you think that the same job that MIGHT remain there for very long when you have many others utilizing the power of the internet?

Our minds are in the clouds because we still believe in the original illusion of what we were told was the American Dream.

Oh I will tell you for sure that it still exists, but NOT in the manner that it was told to you by the very oppressors who are hustling you in your paycheck pay period after pay period. So now you understand that this is not a Black against White thing, it IS a money thing, BUT………race DOES play into it very much because guess who for the most part is at the bottom of the economic barrel?

Dunkin Donuts

Many of us complain about these so called “foreigners” who come to these shores literally penniless but had the balls to get up and LEAVE their country to come here to pursue a dream that wasn’t promised but was attained in record time because they believed in their personal work ethic and went for it with every ounce of strength and breath that they could muster. Now half of us won’t even leave our same old neighborhoods much less the COUNTRY to go after our dreams!

But these are the same so called foreigners to whom many Black people pay to clean and tailor their clothes (Chinese tailor shops and laundry), buy their fast food from (Chinese food from the Chinese and Dunkin Donuts from the Indians) and fruits and vegetables (Those ever present Korean fruit markets!) More power to those who have come into the Black communities to make their personal fortunes but why is it that WE couldn’t do the same thing for ourselves and live large!

Home Depot

When it was said that the streets in America was lined with gold, it basically meant that the dumb Black here literally THREW their money away on foolishness without reinvesting wisely in their own neighborhoods and all of this money was up for grabs by whoever could arrive here to brave the ‘hoods to get as much as they want to live THE AMERICAN DREAM!

With the economic power of African American besting that of most countries in the world, we are a resource that has powered so many who don’t even like us and even despise us in economic success! Do you think that you could move into the exclusive neighborhoods of those who prey on the ignorance of those same Blacks to get their cash? NO! The only time that they want to see you is when you are bringing them that money for a half of friend chicken and pork fried rice! But under their breathe you should hear how many of them talk about the “niggers!”

From the plastic smiles of that car dealer downtown who wants your money to the administration of your company that you work for all the way down to the lowly foreigner who just arrived here to live their dream, the smile that they so feverishly display to you are about as fake as a three dollar bill! For you are merely a tool in which they will reach THEIR goals and too hell with you when they get there! Think not? Then which one of them have come to you to uplift YOUR condition in a manner that was fair and equitable without it being a lopsided arrangement?

So allow ME to work the universal laws of success independently OUTSIDE of a one sided system that will always have me running after that carrot like a rabbit on a treadmill…….

Am I blaming someone else for the downtrodden embarrassing condition Black people here in America? No way! But I will say that this system as it is will NOT uplift Blacks as a people to financial freedom and economic independence at ALL!

It just wasn’t designed to do so, and NOW when you through in the racism factor on top of all of this, it has become even MORE difficult! So I suggest that you just don’t play the game at all! Am I suggesting that we all get up and leave our jobs in some great show of unity and foolish solidarity?

Not at all!

What I am saying here is that we should KEEP our jobs but never believe that these so called jobs are the way to attaining your life goals. I just doesn’t work that way.

You always have to have a hustle that brings in as much money as it possibly can! You MUST have a direct money stream that hits your pockets that NO ONE ELSE controls except YOU! This is what stirs the human spirit to achieve above and beyond the so called “normal” boundaries of what others think we can manifest.

We can NEVER have the same enthusiasm for a damn job that we have for something that is our own!

Why? Because WE dictate how much we want to make before halting the floodgates for the day!

How exciting that is!

But guess what?

How in the hell are you going to maintain a super human enthusiasm for a job that barely wants to give you a “cost of living” raise every year and when you do receive something it will only be in the single digit percentage range? That’s for people who are defeated and are the walking dead!

Night Of The Living Dead

Who decides WHAT my “cost of living” increase is anyway?

How does a stranger whose job it is to make sure that a company’s bottom line is protected by giving me as little as possible pan out to me being happy with the pennies given when there is an entire world out there to conquer with an endless money making potential?

How can a situation that is so obviously stacked against us keep most of us fooled into believing that we are loved and our best interests are in mind?

…….and trust me, this scenario is the norm!

Only when you get over the shock of how you have been corralled into the thinking of a wage slave in this country and its deceptive system will you be prepared to do justice to yourself and your family by arming yourself with your own independent economic system that benefits you in the same manner that the job that YOU have benefits the people who employ you.

Money Stacks

For a while you will be walking the tightrope by balancing both worlds but it is a necessary evil that one must endure in order to make a successful transition into being completely free of the trap of a job.

As a matter of fact, keeping a job while you cultivate your own business is an advantage and will put you in the mindset of actually USING the job to benefit you because you can “give” Uncle Sam what he thinks is his but your own true sweat and elbow grease will go to you in the long run with no middle man taking from you what is rightfully yours.

You will go to “work” on your oppressive life sucking job with a plan and as that plan manifests you will experience a euphoria that isolates you from the usual gripes that most employees will have on a day to day basis in the stress department.

You will see the small mindedness in their mentality and really will not be able to identify with it because you know that your days under that umbrella of being an employee are numbered. What a beautiful feeling of empowerment indeed!

Your career will truly belong to you and the only reason why you go to that job is to subsidize your personal dreams and subsequent plans of financial independence. No more will you work “scared” while trading off the precious time of your younger years for the promise of a mere limited paycheck when you are in the so called golden years of your life!

Because if the truth be told THESE are the golden years of your life because tomorrow isn’t promised!

But if your can look past the specificity of this article as it was written to awaken the downtrodden mentally enslaved Blacks in this country and realize that these words hold true for all people of every race culture and lifestyle preference you will understand that we ALL need to wake up and break the hold that the United States Government as well as the financial elite have on us then things will turn around in our favor for a quality life that will have us enjoying over and above what this system promises us but never delivers.

All it will take is the unity of all people Black and White and all in between to step away from the illusion of dependence fed to us by the media and the school system to unlock our minds to the unlimited potential that was given to us all by the Creator above so that we can experience what many will say is Heaven on Earth!

Why is it that you have worked all of these years and STILL find yourself not where you thought you would be while others live HIGH on the hog without a major worry in the world to do whatever it is that they want to do while you have to beg for a week off every year only to sit at home broke?

Break free of their twisted indoctrination of your mind or merely relegate yourself to being forevermore as one who builds the dreams of others while remaining as the walking dead for your own desires!

I urge you ALL to find what it is that you love to do or what it is that you have a passion for and offer your expertise to the world so that YOU can benefit from your efforts directly instead of having your abilities low balled as you are paid pennies on the dollar by a boss who advances HIS or HER life off of the sweat from YOUR back!

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