Oprah Winfrey, Ernestine Shepherd, Sharon Stone And The Brainwashing Of The Masses On Aging!

I was so impressed last night with the amazing guests who were featured on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network and the exhilarating chord of inspiration that they struck from inside of me.

The first guest was Sharon Stone, who was actually in the studio face to face with Oprah, who is an actress who was still active and working but not as much as in her earlier years.

Sharon spoke on the perception that many of us have on what beauty truly is and how far off of the mark that most of the world is when viewing their own selves as flawed and unattractive because of these artificially projected images.

Ms. Stone went on to say how most of the so called super models who the masses feel are so perfect don’t really look like that at all.

Sharon Stone & Oprah

She revealed their tricks of the trade to attain “that elusive supermodel look” that causes other unsuspecting fans to go out and spend countless dollars to look like them by getting plastic surgery and going on these dangerous nutritionally imbalanced diets.

She added how even after the special lighting and tapped up features were photographed, that now your image was even further processed with software like Photoshop.


This will remove blemishes, weight, altered coloring and anything deemed “undesirable” to finally spit out an finished product that actually looks nothing like you at all!

So in essence even these supermodels weren’t good enough to have their images caught on camera as they are to be shared with the world. So if they weren’t good enough then why should anyone with “average looks” attempt to keep up with a projection that doesn’t even exist?

Sharon Stone Leg Crossover

So now Oprah showed several so called average looking women to experience the same process of a photo shoot that these same models do frequently to teach them a very valuable lesson.

These subjects for the most part thought that they weren’t worthy enough with their looks to even partake in this ritual and had some serious hangups about certain physical characteristics they possessed that really weren’t anything bad at all.

Photo Shoot

After going through the motions in the strange new arena of having their image captured by professional photographers, they too learned a valuable lesson as intended when they saw how THEIR image was sliced and diced to finally be presented to the world looking nothing like their original selves at all!

What was amusing is that now that they achieved “on paper and print” the look that they always wanted it was now void of those unwanted physical characteristics that they thought they really didn’t like.

The corrected noses and removed blemishes as well as the shaved off pounds really were something that they embraced and realized that their sense of what was beautiful all along was a substitute standard that was brainwashed into their mind unknowingly and without second thought.


This realization changed their total outlook on their self esteem as they began to celebrate who they are as a person and the beautifully flawed qualities that they possessed inside and out!

It was a beautiful sense of mental liberation that they met that freed them up in so many areas of their life over those in their midst who were still mentally enslaved by the artificially projected world of fashion and beauty.

Hopefully, everyone will have the opportunity to love themselves as they are!

But unfortunately, to cause insecurity in the masses makes lots of money for those to whom create the trends of what a person should aspire to becoming after immersing themselves on a diet of false images in endless magazines, television shows and online images.

Will it ever stop?

The second guest, Ernestine Shepherd, wasn’t physically in the studio with Oprah but was present through a Skype connection but was first introduced through an impressive video that was created to show what her story was and what she was really all about.

Ernestine Shepherd Double Biceps Shot

This fine morsel of deliciously aged womanhood  is a 77 year old (At the time of this writing) who started bodybuilding 21 years ago and never looked back since.

She didn’t even start working out and eating better until the age when most people are retiring or very close to it.

Ernestine explained how she was inspired by her now deceased sister to carry on to pursue their dream of together being two very well kept older ladies who are living testimonies on the benefits of clean living, dietary discipline and physical hard work.

Not only was her body phenomenal, but her spirit and drive to maintain her health were second to none.

Ernestine Shepherd truly inspired me also just as the words of Sharon Stone did but even in a more severe manner.

This taught me that life is what you make it. Too many people that I know are not even out of their 30’s yet and have accepted a life of diminishing joy and pleasure simply because they feel that this is the way that life goes.

The bottom line is that when you allow the mentality of these non motivated entities to sink into your psyche YOU in turn will become like them!

Now I truly understand that there are many unexpected and unfortunate things that can happen to us in this life that may be beyond our control. But why should we walk in defeat when nothing has happened to us simply because we are a certain age?


I’m sorry but if these types of people attempt to subtly persuade you to not motivate toward what is better for you then you simply have to cordially let them go from your life and that position of influence that they used to hold you back.

My question is…….why should you hold yourself back because of their damned mentality of being the walking dead as they live a life of inactivity, bad habits and slothfulness that in actuality is accelerating their swift journey to the grave?

Ernestine Shepherd

I believe that the Greeks had it right thousands of years ago when they proclaimed that the mind, body and spirit were definitely intertwined in a special way where whatever was done to one part of your being affected he other.

But today that very crucial concept seems to have been lost on a civilization that’s appears to be hellbent on living a destructive life that is out of touch from anything that will bring them lifelong health.

And to be honest while I myself know better, even I’ve fallen into a life of physical inactivity relative to what I’ve been known for in the first 22 years of my life as an example of healthy living.

Ernestine Shepherd Graphic

I’m beginning to feel things in my body that I never felt before and I refuse to believe that “this is the way things are supposed to be!”

So if it takes the drastic measure of changing your friends or even walking alone in your journey to finally achieve your personal best then so be it.

What awaits you is a new reality that will go on long after the naysayers that are now in your life are dead, buried and gone.

Cemetery Tombstones

While death, or even what we refer to as passing away is inevitable, understand that our bodies were not meant to fail as they were made to simply expire.

Big difference, but one that is very much different but the sad part is most won’t realize the difference until its too late.

Make your changes now and don’t let that be you!

Healthy Eating

The choice is yours and whatever you decide to do now you will reap the benefits or even suffer the consequences depending on which road you choose.

Here’s to a long and prosperous life and I look forward to all of us taking a morning run together 25 years from now God willing!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Ever Evolving Brother,



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