Oprah Winfrey’s Gift Of A Sister Shines Through Brightly Amidst The Hungry Vipers Of American Gossip Tabloids!

How wonderful it was to be allowed to enjoy a personal moment with Oprah Winfrey when she discovered that she had a long lost Sister Patricia Lloyd but even more compelling to me was the fact that her Sister possessed a truckload of class in how she handled the situation of being the real Sister of the worlds top media icon and living legend.

How many of us could handle that fact if we walked in her shoes? How many of us would have given in to the offers from the gossip tabloids to tell our side of the story for a few hundred thousand dollars and help the vipers and vultures attempt to expose something that was so beautifully referred to as “Family Business?”

Oprah Winfrey better consider herself blessed because many of us out here in the world might not have been so understanding if we found ourselves related to the reigning Queen of Television! You KNOW that I’m telling the truth!


Some of us would arrive to her studios unannounced with a long laundry list of financial demands with an audacity and sense of entitlement reserved for an I.R.S. Agent who has the power to seize the property of one who owes large sums in back taxes! Yes, that’s what many of us would do!


While Oprah’s showcasing publicly her family discovery did not go into details, as is her right, but it was shared that Patricia was given up for adoption and bounce around into different foster homes until being adopted at age seven. She shared that her upbringing was “difficult.”


So since this was the case most of us would have excused her behavior to a point if she had acted a little ignorant or came out of the closet and gave in to the tabloid offers to share her story exclusively. Not to be in their personal business but if I were Oprah
I would make sure that this Lady of obvious class who happens to share her same DNA would NOT have to work another day in her life and literally live in the lap of luxury for that kind and responsible act alone until her Creator calls her home to rest.

And to know that SHE knew for years that she was the Sister of one of the countries richest Black women further cemented in my mind that she has immeasurable levels of character and class contained in her soul! While I don’t know her personal situation I do know that this is a struggling economy that has hit the majority of Americans hard and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if an attention hungry narcissistic snaggle toothed cross-eyed bow legged thigh high hooker boot clad rainbow colored Mohawk wearing albino post-op transsexual midget stepped forward and demanded Oprah give them their own program on prime time television directly after her own!

Hey. NOTHING surprises me anymore in these last days.


The more famous that you are, the more of a price sits over your head as a payoff for a controversial breaking news story that is guaranteed to create a stir to bring in the instant high ratings and advertising
revenue that will surely keep a few people well paid.


But to me it is all blood money. I mean, how bold have we become as far as the paparazzi is concerned when you can chase down famous people with no shame just to get a few photos that might bring you are few thousand dollars. Everyone deserves privacy and I know that it has to be very annoying when one has to deal with the extremists who will do just about anything to get a hot story.


The media and its insatiable appetite for the next big story will often and almost always utilize the most underhanded means to produce some trash and call it newsworthy.

Outright lies, secondhand falsehoods and innuendo are also acceptable to showcase to the public as long as it sells regardless to the damage that it does on an individuals life. Look at how they did poor Michael Jackson? Everyday of that mans life was under the scope and the things that were said about him were just plain out of control! Rest in peace Michael, while those leeches have moved on to other prey, they will have their day of Judgment and be held accountable to the pain that they have inflicted on your gentle loving kind soul.

The media are not the only ones to blame.


The fact of the matter is that those entities couldn’t survive in that relentlessly inconsiderate industry if we the people didn’t feed into it with an appetites for filth gone out of control!


Demand and supply is what it is simply called.


That’s the only reason why these reality television shows could exist without any redeemable substance contained within because we ourselves have sunk so far below the limits of common decency in what we crave as entertainment. We have become pigs with an appetite for filth! We are what we eat and thank God that Oprah Winfrey’s Sister had the common decency to possess that rare protective membrane of a trait called “character” that kept her from even considering to prostitute her own personal story, journey and eventual blessing out to those spiritual vampires and vultures of the soul called tabloid media!

It goes to show you that SOME of us are not morally bankrupt!


Although I’ve had my issues with Oprah Winfrey on certain isolated issues in the past that still are somewhat unresolved in my mind I still think that the good she has done outweighs the issues here in America that I think she has chosen to ignore. But she doesn’t owe me an explanation for anything that she has chosen to do or not to do because it is her money and her life. She has worked hard, sacrificed for what she has achieved and deserves at least a few moments of privacy after opening up her entire life for the world to partake in.


Just think, that for all of the money that she has, the one thing that she cannot purchase that many of us common everyday folk have in great abundance is anonymity.


That’s something that her beloved Sister has now willingly stepped out of the shadows to never be able to enjoy ever again.

The ultimate sacrifice. Let’s pray that her life is intact and strong enough to endure the inevitable onslaught of gossip tabloid media who now have her in the cross-threads of their deadly scope.


Anyone who has the nerve to attempt to dig up anything on this humble beautiful woman for profit deserves the pits of he’ll itself to open up and swallow their slimy remains to burn forever more. Some things are just precious and OFF LIMITS!


Let’s all pray for her protection and privacy.

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