In Order To Achieve Anything You’ve Got To Be Willing To Give Up Everything!

To achieve anything of note in this lifetime you’ve got to be willing to make great sacrifices to reach those goals.

Most sane minded individuals know this but will never embrace it and relegate themselves to a life of mediocrity that will only be represented by a dash between two separate years on their tombstone.

…….the date of their birth and the date of their death, with all other things that they ever did in life simply represented by a mere dash.

How sad.

It really could be a whole lot different if these forgotten individuals had in in their hearts to strive for something more than the carnal indulgences of their bodily functions.

What do I mean by that statement?

Well, most of us who are gunning hard to live a life of insignificant mediocrity have found that the best and swiftest way to reach their forgettable goal is to be a slave to either eating, sleeping, defecating or indulging in the process which causes us to procreate, meaning sex.

So we are really nothing more than the empty slates that arrived into this world as a child except for that one added erotic pursuit that oftentimes leaves us in a world of trouble, setback and regret.

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I find it amazing that we will push hard and sacrifice much for a fleeting moment of pleasure that will do nothing to add to a legacy that will last long after our departure from this planet.

We will speak of our desire for great riches, both financial and of vast wisdom, yet we shy away aggressively from the challenges that we must surmount in order to make it a reality.

How many of us know of someone who – while in the deadly grip of an impoverished existence – will always preface their hoped for realization of a dream with “one day when I hit the lottery I am going to…….” – Well, you can finish the rest…….

Their statement was made not out of a true desire to reach that preferred luxurious level of lofty living but to actually relieve them of all responsibility for taking any blame for their inactivity toward being proactive in striving for an improved life when their projected lucky lottery day never arrives.

And this is what most people do, they put their success pursuit off for another day and never even make a real sincere move toward ever making it happen but all the while you will hear excuses from them as to why they never made it.

With success, it’s either/or! Either you create it or not, there is no middle ground in the matter.

What messes most people up from ever achieving anything is that their initial level of sincerity of commitment is merely a spotlight seeking session of grand standing and posturing.

But check the record of most who make their great projections in a moment of delusional grandeur, when the year comes to an end they will be in the same position that they were in the year before and oftentimes even worse off.

What’s the difference between those who truly make it when compared to those who don’t?

It’s all in the attitude toward their life and the ability to focus in on a goal for as long as it takes as well as being ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to get there.

…….it’s as simple as that!

Well if it’s so simple then why aren’t many people living the dream that they claim to desire more than anything in this world?

It’s because the “dream” of a new life is not strong and clear enough for them to have the faith to let go of the present “reality” that they hope to either banish or add on to.

You see, when you KNOW that what you hold in your heart to be the future reality where you can literally taste its sweetness then you will give up everything that is necessary to bring you to that cherished place.

Their belief is lacking and the inner strength to let go of the time wasting habits and people that will block your path and clog your system rendering it ineffective to move forward with anything.


You might be very talented in a particular area of expertise but have a problem with disciplining yourself with members of the opposite sex when their offer of delicious erotic rendezvous dance across your mind causing you to consider changing your work schedule to accommodate their intimate promises of bliss.

Once you decide to alter your work ethic to “take a day off” then know that this is the beginning of the end of realizing your dreams and the start of your losing ground and precious momentum.

You’ve got to be willing to give up everything including sex if that’s the case!

You might finally be in position to finally enjoy the independence that comes from not having to work for anyone anymore, you toiled endlessly to maneuver yourself strategically overcoming many obstacles, but your love for the liquor bottle now kills your ability to put out quality work and your brand now suffers before becoming obsolete in a classic case of faded glory and viewed as an old dinosaur of the past.

Achieving is not about getting from point “A” to point “B” and sitting back to do nothing more, it’s about being ALL IN and living a life whose habits bring you great fruits without even having to make an effort because the way that you live your life is so productive in all aspects.

There is no wasted effort in your life and ALL things that you do are complimentary to the whole entirety of your positive life.

But do understand that as you move toward what your definition of success may be, others may have quite a different view of what that word means to them and be working hard to make THAT come true THEM.

So I’ve learned that while I feel very successful at this point in my amazing life, others may feel that what I do may not be for them.

And I say that it is okay to feel this way and in actuality I encourage everyone to find what their personal standard of success may be.

In my estimation, true success is not about how much one has but really how much you just don’t need. If you want for nothing then you are in a zone to truly enjoy this life to the fullest.

But to reach this level is not easy and this is why most will never get there. Don’t get me wrong, we ALL have the potential to achieve our personal level of success but it is directly related and commensurate with our willingness to give everything that keeps us in a comfort zone up!

So you have you ask yourself, are YOU willing to give everything up to in order to enjoy success?

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,







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