Orlando Florida’s Smoke & Mirror Tourist Scam: Hypocrites In A Cardboard Paradise

As I watched the bedazzled onlookers stand in awe and hurried snap photos on their camera phones as President Barack Obama’s motorcade drove mere feet across my path, I couldn’t help but to see the contrast of realities not too far behind the place of his brief presence that doesn’t fare well for people who possess the amount of melanin similar to his.

Those same hypocritical onlookers who stood for hours to get a simple picture that for some divine reason easily fell into my lap will turn around and scorn yours truly because of my lack of star power and status when compared to the man who holds down the position of chief executive and even more visibly as the first Black President of the United States.

That’s the D.N.A. of this place called Orlando. A place whose primary industry they claim is hospitality. From what I hear Orlando is the number one tourist attraction in the world yet I’ve always wondered why that same hospitality couldn’t be extended to the very loyal long suffering poor people who dutifully keep this well oiled money making machine turning without fail for the cold-hearted rich profiteers who lord over them.

It’s illusion incorporated. Colgate smiles and the raises that never seem to come at all. That carrot dangling  in the corporate slave’s face that he can never clutch. The lavish catered feasts that get carried home in garbage bags as leftovers after the party is over…….

You see, the first thing that many of the ultra affluent will claim is that I am speaking with the undertones of a socialist mentality, which is really not the case because I do believe that if someone has worked hard to achieve the goal of a life that possesses lots of material comforts then more power to them! But when that goal is based on the control and exploitation of the masses where you create a system that KEEPS them on the same financial position where the opportunity for them to succeed is stacked against them for your benefit then that is what I am against wholeheartedly!

But a socialist? No. If they say this then it would be just out convenience at best.

But I do believe that if we aim to be of a higher moral standing then we are supposed to catch our ailing brothers and sisters from falling into failure as long as they have not set out to use the system and play our kindness for weakness.

But the auto-intoxication of your perceived wealth is a narcotic from which there is no rehab. While you look down on those who have not, you do not even realize that you are slowly losing your soul in the pursuit of material goods, that is if you ever had a soul in the first place!

This is a major issue all over this twisted country, not just Orlando, when you travel in the tourist sector of any city they will make the effort to put their best foot forward to impress you greatly in order to get you to return again to spend your money.

But if you take a trip off the beaten path of the illusion here that is Orlando, it doesn’t take long to see that the overwhelming amount of tourist dollars that are coming in are not used even on a minimal level to keep the neighborhoods up to at least a small percentage of the standard of the tourist sector.

Just like any other tourist city in this country, there are some very blatant unwritten rules that many refuse to acknowledge when questioned but are very much in full effect.

In order to run an effective tourist corridor there must be cheap labor living not too far from the area that they must serve. I personally call these areas ghetto plantations or ‘hood plantations. These are usually the downtrodden areas of the city where the majority of unskilled workers dwell due to the relatively low cost of living and the proximity to public transportation as most do not earn enough to maintain owning a car.

In Orlando Florida those designated ‘hood plantations are Carver Shores, Orange Center, Pine Hills, the Parramore area, Ivey Lane, O.B.T. and  Rosemont to name a few. For those of you who do not know, these are the downtrodden and relatively poor Black neighborhoods that are unfairly demonized when something newsworthy happens as far as crime is concerned just as a comparable incident is minimized in the affluent side of town just because…….

Pale overworked unsuspecting pleasure seeking tourists flood the streets eager to discover what lurks amongst the palm tree lined terrain and believe that the entire city is there to serve them until stepping off the beaten path to find out different.

Overworked and disgruntled workers begin to resent the tourists as well as the employers who keep them between the rock and the hard place of extreme subservience to the job out of necessity and the always rude and demanding guests.

Visiting Orlando anytime soon?

Just be careful of the silent tensions between the slaves who provide the muscle behind the amenities and the slavemaster’s who double as the kind hosts to an illusion so convincing that it lures them back again and again. Never forget that all that glitters is not gold. All that one may believe to be concrete and solid is not always the truth. While you as a tourist may be the innocent entity in the illusion of paradise, know that you must treat those who serve you on vacation with respect and honor, because to refuse to do this may earn you that glass of wine laced with saliva or a turkey burger with the salty condiment called snot.

Just think about those tourists who were very arrogant and condescending in their demeanor toward the hired help and how many delicious meals they consumed while the preparers chuckled to themselves in a twisted celebration of silent victory.

Might you have been that person?

The hypocrites in the cardboard paradise might never know for sure…….


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