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LanceScurv goes in on the recent Electric Daisy Carnival that was held in Orlando Florida because of the underlying issues that this event revealed that many who live in Central Florida refuse to acknowledge.

For those who do not live in Orlando and visit as a tourist, there is a fierce takeover of many Black neighborhoods here by corporate interests that are backed by the local government who are both driven by greed and other self serving motivations.

Most who live here and abroad who occupy these key positions in government, law enforcement and media know exactly what is going on and work together seamlessly to orchestrate the obvious gentrification that has eaten away at these traditionally Black neighborhoods like a cancer.

Parramore - Electric Daisy Carnival

The Black communities such as the Callahan, Parramore, Washington Shores and Orange Center areas as well as the eventual covert and well planned takeover of the Richmond Heights/Carver Shores neighborhoods have forces at play that are very aggressive yet thrive under the radar of those who do not have any contact in these areas.

Because of the media and how they slant their coverage of the aforementioned areas, the general consensus of those who don’t live there is that it’s a drug infested, downtrodden, crime ridden burden to society and a blight on the beautiful face that Orlando shows to the world who arrive here in record numbers to eagerly enjoy a wonderful vacation in the manufactured engineered paradise that we all know Orlando to be.

The Black residents who live in these neighborhoods are regularly demonized by the media making it a bit easier to not hear their cries of harassment when the police do just that in blatant fashion.

Now because of the close proximity of these well established communities to the downtown area, the Blacks who live there in the minds of those who are bloodthirsty for that precious real estate that lies underfoot must be banished from there by any means necessary so that they can move on with the business at hand.

Electric Daisy Carnival

The print and broadcast media will never tell you this because they are part of the deception to mold the minds of the public in favor of this new “gentrified growth” in the name of progress at the expense of those sitting ducks who haven’t a clue that their days are numbered while living in the scope of the deadly rifle of gentrification.

So now we have this Electric Daisy Carnival which was held smack dab in the middle of the Black community at the Citrus Bowl which was attended by at least 98% Caucasians who also brought with them a lot of noise and a whole lot more drugs than what the media says is already circulating there with the “criminalized and character assassinated Black people.

But guess what?

The police presence there was understaffed when compared to the Florida Classic that is held every year at the Citrus Bowl and is attended by a majority Black crowd.

At the Florida classic the police presence there usually has an air of arrogance that basically says that “I’m not here to help you, I’m here to arrest your Black ass the very second I perceive that you’ve even executed a minor infraction, so do not think that I’m your friend!”

At the Electric Daisy Carnival the police had an entirely different aura about them which said to me “I’m here to help you and protect you from the evil Blacks who are here to rip you off, take your hard earned money and who present a real threat to you physical as you go about having a pleasant time in a peaceful manner!”

Electric Daisy Festival

As the Electric Daisy Carnival came to an end I saw drunk people walking around with open containers right in front of the police without even as much as a verbal warning to make them poor out the contents of their cans and bottles!

I saw men and women who were obviously intoxicated with something else other than alcohol walk euphorically and unsteadily down these same streets that the media said was so dangerous without a care in the world!

This behavior was confirmed when is was reported that there were approximately 25 attendees who were transported by ambulance to the hospital for drug overdoses!

So what this told me was that Whites can come into a Black neighborhood and party away in reckless abandon but we who live here from day to day must be harassed and shaken down merely because we are walking down the street going to the local market.


So do you think that 25 to 30 thousand Black people could go into a predominantly White neighborhood for several days in a row and carry on in such an out of control manner?

I think you already know the answer to this.

While what I am sharing is not absolute each and every time because there are those who choose to indulge in the criminal activity that not only exists here but EVERYWHERE in Orlando Florida, it just pisses me off that whatever transpires within the boundaries of the Black neighborhood is amplified to all as though it is a virtual war zone!

Listen to my rant and feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions and viewpoints in the comment box below!

Thank you and God bless you!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,



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