While it is not my goal to call anyone a liar, especially one who has proven their mettle in recent history from their historic battles in the boxing ring I just cannot by something suspect as Oscar De La Hoya claiming that he has Covid-19.

After his boxing career was over, he seemed to turn into another person as a promoter of boxing. He seemed to be envious of those who still had the spotlight and crave the attention that the spotlight can bring. Many things have transpired in his life since retiring they gave us a deeper look into his core personality.

Now we can see that while he excelled in the boxing ring he is just a regular human being with struggles just like anyone else.

As you will hear in this video he’s making a come back into the boxing ring closer to the age of 50 that he is at 25.

This is driven by many factors as far as I’m concerned, he sees Floyd Mayweather making lots of money fighting opponents that he can defeat easily.

He sees the accolades that come with success and how others have parlayed their skills into big bucks long after their peak.

Not only that but his star fighter in chief cash cow left him, it appears as though he has a vendetta to prove to the world.

With the chosen opponent that he had facing him before the claims of his alleged illness, I feel he bit off more than he can chew and he realized this and had to do something to get out of an embarrassing loss.

This particular video speaks on all perspectives on how I feel toward his latest claim of being ill. Maybe I’m wrong but I had to share my knee-jerk reactions to his announcement from the hospital bed.

Feel free to share your thoughts whether you agree or not with my opinion to leave those perspectives in the comments section below. I do appreciate your presence here on my blog and do know that you’re always welcome to return no matter how you felt about my opinion on the subject.

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