Oscar Night 2015: America’s 21st Century Red Carpet Walk Honoring Apartheid!

Dr. Ramona Brockett exposes the legislature that will evolve the U.S. into an Apartheid State while many are distracted by the Oscar Night 2015 festivities.

Dr. Brockett speaks truth to power and enlightens the distracted by bringing us the raw facts in the destruction of a people right up under our noses and right before our very eyes.

The masses have congregated on Oscar Night 2015 to see who wins that coveted statuette while orders are given in high places that will cause many lives to suffer and perish.

Listen in to Dr. Brockett’s words of wisdom and allow them to open your eyes to what those in power do not want you to see as she begins to connect the dots that most would feel are not even related.

I encourage you to share your opinions, perspectives or inquiries in the comment area below.

Thank you for taking the time to listen!

Oscar Graphic

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  • Cheryl Hunte says:

    Everyone doesn’t perceive or receive information in the same manner, but that is part of the beauty of our “I AM”. I personally found Dr. Brockett’s information to be quite insightful. The truth is usually hidden in plain sight and when we stop looking with our eyesight and start seeing with our insight the layers will start to dissipate. Thanks Lance and a special thanks to Dr. Ramona Brockett!

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Information is second only to caffeine! Looking forward to listening to this one at work, tomorrow. Check out #BlackYouTube on Twitter and you’ll see vids of yours that I’ve watched or listened to listed under that hash tag. PEACE.

  • A Charles says:

    LanceThe headlining topic is very provocativebut for whatever reason and Ive said this beforeThe Dr. doesnt keep my interest when she speaks.I tried to fight through it but it was too much to over come.I’m pretty sure she is a lovely lady but I just couldnt do it.sorry

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