I became intensely interested in mass attacks after the unfortunate shooting that happened at the Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day, in 2018 (Fox News). My concerns were: where this trend of violent outbursts was coming from? What triggers an antisocial behavior in a person to purchase an arsenal of weapons to inflict pain and death onto others?

And why there isn’t a way to predict the next mass murderer?

Thus, I started researching videos about narcissism, antisocial behaviors and psychopathic personality disorder. I listened to opinions about terrorism, mass shooters and serial murderers because, I was trying to figure out what was their trigger. I remember even posting on Twitter, on the next day of the Parkland shooting that legislators shouldn’t waste time debating about gun laws and the Second Amendment, but instead, they should work on making the bullets expensive and inaccessible to criminals and the mentally ill. And someone replied to my tweet, that the guns were not the problem because criminals could always resort to other means to create damage and terror, such as using a knife, or an axe, or even their truck. The Tsarnaev who caused the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013 could easily fall in the category of mass murderers, if they weren’t associated with terrorism.

And the gentleman who replied to my tweet was not only right, but he also made me realize the bigger picture. Guns are not the problem. Criminals are capable of creating just as much damage and terror using anything else they have at their disposal. And law enforcement agencies are incapable of predicting the next mass murderer who will be using his knife or her truck – even though we have 70 million cameras across America, watching over 333 million Americans and 47 million Legal Permanent Residents 24/7; and even though, the U.S. government spy on our cellphones, spy on our emails, spy on our game consoles, spy on our smart appliances, our 5G Network and WIFI, also 24/7. China, which is the most surveilled nation in the world, has 770 million cameras watching 1.44 billion people.

Just like us, everything that their citizens do are watched and analyzed 24/7. China has the most sophisticated facial recognition in the world. They don’t even use credit cards or cash anymore but your facial recognition. And as the government is facilitating your life, they are watching what you are buying, who do you talk to, what do you post on social media, do you jaywalk, or do you work out? Yes, we might as well say that China is expert in population control. But although they have all those technological advancements, just like us, they too have been unsuccessful predicting the next mass murderers in their midst, because mass stabbings over there are almost as ubiquitous as mass shootings here, in the United States.

And that made me re-evaluate what we define as being criminal, re-analyze what we deem criminal and unacceptable in our nowadays society. Because the problem here in America is that we tend to label people and things we don’t understand, so we don’t need to deal with them anymore. We label people as crazy, psychopaths and criminals, and we lock them somewhere far where we do not have to deal with them anymore. We give our children Adderall, and we indulge their abuses of drugs and alcohol because it is much quicker to satisfy their emotional needs. However, labeling and isolating the problems will not make them go away, but instead it could make them worse. Thus, we must first understand what we define as criminal and unacceptable in our society. Who dictates what is to be lawful or not in our society? Because in a completely different setting, and in a different environment, the exact same behavior that is deemed unacceptable here could be regarded as normal and conformist to another society. So, your next question should be “who dictates what is criminal or not”? Who have a say on what we can or cannot do? Those who dictate are the ones who are in power, they create the rules to control the rest of society, or the herd as I like to call it.

The reasoning in this is to prove the viability of my theory in this article. And in order to convince you with the circumstantial evidence that I have, I must first lay out the series of nefarious actions that have brought us to those outbursts of criminal deviancies such as the Riot of January 6 th at the U.S. Capitol, or the distressing fact that last year, we had a total of 610 mass shooting in the United States (GunViolenceArchive).

The question is not why people indulge themselves into criminal behaviors but, in fact, why do they deviate committing the unacceptable in the first place? Because as mammals and social beings, we behave like others do, we go along with the herd, so that we can survive and thrive in our society. But once in a while, there are singularities that stand out. Some of those singularities can be geniuses or natural leaders, changing the course of the herd and bringing forth revolutionary changes, like Mozart, Sebastian Bach, Albert Einstein, Jesus or Siddhartha the Buddha. And, on the other side of that spectrum, we find other singularities who thrive in bringing terror and chaos to the world, such as Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor Nero, or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Albeit we yet again observe the irony that those same tyrants and psychopaths happened to have followers who idolized them as heroes and god like figures. Thus, you do understand me when I say that in a completely different setting, those reprehensible individuals who seemed sociopathic to us, were not perceived as such, but instead, embraced as revolutionaries and saviors of

Therefore, the next question we truly should ask ourselves is who decides what we consider as criminal and deviant? Are we truly the ones deciding what’s acceptable or not in our society? Are we even the ones in control? But if you are familiar with me, you already know that I will state that we are not! Our lives are regulated by lawmakers, who are themselves puppeteered and bribed by lobbyists from wealthy and corrupt corporations, doing the bidding of a ruthless one percent, ridiculously wealthy and decadent oligarchs. Those super wealthy autocrats are the ones in control, and not you, or your government officials. And those enemies of the people are the mega-corporations in Silicon Valley, in Austin, Texas, running the Deep States such as the C.I.A., the N.S.A., the N.G.A., the Pentagon – and let’s also not forget Big Tobacco, the oil tycoons, the Rothschild, the Rockefeller, the Carnegie, the Koch’s, the European Royalties, the Russian oligarchy, the Chinese tycoons, the Indian multi-billionaires, and the Arab Royalties. Simply put, all the entities with enough money and power to dictate the people’s illusionary democracy. We have never left the feudal system because we are still the poor shmucks who are laboring to their death to feed the infinite gluttony of the satanist 1% oligarchs. They dictate how we should be, how we should act, how we should think, what we should eat, and what our sexual preferences should be, it seems. And if they cannot control us, they then dictate how we should die. You become the drugged Fred Hampton who received two bullets in the back of his head while he was completely unconscious and defenseless; you become the Republic of Congo, or the Republic of Haiti whose chaos seem to feed on a constant spill of innocent blood; you become part of the 80% of black or brown patients who seems to be conveniently the ones dying of the Coronavirus, COVID19 (APM Research).

Remember when the actor Tom Hanks played in the movie Inferno, where he is portraying a scholar trying to stop a group of terrorists funded by a multibillionaire with the agenda to reduce the world population. Further in this lecture, I will introduce you to the actual multibillionaire madman who’s trying to exterminate billions of non-white people in third world countries. But before we introduce him, we must also denounce the philanthropist pioneers of Eugenics who may have inspired his madness: John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Men have always been adamantly obsessed in controlling their fellowmen, sometimes in the most nefarious ways. In 1904, philanthropist and multibillionaires John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie sponsored a Eugenic program of the American Breeders Association, at the Cold Spring Harbor, supposedly to enforce mass sterilization on the great influx of non-English speaking immigrants such as the Irish, the Polish, the Russians and Italians. In 1907, these philanthropists took it a step further by sponsoring mass sterilization of the disabled, the mentally challenged and of course, the African Americans across the United States (Black).

Adolf Hitler, inspired by their great contribution to humanity, embraced their design and thus put in motion the extermination of thousands of gypsies, thousands of homosexuals, hundreds of thousands of disabled and mentally challenged people, and of course, millions of Jews, throughout German occupied states while World War II (Liam Dunaway). Actually, in 1926, the Rockefeller Foundation even donated $4 million to Nazi scientists to experiment with Eugenic programs (History News Network). If you wonder what Eugenics is. Well, Eugenic derives from the Greek word “Eugenes”, which means well-born, or of good-genes. The objective is to wash the human race and replace it with perfect blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin Aryans devils. However, the dissertation is not about the extermination of races, but about an imminent predicament which we are oblivious. My concerns are not that I have discovered what the trigger for mass murdering is, but what other psychopathic trends it may also provoke. And for me to convince you with the circumstantial facts, I must first stratify the wickedness of the perpetrators. Because if you grasp their ruthlessness, then it will not be hard for you to accept my findings. Therefore, let’s start by introducing you to the actual madman billionaire that inspired the “Inferno” movie:

In 1999, mogul and philanthropist Bill Gates pledged 1.2 billion dollars, to be donated in a period of 12 years, to UNICEF and the World Health organization to sponsor a series of education and vaccination programs throughout Asia and Africa (Independent). The first countries benefiting from those generous programs were Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Vietnam. Tens of thousands of children were administered Pentavalent, a combination of five vaccines in one, including: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenzae type B. In 2012, in all of those four countries, the vaccination programs were suspended, because of the unexplainable rate of vaccinated infant mortality (Economic Times). 16,000 girls were administered the HPV vaccine, in Telangana, India, by the GAVI organization, a co-founded entity by the Gates Foundation in 2006. Many of those children fell ill following the vaccination, and five of them died in 2010. Through investigation by health activists, it was discovered that 120 of those girls vaccinated experienced adverse reactions to the Human Papillomavirus or HPV vaccine, such as epileptic seizures, severe stomach ache, headaches, mood swings, heavy menstruation and severe menstrual cramps. Through his own statistics, Dr. Jacob Puliyel found in 2012, that in the first six months of vaccination, from the 40,000 children that were vaccinated, five of them died in the next 36 hours. Six infants per 1000 died during a period of 337 days. Therefore, in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Dr. Puliyel predicted that for every 40,000 children vaccinated by UNICEF and WHO programs, 3,125 would die, which would bring to a total of 25 million children mortality per

In 2014, the Kenyan government launched an investigation into serious allegations of Catholics bishops accusing UNICEF and the World Health Organization of orchestrating the sterilization of 2.3 million girls through their vaccination program (Life Site News). Following those allegations, and the mortality cases in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Vietnam, in 2017, India no longer indulged vaccination programs by GAVI or the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and PHFI or the Public Health Foundation of India, both organizations co-founded by the Gates foundation. Basically, if a billionaire philanthropist offers you free services, you should be simply run as fast as you can away from this devil. Bill Gates openly admitted on Ted Talk and CNN, while an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in February 2011, that “unbelievable progress can be made, in inventing vaccine to reduce population growth.” So, how coincidental that after predicting the Coronavirus in 2015, a pandemic actually appeared 5 years later and have killed so far over 3 million people (WorldMeters). And how convenient that one of the philanthropist pioneers for COVID19 vaccines is also the same person who wants to reduce the world population by 10% (RT).

So now, we can elaborate on what’s been triggering mass murdering globally. On December 27 th , 2018, I woke up as usual to watch YouTube videos on my phone, and I fell on a video uploaded by the Anonymous Collective titled “Your DNA is weaponized.” As I listened to their message, I found out that philanthropist John Rockefeller had struck humanity again with his villainy. The Rockefeller Foundation, in 1910, issued a grant to the American Federation of musicians to popularize the concept of changing the frequency of music, from 432 hertz to 440 hertz. In September 1939, his financial interests dictated that the standard tuning for music would henceforth be set to vibrate at precisely 440 cycles per second. And how do you think 440 hertz affect the body? The frequency of 440 cycles per seconds is capable of causing physical and mental damages, such as depression, confusion, loss of memory, stress, rage manic episodes, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain damage, heart attacks, cancer, while also suppressing spirituality, intuition and creativity in a person. And you must also realize that today, the hundreds of broadcasting television and radio stations belonging to only 6 major corporations [General Electric, Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, CBS, and Viacom (Neatorama)],
along with your cellphone are all constantly broadcasting at 440 hertz. Therefore, it explains the increase of suicides up to 30% in the last 17 years (45,000 per year based on BBC), the increase in violent deviancies such as the Philadelphia riot of February 2018, the sucker punching of strangers, millennials’ fame-seeking obsession on social media, or the January 6 th Capitol Riot. Then the Collective stated in their video that powerful entities like the Rothschild and the Rockefeller are aware that the music frequency is “capable of producing psychopathology emotional distress and mass hysteria.” And all instantly made sense to me: That is the trigger. The constant broadcasting of frequency 440
hertz on all radio, television stations and phone towers.

It has to be the trigger because in 1985, biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Pjotr Garjajev discovered that with the correct frequency, DNA was capable of being altered. He discovered that our DNA possesses a higher level of language, and that the codons of a DNA string can be rearranged in different sequences. In other words, it can be reprogrammed by using sound, or even human speech, supposing that the words are modulated on the correct carrier frequencies (The Solari Report). Garjajev also found that the presence of DNA could create its own light field along making an imprint onto the background of seemingly empty space that could be retrievable from hours to days later. He called this phenomenon, the “DNA Phantom Effect.” That would mean that the damages inflicted to our bodies by frequency 440hz could not only be potentially transferred to our children and our grandchildren’s DNA, but also from one person to another (The Solari Report).

Criminologist Grant Dew, in December 2004, published his research titled “The Patterns and Prevalence of Mass Shootings in the United States, 1915 – 2013.” And in his article he wrote that from 1900 to 1999, there have been 1300 mass murders; on average 28 incidents per year. From 1976 to 2013, there have been 125 mass public shootings. And based on the Gun Violence Archive, from 2014 to 2020, there have been a total of 2,696 mass shootings. Based on Duwe, 45% of those mass killings are familicides; 80% of the lone shooters were under the age of 45 and 99.4% were males; 63.1% were white, 20% were black, 6% were Asian, and 7% were Hispanic. 31% of the mass shootings happened at their workplace, and more than 60% of them had been diagnosed
with a mental disorder or had demonstrated signs of serious mental illness prior the attacks. Do you still believe that the shootings were caused by video games or social media trends?
No, because that makes absolutely no sense that 610 people last year took a gun and decided to bring terror and death onto others, unless they were triggered.

Supposedly, in July 1976, the Soviet Union unleashed a new weapon that was capable of affecting people’s minds across the globe by emitting an extremely low 3 cycle per second up to 30Mhz. And this experiment disturbed radio communication globally by producing a chirped signal similar to a woodpecker’s beak hitting a wooden block, hence to name “woodpecker signals”. From the compound of harmonic sent by the Soviet, the U.S. Air Force identified a few extremely low frequencies, among which they discovered that 4.5 cycle per second could cause paranoia; 6.66Hz could cause depression and 11.3Hz could caused manic rage. Upon this discovery, supposedly the C.I.A. shared it with Britain Prime Minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher. Fast forward to year 2000, using the same technology, the British government funded 3 billion pounds into a new national police radio system similar to the French and the Americans called TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio. TETRA uses a microwaved carrier frequency of 380 to 400MHz broken down into conversations transmitted through microwaved radiation signals of 17.64 cycles per second which presents serious health risks. The Steward Report in 2000 has recommended that pulsed radiation at around 16Hz can cause calcium efflux (leakage) from your brain cells. And it was also acknowledged that TETRA handsets could not be used around hospitals or near ambulances unless they were turned off because they would provoke interference with medical equipment such as infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, ventilators, insulin pumps, hearing aids, defibrillators and certain pacemakers by causing unprotected sparks. If you are realizing where I am getting with this, by now you would understand that if all radio and television stations are broadcasting at 440 hertz, what is stopping them from also emitting constantly ELF 11.3 hertz? Causing therefore, across the globe, sporadic rage outbursts, violent riots, and even mass public murder. In India, the government has been taking the habit of shutting down the internet frequently in certain districts, such as in Kashmir, or in New Delhi, in order to contain major protests, terrorist plots or riots (#KeepItOn). If they are capable of doing that, then what is also stopping the Indian government or any powerful entity from broadcasting at 4.5 cycle per second, causing unexpected mass hysteria and violent mobbing like the serial “WhatsApp murders” were 27 men were brutally beaten to death over fabricated rumors on the Facebook app (Al Jazeera).

Those are sporadic senseless violence. And everything I am saying, right now, can easily be found in numerous news articles. It is only as you are connecting the coincidental dots that you begin to see the bigger picture: that we are no more than defenseless cattle at the mercy of the sadistic pleasure of corrupt government entities and decadent financial organizations.

Mass murders are not only happening in the United States but also in China, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else across the planet. The phenomenon of mass murdering is not only happening here in the United States but also in China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Australia, sporadically sprouting everywhere else in the world. The only difference between here in America and everywhere else is that the gun laws are stricter making it harder or even impossible for perpetrators to purchase a firearm. But a purchase of a knife, or an axe, or a pressure cooker is much cheaper and more undetectable to law enforcement agencies (Smithsonian).

On March 2 nd , 2014, at the Kunming railway station, in Xinjiang, a mob of madmen murdered 29 people and stabbed 130 more, before Chinese police managed to kill four of them and arrested one more (BBC). On September 12, 2018, in the province of Hunan, 54 year-old Yang Zanyun rammed his SUV into the public in a square by the river, killing 9 people and then, he went to stab 46 more before being apprehended by the Chinese police. Surprisingly, Zanyun has been arrested several times before this ominous mass attack (Economic Times). If you are wondering why he was released into the public, I can tell you that it is because, now in China, you can purchase your social score and probably wipe clean your criminal background in the process (Vice News). Knife attacks are not uncommon in China or Japan and have become lately very frequent. Since 2004, there has been at least one major attack annually, including a school bus set ablaze by a disgruntled driver causing the death of 13 children (Hunwick). On July 16, 2016, in Sagamihara, Tokyo, Satoshi Uematsu murdered 19 disabled people and injured 26 more, armed with a bag of knives. He even sent a letter to Japanese parliament, months prior the attack, offering to murder 470 more disabled people (The Guardian). On August 18 th , 2017, five individuals in an Audi A3,
drove their car into the public in a shopping square in Barcelona, killing 13 people and wounding a hundred more (The Guardian). And on January 20, 2017, 26-year-old Dimitrious
Gargasoulas ran his red car into Bourke Street Mall, in Melbourne, Australia, to kill four people and injure twenty more. Earlier on that day, around 2:15 am, he had attacked his own brother with a knife (ABC News Australia).

Labeling those lone attacks as domestic terrorism is dismissive. We are facing a crisis that we have ignored for far too long and it is now spreading globally. Anyone of us, who it seems are not immune to those low frequencies, could snap any day now and become a mass public killer. If Criminologist Grant Duwe estimated that 60% of the lone attackers in the United States were either diagnosed or have shown signs of mental illness in his research, then we need to be concerned about the 40% left, who haven’t shown any signs of mental illness or possess a criminal background. They weren’t drug dealers or thugs, and they haven’t ever been in the radar of the F.B.I. or the Police. We are noticing the exact same patterns of spontaneous lethal violence coming from unsuspected killers in France, China, Japan, or India. The majority of them were not even religious or immigrants. So, I have to ask you, who labeled them as terrorists or psychopath, or maybe what do you think triggered them? What could possibly push a man or a woman to purchase an arsenal of weapons and bring terror and death upon unrelated innocent people? And if you are wondering why you may be immune to those nefarious extremely low frequencies, it could be because some of us have a higher level of tolerance to them. Dr. Piotr Garajajev, on November 17 th , 2020, died unexpectedly at the age of 79 from a stroke. What is strange about his death, is that no Russian news outlet bothered mentioning it. His last article discussed the appropriate response to fighting COVID 19, and he was convinced that the quantum-biological approach would have offered a much more effective cure and safe immunization without side effects. He mysteriously died of a brain edema when he was known of being of excellent health (AFFS EUROPE). It is not only the DNA Phantom Effect that Dr. Garajajev discovered in 1985 but he also realized that DNA exposed to ultrasound waves becomes completely devoid of all information ( Hence, by writing this article, my utmost concerns are what else are they capable of doing by reprogramming our DNA? If the two first decades have produced a generation of mass killers, how worrisome the next generation will be?

To the decadent One Percenters and the corrupt lawmakers, I would like to remind you that history has shown over and over again, that the people will always come to a point of exasperation with your oppression, and at that moment, they will rebel, and you will be exterminated. You have shown over and over your callous disregard to our welfare. Remember Saint Domingue who was the hub of France's wealth, the African slaves, exasperated, rebelled, and they exterminated all the masters. After gaining their independence and freedom, they traveled to Central and South America, and over, and over again, they exterminated all the masters. Remember the French Revolution, where the people, tired of the oppression, exterminated all the Aristocrat masters. For the first time in western history, a king and his queen were beheaded by the people. Remember the Romanoff and the revolt of the Russian people where the Russian Aristocrats were almost completely exterminated. The people’s rebellions are historical reminders that you are a weak enemy that will be crushed inevitably. You never learned from your mistakes, and you commit even more stupid ones, because you relentlessly believe that you can control us. Man cannot be controlled, and he will always, at the end, choose his own path. You cannot control the people. You will fail because the people will rebel.


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