Our Dreams Are Merely a Barometer Into What Is In Our World

I just woke up from the strangest dream. Most of the time we don’t even remember our dreams yet even when we don’t remember them the way that they made us feel is still on us, even if we don’t recall the specifics.

Some dreams you will remember for a short time after awakening but those will slowly dissipate as your day proceeds and the thoughts of what must be done during that day dilute any subconscious realizations that you may have been gifted with.

I believe one’s minds is like a filter, let’s say and air conditioning filter like the one used in most home’s AC unit and system, once that filter has been clogged the very particles that usual go unseen can lower the efficiency of that system and allow those same particles to bypass it and allow it to enter into our living space.

Well just look into those filters of our mind. Does it really shock you that if during your waking hours if you live a life of hopelessness, despair, fear and a defeated spirit that your dreams pretty much won’t possess an enthusiastic zeal for goal accomplishment in the future as well as an overwhelming happiness and peace of mind?

It can’t.

Your dreams can only draw from what external stimuli is allowed to saturate the subconscious by what constantly permeates your thoughts which in turn will come out in your dreams because your filters may be clogged with to much of that same spiritually downtrodden reality.

By I also have to say that even if you must wade through the waters of despair on a constant basis you don’t have to be affected by your environment if you carry within yourself the joy that God can bless you with through your connection to Him.

But you have to stay connected and sometimes it is easy to become unplugged.

Have you ever plugged your cellphone into the charger only to awaken and realize that your phone has absolutely no more power than it did when you plugged it in hours before because the cord wasn’t plugged into the power source?

It was so easy to assume that it was plugged in but since you neglected to check you are now in a desperate situation of not having enough power in your phone to carry you through your busy day.

But even if you do not internalize those sad realities that you might observe all day on a job, through disgruntled coworkers or through dealing with the public such as I do while I go about my job as a bus operator, some of what you see will still bypass your mental filters to find itself into your subconscious mind to later on be prepared as the interactive cinema of the mind that we all experience when we have those dreams that appear to have been so real!

So I couldn’t help but dream in the manner that I just did because I can remember saying to myself while waiting at the red light while at work driving a packed bus that too many people out here in the world are merely going through the motions in this life and are literally cut off from the basic joys that come free just from being here and alive on this planet!

They seem to believe that there is some reward that comes from suffering and toiling in man’s system when in actuality man’s order of things care for you not and will keep sucking from you until the day you die or until there is nothing left.

We seem to only measure our success by the amount of expensive junk that we can accumulate around us.

So over time we begin to understand that we are getting a bum deal after following spiritually disconnected man-made Ponzi scheme of an order and realize that we will never get the joy that we thought would come with “just another year of busting my ass on this job!”

This Pyramid scheme called life under man’s order and system is like that game that the slicksters play in the street to suck you in called Three Card Monte. This substitute system allows a few to become big winners and seeing them become successful lures you in to giving up a lifetime of effort to a job, a company or a false religion in order to become a winner too!

The sad thing about it is that the majority of us who seek joy and satisfaction in this worldly scheme will never pick the right “winning card” and will doom ourselves to a life of despair.

…….and yes, this despair will ooze out of every pore of our being and continue as long as we stay in that rut that will never allow us to see the bright happy sun behind the clouds of our own personal madness. There are too many of us walking about the face of the earth like this and this is why the evening news is more violent than any shoot ’em up war movie, and this goes for any community in this place called America. No matter where you go, the older folks who have been there all of their lives will tell you that it is not the same place that it used to be.

This is what I picked up in my dream last night. I am somewhat of an empath, this is why I must be careful what I allow into my scope and who I allow into my inner space. If I were to allow just anybody or any foul spirit into my inner mental domain, I would not be able to accomplish as much as I could with the limited time of my day. I have the same twenty-four hours as anyone else. It’s just that I made up my mind a long time ago to utilize it wholeheartedly and waste none of it on foolishness and negativity.

But as i was saying, I picked up someone’s despair and hopelessness during the previous day. No, not that it permeated who I am or slowed my divine mission by any measure, it’s just that I must have really felt it for me to dream in such an abstract manner like I did. I dreamt that I was not quite in front of my house but a little bit down the block by a few houses not too far away from my home. There were some youngsters outside of this house down the street and they looked to be in their early twenties and late teens. I saw this one particular white girl laying out on the ground faced down and I knew that she was dead. This young lady was a regular passenger on my bus route most of the week and I remember just understanding that someone just killed her and the police were on their way as you could hear the sirens in the distance getting louder with every passing second.

There was a crowd close to me and I remember thinking to myself that I did not want to be involved in this because maybe someone might have thought that I had something to do with her death. I saw a white guy that I knew was the dead girl’s brother who was about twenty two years old with a busted eye that was beet red after obviously struggling with his sister’s killer, he was upset and I tried to calm him down but he was just totally caught up in his pain and anger. At that very moment I woke up, I knew not to try so hard to decipher that one so I just laid here in the bed and allowed the thoughts to flow so I could possibly make sense of it all.

All I can say is that there is a lot of disappointment in the current time from our youngsters who are hurting for the guidance and stability that they thought they would one day receive from their Elders. They have been left alone to damn near raise themselves and even though they may think that they are enjoying the freedom that comes from having no parents in the home because they have had to work so much, they really don’t like it because they are confused in the absence of a proper home life and are feeling the effects of it.

Our children are being bombarded with so many different energies coming at them in a rapid fire succession and they do not know what to do. Their childhood innocence doesn’t have a chance to saute’ and simmer into their souls before the harsh realities of this world attack them with an intensity that they were never equipped to deal with.

Our young men don’t know how to be young men so they only grow up to be “males.” Their penises are in full working order but the brain behind it is that of a child’s.

Our young ladies don’t know how to be young ladies but since their bodies have developed far beyond anything that the present generation ever witnessed before and the availability of men two and three times their age who are willing to take their fast food bloated bodies for a test run on the track of life, all they feel as though they have to offer is the sex that they have been so programmed to indulge in after watching these videos all afternoon while their mama’s worked their second job.

So in my dream I feel that the dead white girl represented the murdered childhood’s of our youth as our neglect in chasing the things of this world is the reason why they are being killed! If we could only understand that merely providing a roof over their heads and some food on the table in that well heated house is nothing compared to the warmth of a hug and the time spent to guide that youngster hand in hand into adulthood and minimizing those rough years of teenage transition that will surely affect them as their insecurities rise in a swift manner and will put them in unruly circumstances if not kept in check by our constant guard over their developing personalities.

So if our children have to have a little less for their birthday as far as gifts are concerned then so be it! There are too many potentially good kids locked up and too many “insecure and in need of love” young ladies knocked up at the pregnancy clinic that all come from grand homes packed with all of the amenities that a youngster could hope for except that loving connectedness that they all YEARN for!

While it was only a dream that I had of that girl laying face down and dead on the ground, how many of our children are walking about the earth in obvious good health yet dead on the inside because we can’t really see what they are hurting for so much?

In this world the way things are going we need for our subsequent generations to be the focal point of our lives and not merely happenstance and a second rate priority when compared to the material luxuries that have become our gods!

Wake up people, because that weird dream that I had last night may soon become a reality for us all.


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