Our Facebook Addictions Have Hijacked Our Cyber Infested Lives To An All Time Low!

In the year 2013, all I can say is that our Facebook Addictions have fallen to an all time LOW!

I’ve often said many times that if didn’t have something to share like my artwork and writing in cyberspace, I wouldn’t even be here to the level that I am already on.

What would be the point when their are mountains out here to climb and sunsets to observe as well as all of the wonderful places to travel not only externally, but from within as well.

Facebook Drug

There is just too much life and not enough time to sit up on my computer or smartphone giving up my precious time escorting my life to the point of death with a smartphone in my hand. As a matter of fact, some of us will DIE with a smartphone – or whatever new technology is out there in the future – in our hands when we die!

How have we allowed the perception of cyberspace to literally highjack our conscious minds to render us useless and no more than a captive audience absorbing each others mutterings and becoming so effected by it? It’s like taking a bath in someone else’s dirty water and expecting to come out cleansed!

When you think of it, it REALLY baffles the mind!

I’ve seen the internet – and MAINLY Facebook – turn responsible emotionally stable individuals into whimpering whining children in a matter of months and for some WEEKS. Now granted, the technology that we now possess to communicate at the speed of thought is wonderful but it appears that humankind just wasn’t mad to be able to withstand what comes at them as we’ve gotten so personal with total strangers.

I’ve seen the manipulations in cyberspace as well as the power plays into the lives of others. I’ve seen people have major misunderstandings from minor lapses in communications as well as the overreactions that indicate that someone was harboring all kinds of strange feelings toward another.

…….some of you in my humble opinion are just downright STRANGE and merely need to get a life!

Facebook Addict

I am seriously frightened in my cyber walk because very few have displayed to me the mental stability to remain as they are and not getting caught up in the illusion of the internet that for most has become a very powerful and highly addictive DRUG!

What’s sad is that with this drug, there is no way of “catching” someone with a substance in their hands and there is no test of ones bloodstream to search for the substance that is the culprit. No! You will will never be afforded those luxuries when attempting to find if a person has a Facebook or Social Media addiction, you will merely have to observe over time for yourself to see if they have been hit with the cyber-dope.

Remember, in cyberspace, you can be all that you’ve ever wanted to be without having to go through any experiences or discipline to actual become that ultimate projection that you show people. You can be in actuality a raging womanizer but can preach to the world about the chastisement, damnation and consequences of living that lifestyle while trying to screw every woman in sight!

You can project out to the world that you have mastered a particular area of expertise, even going as far as adding the shrewdly captured and doctored (Photoshop) visuals to support your case but in actuality may be a straight up bum who wants no part of work or the true manner that most strive to achieve a major goal. The sad part about this is that when the others in your inner circle fail to perpetuate or believe in your illusion of a lie, it is easy to delete them, “unfriend” them or act if they don’t exist because their presence in your life reminds you that you are living a lie.

The internet makes it so easy for us to NOT face our inner demons and makes it so convenient to court those very same demons while appearing in our profile picture and all day “Holy Quotes” to make things to appear to be quite alright!

Isn’t that sad?

I mean, where the illusion of a life is more important to us than life itself? We are imploding and drowning in our strange idiosyncrasies and if we don’t get a grip on the drug like effects of cyberspace and Social Media on our “lives” then we will not have a life to return back “home” to when all is said and done.

In cyberspace we may be able to lose our problems for a while but the price for this luxury is to give up our life! Is it really worth that? For some obviously it’s a great big YES!

What do you mean I have to lose some weight? I’ll just change my profile picture to one where I can crop my waistline to make me look slim so that the problem is instantly rectified!

What do you mean I should improve my spelling skills? Isn’t that what spell check is for? Who has the TIME to try to learn how to spell all of those long words when I can correct it at the push of a button?

Dear LORD! We have lost ourselves trying so hard to project our perfect “cyber-representative” out to the world where we have no touch with who we really are anymore. It’s the ultimate form of denial and we can now get others to help us in that denial because they will go along with that fraudulent projection that we put out there each and every time.

Facebook Addictions

It relieves us of the responsibility to see ourselves as we are and allows us NOT to take that cold hard look at the attributes that we possess that may not be so pretty to the world.

The sad part about it is that we all will have to face ourselves one day sooner more than later, and when we do, how will we react when the illusion that we have falling so hard for has dissipated?

No matter what you believe in there will be a time when we are judged for the type of life that we’ve lived and if we lose our true selves to something so superficial it won’t save us when it’s time for the covers to be pulled off of us to reveal the lies we’ve perpetuated.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned the best thing that I can tell anyone is that if you can’t be yourself on Facebook or any other Social Media platform then you need to leave it alone altogether! For those who are true to yourself you must ALSO be careful because if you slip you will tangle your life up in ways that you couldn’t imagine and you will find false friends and definite enemies who will observe your style of living and become enraged that they may not have it as well as you. Trust me on this one, there are a lot of grown folks who I don’t even know who are pissed off at me just because.

Just because?

Because what?


If Facebook and Twitter died right now I will STILL do what I’ve been doing LONG BEFORE these platforms came along. I would still be drawing, I would still be writing and I would still be doing the things that those who’ve known me for DECADES know me for. My life and creativity as well as my sense of enjoyment for life’s adventures were there long before I ever had or knew what a damn profile page was.

Life is wonderful and I suggest you come out of your dream world to indulge in it sometimes, because this thing called internet is an addition to my already happy balanced world and this is why I refused to get pulled in to the foolishness that we grown folks tend to get caught up in looking stupid to our children and all those who can’t help but observe and scratch our heads.

Facebook Junkie

…….it ain’t that crucial people. So either find a twelve step program to save you from the cyber addiction that has infested your mind and world but know that I cannot personally babysit anyone when they get their feelings hurt out here because you need to face YOUR demons that have caused you to seek peace in the wrong place called the internet.

God’s divine law can help you with that and nothing else! Not the paper thin entities in cyberspace, not the nosy profile peepin’ friends who really hate you and not the illusion of a person that YOU have been guilty of projecting out to the world!

Those things can’t heal your wounds or take away the pain in your life, only facing yourself square in the mirror and having that deep talk with God can.

Remember that.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Has a Real Life,


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