Stating that our planet is very angry is really an understatement due to the fact that most of its inhabitants continue to abuse it and its generous resources without an end in sight. Most fail to realize that our planet is a living breathing entity that feels everything done to it just as much as we do as human beings.

The wars, the hate, the greed to drill into it for profit, the pollution, the decadent lifestyles lived on it as well as the reject of the healing nature that it so abundantly provides is going to cause lots of blowback to us as nature always seeks to balance itself and we have successfully brought it out of balance by our foolish ways. Brother Mike Hamer forces us to see the error of our ways as he breaks down the seen and unseen forces around us that’s bringing us into a lower vibration but also shows us the way to get out of this trajectory of doom!

I hope that you enjoy this presentation and please share your perspectives on what Brother Mike has shared in the comment section below and let’s keep this dialogue alive as it is the only thing that will wake us up as a people! Enjoy!

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