Our Unstoppable Ambitions And The Entities Who Attempt To Block Us!

No one can stop you when you are determined to reach the goals and dreams that live deep your heart.



Those dreams must be alive within you no matter what seems to be transpiring in your world externally at that time.

No one knows your dreams until you speak them out.

One of the biggest defenses that one can execute to protect their dreams is to remain silent about them to the world until it is time for it to come out. Until that time you must keep them in.

Work on them.

Let them incubate. Like a pressure cooker that has the strong lock that won’t allow it to explode its contents all over the kitchen, you must have the presence of mind and self control to be able to not dissipate those powerful aspirations aimlessly which would dilute any chance of success.


Let me tell you, success is NOT the connecting up with something external, many of us believe that success is something that we have to reach for beyond our reach, something that is going on without us that we have to catch up to. Nothing could be further from the truth, success is something that is lurking deep within each and every one of us, all we have to do is to shut out the outside world to a certain degree to hear the spirit of success crying out to you, beckoning for you to embrace its liberating call.

The problem is that we have allowed the external forces of what we have been lead to believe is the authority of success to abandon any connection to that empowering internal voice that would bring us up without any scheming gimmicks or secret agendas to our true destiny.

Night Of Crusher

When you have a dream to manifest you must always stay on course and never allow the illusions around you to take your mind off of doing what you must do to bring what is in you to fruition.

Always know that you will be ridiculed without end and demonized when you refuse to listen to those external voices that really don’t have your best interest in mind in the first place. They will even see your destiny and will fight tooth and nail to stop you from achieving it.

Which in fact you must understand that they KNOW that they really can’t stop you but they have to make YOU believe that it can’t be done. This is why you must always be connected to that divine voice that lives so strong deep inside you. It will be the only saving force that will empower you to go to the next level righteously. Be prepared to be made to feel from those false friends and dream killing entities as though you are an outsider if you do not submit your energies to their negative endeavors.

Know that in time those very detractors will secretly become your groupies when the beauty of your talents and gifts blossom for the world to see. They will stare at your rise in amazement and think of the days not too long ago when you were the butt of their jokes but now feel foolish because your arrival into your destiny has proved them all wrong. So know that while negativity will be thrown your way you should know that the more of it that is thrown your way means that you are CLOSER to realizing your manifest dream!

You see, the negative forces of the world can see when your time of victory is coming, you have to also know that while these evil forces are on the bad side of the universe they are still very much spiritual entities who can intercept/interpret the righteous signals of your time of blessing coming and will mount an all out attack in an attempt to thwart your gifts from above.

Time Of Victory

Many will come to you in the same manner as a Trojan horse masked in the covering of what appears to be positivity yet harboring a murderous intent unseen to the natural eye. While your Third Eye must be attuned to the many frequencies that will reveal to you all that lays awaiting in your path, you must not make those negative forces know that you are aware of their presence.

Allow them to feel as though they have you deceived and their movements will be so evident to you as plain as day with you having the strategic upper hand.

While many of you may not understand what I am speaking of,and it might sound as though it is gibberish, there are a few who do and will identify with my words.

There are many levels to spiritual warfare and the deeper you dig the more you will find. The main thing to remember that now matter what is placed in your path as a stumbling block, it will always appear to be more than what it really is and that as long as you stay connected to your divine source of strength and power, you have absolutely nothing to concern yourself about.

You will face any storm with a calm unknown to most and you will win battle after untold battle with a “knowing” demeanor that will always befuddle those who have given themselves in an insecure way to the enemy.

The real Jesus never needed to feed into a feeling of being inadequate by learning a secret handshake, for He knew that there were no secrets from His Father who created the entire universe and all that was contained within it. Therefore, the only omnipotent source of true power was to submit to Him and not to the weak and defeated nether forces of this world whose only claim to having a modicum of temporary worldly power is their unknowing connection to the prince of the burning pits of hell for a time until the hour of their time of death and destruction comes to pass.


You must flee from them and keep your distance from their ways, customs, practices and deeds for they will lead you too into that forever fiery pit of eternal torment that you Savior has promised to keep you from as long as you maintain your connection to Him.

Your righteous ambitions will always rise and those entities that attempt to block you are defeated already because you are empowered always to make you enemies your footstool. Never forget that.

Need I say more?

Let me hear from you!




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February 8, 2012 10:09 PM

Its lonely, only wanting to allow.

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