Our Wayward Children Merely Reflect What They See In The World Around Them!

Why is it that many of us settle for less in what we want out of life and limit the mighty potential that we sometimes just don’t know that we possess from within?

I don’t know if this is something that I am only seeing, but to me it appears that this present generation of youngsters don’t really want to go hard for any long term goal.

Yes, the colleges are full of many wonderful hard working and determined youngsters who are truly focused to succeed. But overall it seems as though it is less across the board than there was before.

Graduating College

I mean, is this a thing in certain categories of our youth? Maybe I’m seeing one particular slice in my daily walk and am biased and possibly blinded to others who balance out the field.

Maybe so but I really don’t think so, to me is seems as though it is cool to take the path of least resistance and that it’s frowned upon by the majority to work hard the good old fashioned way with a great work ethic combined with a mentality to lean toward long suffering so that the eventual victories are sweeter once achieved.

I saw a few young teenagers a few houses down from where I live playing touch football in the street and my first react was that of a pleasant shock!

It was a good feeling because these young men didn’t have their pants hanging down off of their asses and what made it even better was that when I drove passed them they actually waved at me even though they didn’t know me from Adam!

And if the truth be told it was truly a refreshing thing to see and it gave me a sense of hope for the younger generations coming up behind me. But the fact of the matter is that it shouldn’t have been a shock and many of us in society have been slowly deceived into believing that the bad element of our youth is today’s norm.

So who is to blame for this if we came before them? Well it’s OUR fault as adults for allowing the thug/hoe/nigga/bitch mentality to take over the minds of our children because WE had them first before the world got to them!

Street Kids

Our young men and women are like sponges when they are born, they soak in everything around them good and bad and it’s up to us to make sure that the proper elements are getting through to them to help them to grow right.

If we blame the Social Media platforms that do not have the responsibility to censored what it so freely placed in cyber-space for all to see then we have to blame ourselves as parents for fumbling the ball of our responsibility to them to keep certain things out of their grasp.

We can’t blame the television for their lack of drive, yes I know that some of us had to work two jobs to make ends meet but no one told you that you had to have that new vehicle that was far above your means that CAUSED you to have to work sixteen hours a day!


Now that’s not everyone’s situation because many people that I know that are forced to work two jobs don’t even have a car, but all I’m saying is that we have to know that once we have children then it’s all about them and NOT about us.

But we fumble the ball time and time again because we fail to realize this and when we feel as though we deserve to “coast” for a while in our responsibilities, then the children suffer.

So as they see you as a parent settling for less, then where do you think THEY’VE inherited that mentality from?

If they are treated as liabilities then why are you shocked they do have a healthy sense of self esteem as they grow into adults?

Their failures are merely a reflection of our inability to understand that everything we do affects them. We’ve settled for achieving our petty frivolous desires and have relegated our children to being a circumstantial commodity and they grow up knowing this in their hearts and have no enthusiasm to try to do better for themselves. They feel left out. Abandoned.


So until we spend the crucial time with them as their molds harden into the eventual adults that they will become, understand that things will never change with them until we change ourselves from within.

If we lead by example to show our seed true righteous living by submission to divine law, then it will unlock the seeds of greatness in our children.  But as long as we’re more concerned with keeping up with the neighbors or trying to bed down your co-workers spouse, their desires will emulate yours and you will really hate what you see in them because you are only seeing a reflection of yourself!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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