Oxygen Network’s All My Babies Mamas – Ghetto Polyamory At Its BEST!

Ghetto Polyamory you ask?

Of course it is! What am I speaking about? I’m talking about the new television show entitled “All My Babies Mamas” that is scheduled to air in 2013 about rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children from 10 Baby Mama’s. Unbelievable but true.


But first allow me to share a few words from Nick Chiles from on what this piece of trash show is all about and who is behind it:

“The show will feature the real-life dramas of the rapper and his 10 baby mamas and their 11 children, all thrown together in a festering stew of ratchetness. Each baby mama is even given a descriptive name—such as E’Creia, 29, “First Lady Baby Mama,” who handles Shawty Lo’s finances and who was actually engaged to him at one point after he already had three children; Angela, 32, the “Fighter Baby Mama”; Amanda, 34, the “Jealous Baby Mama; Serena the “Shady Baby Mama; and Liana aka Pebbles “Baby mama from hell.”

This is the way the show was described in a press release last week by the Oxygen Media Senior Vice President of Development, Cori Abraham, who clearly had some role in green-lighting the show.

“Oxygen will give fans an intimate look at unconventional families with larger than life personalities and real emotional stakes,” says Abraham. “’All My Babies’ Mamas’ will be filled with outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about.”

And the press release proudly announced that “All My Babies’ Mamas” was brought to Oxygen by Executive Producers Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto, and will be produced by their company, DiGa Vision.”

Ghetto Polyamory has been going on for ages not only in the Black Community but in ALL communities except that when Black people…… no let me correct that…….except that when Ignorant Ass Negros do something decadent they have to be the ones to take it to an all time low!

Why is that?

Why is it that we take the utmost PRIDE in airing out our dirty laundry as though it is something to be proud of? Do we see how other communities may have their issues but none are as stupid as we are?

Let me tell you, there is a petition in circulation right at this very moment as we speak by that basically states that if this show is aired, those who have signed the petition will boycott the businesses that advertise on and support the airing of this show. As of this writing it has about 4,000 signatures on it and while I am about to sign it also after I finish expressing myself in this writing, I just can’t put the blame completely on the Oxygen Network because if the truth be told it is a business move for them that they KNOW will garner many financial returns due to the fact that the filth craving Ignorant Ass Negros amongst us will support it by watching it like a group of horny adolescent’s who lucked out on the long walk home from school to discover a stack of hardcore porn magazines in an old perverts garbage can!

Trust me, I’m willing to bet while this show airs that all inner city ‘hood activity in the streets might be just a tad above the level of a flat-line. Why? Because every ‘hoodrat and saggin’ pants Negro will be inside watching attentively as many do their mailbox on the first and the fifteenth of every month! Yeah I said it!


So to be honest with everyone here, my opinion is that we are just as much to blame for this because if we weren’t acting out in this manner and moving about the earth with such a demand for this type of filth then it wouldn’t have been viewed as such a great business move for those at the Oxygen Network.

I am quite sure that the neighborhoods where most of the money from the show will end up will NOT resemble the ‘hoods where the show will be most viewed. As a matter of fact, I’m also willing to bet that if anything like these characters (Who are the common entities that live in our degraded communities) were to even THINK about walking through the places where the revenue from the show ended up they would be swiftly escorted out by their local law enforcement!

What frightened me is that if this is the “norm” that is broadcasted out into the world into the young minds of our children who will follow behind the older knuckleheads in their households who show an interest in this brain numbing poison that’s passed off as entertainment, then what kind of world will it be several years from now when it is THEIR time to take the reigns of responsibility in their private lives as what we know now to a diminishing standard will probably be as vibrant as Manny Pacquiao after he tasted the knockout blow delivered by Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out By Juan Manuel Marquez

But is this show about life imitating art or art projecting what our lives should be according to those who think so lowly of us? Well I think that it’s both and we have to take responsibility as a failed people for this because if we didn’t live like this and accept this trash being projected out into the world then it wouldn’t happen!

Do you think that the Jewish community would accept this kind of Minstrel Show being broadcast about any member of their community regardless as to how THEY felt about them in-house? NO! Because they know that an attack on the reputation of their people is an attack on all of them. They would know that this negative projection is a like an aggressive malignant tumor that is hellbent on spreading at an alarming rate and they would cut it down immediately.

Us as the Ignorant Ass Negro element of the Black Community will merely kick back and “enjoy” such an insult and travesty as entertainment while smoking a blunt and throwing down a 40 ounce before probably harboring their own intentions of procreating irresponsibly because they now have the blank check of decadence in their hand that is signed off on by the media who basically says that it is quite alright to act as a self destructive fool!

…….and I know that there is SOMEONE out there saying to themselves that if they have MORE children and MORE drama in their lives that maybe they can get paid because they would probably be able to get their OWN reality television show! So being a super hoochie and a super man-bum stud is now officially a desirable and lucrative career. Trust me, watch our ‘hoods this coming summer you might just think that you are the only one who noticed an increase in the gutter level mentality of the people who have sunk to new depths of buffoonery because of programs and media offerings such as this.

Now we are not the only people on the planet behaving like this but they do not let it get out like we do and they will chastise and disown those transgressors so that their wayward behavior is kept in check long before others think to exploit it for their own profit.

But until we truly take responsibility for our actions and demand the best from ourselves the sideshow will continue into depths uncharted. If we were to get back to what made us the great strong resilient people that we were to endure the ravages of slavery, oppression, disenfranchisement, brainwashing and the total loss of our names, religion, culture and our God.

But you know what? For all that we lost as a people and had to endure in our Holocaust here on these shores, we had more dignity, connectedness to each other, pride and most of all the love for God and His principles that seems to have been abandoned by the current crop of African descendents who haven’t a clue as to what their ancestors went through to afford them the right to degrade themselves in a manner that would have most of our forefathers turning over in their graves.

Shawty Lo

But what can we expect in a day when the self hate that was planted into us for so long is blooming out in full fruition right in front of our very eyes for all the world to see and ridicule at our expense?

Your silence means approval and when things get worse if you don’t do anything at this time then I personally do not want to hear any complaints from anyone because for many of us it is far too late!

You who are Christians will often speak about what the Bible has told us about this day and time but now that it is here in the present looking you right in the face you shy away from what you see. It’s time to stand up or sit down and if you want to remain in denial don’t be surprised if your child ends up as a career baby mama or a irresponsible pleasure seeking man-bum!

As big time fight announcer Michael Buffer will say before the big fights…….LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!!!!!

It’s time to get down in the spiritual warfare on the minds of our children and the world is watching to see what are WE going to do!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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