PARASITIC RELATIONSHIPS: What Happens When You’re In Love With A LEECH? – The LanceScurv Show

The majority of individuals who are in a Parasitic Relationship I believe have no clue that they are as opposed to their significant other who is sucking their Life Force wholesale for a free ride in life.

The leech in one’s life will state many times over how much they love you when in actuality what they mean is that they need you!

This is what that toxic parasite is all about no matter how much they dress it up to influence your emotions to not see the reality behind the false surface that never did exist.

But the signs are always there and if you are in a dysfunctional union such as this you will notice that your personal progress toward your goals has either stagnated slowly with not very much progress or has come to a complete halt!

You may feel tired and drained the majority of the time and the thought of truly indulging in the activities that you’ve previous dreamed of doing leaves you not excited but very lethargic.

Something is wrong and you can’t put your finger in it because that parasite that has deceived you into thinking that he is all about your happiness has a life draining agenda of his own that doesn’t include you at all.

PARASITIC RELATIONSHIPS: What Happens When You’re In Love With A LEECH? - The LanceScurv Show

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