Pardon My Rant, But This Is How I Am Feeling Right About Now……

Des’ree – You Gotta Be

I am in a space right now where I am ultra sensitive to all that’s around me and I have no time for games. My time is limited on this earth as every beat of my heart brings me to that time of glorious transition. But it can only be a glorious passing if I am to do what I was put on this earth to do.

I find myself thinking about my death a lot in the last year or so. Not in the sense of me wanting it to happen any sooner than my Creator has it scheduled, but in the manner of really needing to be ready for that time by getting my work on earth finished and completed. I am through with certain mentalities on this earthly level and wish not to contaminate myself any further by associating with those who possess them.

But as far as indulging in the repetitious bottom feeder time wasting foolishness that the mindless fancy, count me out. Because from this point on I am all about business, and if you are dead weight to yourself and haven’t figured out what this life is all about at this point in time then you will be dead weight to me……and I cannot afford to carry any dead weight energy around me.

The assigned and designated temptations that satan has placed directly in my path to distract me as a force so determined to bring me down by utilizing the well known weaknesses possessed by most men are now ineffective to me.

You are wasting your time, put your titties away and get up out of my face with your fake a-s-s Colgate smiles. There “ain’t nothin’ new” that you can show me that I haven’t already done one hundred fold, been there done that. I’ve wallowed in a secret silent decadence for decades and have come up out of the depths of what many think about while they touch themselves at night. Reality fascinates me more than fantasy, and I have absolutely NO TIME to intoxicate myself with a mere illusion, go try some other poor weak soul…..

I see the finish line and want very much to bask in that glorious afterglow of eternal bliss. You see, the cheap fleeting pleasures of this world that used to bedazzle me in grand fashion just can’t compare anymore.

Go try the next man of ambition  because you will not steal my intense focus to rise and my tireless energy to achieve. I love a righteous word, but don’t think I’m so easily fooled when you come at me falsely cloaked in the saintly utterances and holy diatribes.

Life is a very precious and sacred thing. It took overcoming an immense struggle over many years just to land us where we are today to enjoy the things that most take for granted.

The ability to walk. To possess the gift of sight. To have the mental health to be enabled to solve and overcome simple everyday obstacles. To have the ability to actually THINK.

We are so blessed and empowered with the tools to conquer the world but our small minded thinking causes us not to encompass the vastness of our God given gifts.

Out of all of the countless millions of sperm gunning for that sacred prize of an unfertilized egg in such a hostile upwardly streamed environment only one reached that precious goal and that was you! So you mean to tell me that you’ve come so far to develop into something so great to represent Gods might and majesty just to remain a mediocre nonentity?

What an insult you are to your Creator!

Not me. I have too much inside of me to share with those who could benefit than to piddle away these gifts lazily because I’m caught up in a non motivated state of mind. Life is just too short!

I cannot understand how anyone can become so content with just living (If you can call it that!) a life of merely catering to their bodily functions and needs with nothing more to be desired. With every single day that God blesses me to see the light of day, I possess an ever growing desperation and mentality to fulfill the potential placed deeply within me.

Do not stand in my way!

Because you will swiftly be knocked down and get your feelings hurt because I have no time to slow my flow down because of your bowing to non existent fears and always needy narcissistic ego needs.

We live so long and just don’t get the fact that it is not about us but about what we must do while here on this earth to leave it better off because of our presence here. We didn’t create this world nor will we take anything from it when we leave so this tells me that we should experience it to the fullest and affect as many of our Sisters and Brothers in a positive/progressive manner.

With an overabundance of ignorance, poverty, suffering, violence, exploitation, pain, disease, abuse of children and spouses, broken spirits and hurting people there obviously isn’t any shortage of righteous causes to champion!

So if you claim being God minded Christian-Muslim-Jew etc. (Now I’m not going to sit here and name out all of the planets religions!) then how can you sit here and be content with the state of the world being as it is?

Many of you will diligently attend these hell bound “church-cults” to pray for more material goods, bigger houses, more expensive cars and “checks in the mail” but wouldn’t ever move out of your glutenous comfort zone to become as selfless and as giving as Jesus was when He walked the earth.

So I challenge you to do something TODAY out of your normal routine that will bring a warm glow to someones heart, something that will ease the unseen but very much real pain and fear that many walk with every second of their day, something that will make them to know that there IS a God and that God is REAL as the currents of His mighty power flows through you like electricity flows through a live wire!

Become an instrument for your Creator and when he sees that you are useful to His cause you literally guarantee greater tasks to perform in your life because of your humble spirit of subservience to Him.

This is where my head is at right now, care to join me?


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