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Parental Alienation is an all too common occurence when the power trip of an ex-spouse or person you’ve had children with has a sadistic ego out of control.

Not only is it hell to go through not seeing your children on any level, but to know that the pain is inflicted on purpose because of the unresolved conflicts of two people who simply cannot see eye to eye makes it worse because you realize how much control that they still have over your life.

The games played by manipulating the courts, the accusations and straight up lies can wear even the strongest individual down!

Tonight we speak with a woman who has run the entire gamut of dead ends, disappointments and the seemingly never ending frustrations that come from dealing with a man who is hellbent on taking her to the edge of madness when all she ever wanted was to spend time with those that she loves the most…….HER KIDS!

Parental Alienation is definitely a term that we all need to be addressing more often regardless of your race, sex, religion, pedigree or financial status because emotions, no matter who it is, are NOT to be played with!

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  • Susan Remus says:

    On March 29th Senator Geraldine Thompson signed a Proclamation naming April 25, 2016 “Parental Alienation Awareness Day”. Today I got a package from the City of Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer also signing a proclamation. I am amazed! It is even worded differently than the one he signed back in 2012. The powers that be have done some homework. Also Senator Thompson has agreed to sponsor a bill making parental alienation, pathogenic parenting, a crime of child abuse. It is in the works.

    I can never thank you enough for allowing me to share about PA on your show. There has been some progress. One thing that keeps me going to this day is what one woman on your show had to say about alienating her child from his father. Admitting this … she is one of a kind. To this day I have not heard anyone else come forward like she did. It took a lot of strength for her to do that. I understand now and thank her often.

    Perhaps you could help us proclaim April 25th “PA Awareness Day”, Scurv. 🙂 Suz

  • Staccee says:

    my grandson is dealing with a similiar situationwith his son’s mother. He hasnt been able to see sincr school let oit for the holidays. she wont answer his texts,phone calls or social media posts. All of his Christmas toys and presents for him and other relatives are still under the tree. he is a good dad an my great grandson enjoys being with his dad. it pains me me tp see my grandson get so upset about her being so hateful and uncooperative. he found out that his son was at her cousin house,but when he called to say he was comimg by to see him and bring him to get his gifts and spend the last week with him before school starts next week, the cousin told him no. they had to get permission from her. he told. them he has been trying to reach her for the last three weeks,but she doesnt respond to any of his corresspondence. the cousin then just hung up in his face. she has a new boyfriend that at one time when my grandson went to pick him up,tried to fight my grandson, and lucky i was with him,because i had to pull out gun which i have a permit to carry. my grandson is very low key,doesn’ t like partying,clubbing,have few friends,and just work,attends community college and come home. i dont know why she is being so ignorant about him seeing his son now when during the school year he is at least three days out of the week. she post negative things on social media,yet when he tries to contact her she blocks him,and has it where i see her post but cant respond. plus she has move now and he doesnt know where.

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