Parents Please Leave Your Grudges, Hangups And Idiosyncrasies At The Delivery Room Door Before Having That Baby!

Why in the world do you think that our children are exhibiting the traits and hangups of someone who is at the middle age level of life?

How do you think they got that way?

They got it from their direct environment and the people to whom they come in contact with IN that tainted atmosphere!

Is it any surprise?

When you see that little White kid who is no more than 4 years old yell out that he can’t stand niggers, don’t try to correct him in the public because YOU are now embarrassed of what he picked up listening to what you’ve said repeatedly around the dinner table. It’s a reflection of you!

Newsweek - Is Your Baby Racist

When you hear that young kindergartner scream out in the schoolyard that she hates faggots and dykes, don’t try to go up to the school and speak to the counselor like you don’t know what your little girl is talking about because nine times out of ten she got it from YOU!

Now granted, in this age of technology and internet access, to attempt to punish your child by sending them to their room makes them laugh until their little sides hurt because that is what they want anyway so they can surf the internet uninterrupted from any supervised adult presence where most will gravitate toward the filthy end of human activity to learn all of these subhuman terminologies that they will surely repeat with pride when they get around their classmates away from you.

Even though YOU didn’t teach them those terms in these cases it sure looks like you did when you are summoned up to the school in which they’ve committed there infractions so it is incumbent upon YOU to look over ALL of their activities where they are absorbing data, information and filth at an alarmingly high rate beyond your comprehension!

Outside The Delivery Room

And as if THAT is not enough to be concerned about, you now have to clean up your acts as adults at home because whether you know it or not, you can baby proof a home but you can bigot proof it if you are living in a manner that is not proper to the pristine development of that precious child of yours.

So guess what? You can’t really be surprised if your child goes to school and constantly gets into physical confrontations every time there is a disagreement if all they witness at home is the physical abuse that tells them on a psychological level that it is just fine to strike someone when there is a conflict that could otherwise be settled in a peaceful manner.

Remember, the fruit doesn’t always fall too far from the tree and with our children they are the classic cases.

Don’t be surprised when the police bring your teen home drunk out of their mind late one night when they were supposed to be somewhere else spending the night with a trusted friend to finish up a school project over that weekend but lied to you in order to hang out with the older guys so that they can get their hands on some hard liquor!

Should it really surprise you when the first thing that you do during the week is rush past your child who needs and wants your attention in order to get to your liquor stash because you’ve justified it by saying that you’ve had a hard day at work?

So when they feel some stress in their lives at such a young age what do you think they will run to when the going gets tough?

…….and trust me, it will because in this day and age growing up is a lot more challenging with so much more at stake when one makes a bad choice that the pressure can seem insurmountable. So it is up to us to not only SAY the right things but also show them the right way of doing and handling things by leading by example!

Leading by example? Why the silence? Did I say a four letter word or something?

Yes, that’s what I said, lead by example. But the problem that many of you have with that is that you feel that you can do what you want to do because you are the so called adult and that your offspring must do what you SAY as though you all live in a bubble and they can’t see the dirt that you are doing right up under their noses.

So is it a surprise that they go on ahead and do “their” thing without any regards to what you had to say?

…….it shouldn’t be!

So when that career ‘hood baby mama has yet another new trick/lover/booty call recipient over for a night of freakish sex and lucrative baby making ’bout of jackpot winnings in the eventual child support court game of getting that man’s piece of paycheck.

So should it shock you when your young daughters have picked up on your style of dress and seductive mannerisms that have drawn the neighborhood men to her like flies on fresh shit?

All Of which is done when YOU are out at the club getting your drink and booty shaking sessions on as she beds down man after man as well as some of the same men that still have YOUR dried up encrusted musty juices of crotch sauce on their wonton dicks as they ease yet another hot thick murky alcohol laced weed strewn load of cum up in your daughter because “it must be better and tighter than the mama’s ’cause it ain’t worn out yet” like yours!

Pretty Black Woman

…….and the joke is probably on you because the act is usually committed in YOUR bed when you ARE at the club!

Harsh talk? NOOOOOO! REAL TALK! But you are too damn stupid to see this! And yes, there IS a reason the word stupid is all up in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Don’t be mad that someone used the word to describe you, just make sure you are not doing the dumb things to have that word describe your dumb behind actions. Some choices are just PLAIN STUPID and it’s a shame that some of you have passed it on down to your children.

Generational Curse? Sure. …….and you are the reason FOR IT!

We need to be responsible enough to leave our grudges, hangups and idiosyncrasies at the delivery room door BEFORE we bring that new life into the world. Better yet, we need to LIVE in a righteous manner where even BEFORE we conceive, we need to clean up our lives to the point where even our thoughts are pure before that sperm hits egg with one who was chosen because of their divine qualities and not because how good their lips, tongue and mouth felt on your damn equal opportunity giving “everybody gets a ride” coochie and dick!

Sperm Hitting Egg

…….but that is a whole entire different blog article my friends now isn’t it? LOL!

We put the best clothes on the backsides of our children yet we also place the worst attitudes within them also by what WE manifest in the atmosphere in the words that WE say!

Children are born with their own unique personalities but at the same time they are also empty clean slates waiting to be programmed by what you feed into their spirit by the way that you live.

We ruin our children from birth by giving them the grand inheritance of our bull crap before they even have the chance to see if that old stuff is important to them in the first place in which it usually is not!

Just because you can’t stand the father of your children from some perceived sleight that he inflicted on you a gazillion years ago doesn’t mean that you have to shrewdly season the mind of your child to eventually war up against him to continue your age old battle with him as you pass the baton of hate over to them for another several decades of unnecessary drama and foolishness.

Black Couple Arguing

Just because you can’t stand your son-in-law doesn’t mean that you have to turn your entire family of children (And some gullible grown folks too) against him because he is a truth teller over all of the lies that you’ve spoken against your own very daughter that he sees through and calls you out to task on.

Leave the kids out of it and take your old grievances to the grave or to God. Either way your grudges, when you die – like an old hot gut curdling fart that you’ve been holding in with tensed butt cheeks for the longest time while grinning and bearing it – they will be revealed and released for the world to see so why hold on to them in the first place?

So if you truly love your children PLEASE do not season their minds with foolishness because this will retard their growth and make it hard for them to see past the mess that you have allowed to continue in your life. Also, make sure that no one GETS to their minds to drop THEIR OLD CRAP into it in the first place because old toxic fools love a gullible audience to dump on and win over for their age old “dead and gone” battles!


Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Clean Slated” Brother,


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