Paris Jackson And The Secret Painful Life Of Being A Celebrity That She Never Aspired To Be!

At the time that I’m writing this blog it has been reported that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, was rushed to the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. According to several news sources and blogs, the consistent story is that she cut her right forearm with a meat cleaver and took a large number of Motrin pills.

She received medical attention and had the cut stitched up and is now physically stable from what the buzz is around on the internet. I say it that way because breaking news can sometimes become twisted way out of proportion but for the most part in me writing this piece I am taking it that the core story is true.

Number one, I feel that from her positioning alone that Paris Jackson is in a tremendous amount of pain and has absolutely no way of releasing it. That’s my observation and I might be wrong.

I mean, how is it that her father, Michael Jackson, was pressured his entire life and ridiculed by the press in the second half of it and we don’t expect these leeches, vultures and scavengers in the media not continue to pick away at the remains of “anything Michael Jackson” for a quick profit or sensationalize story?

Paris Jackson Face Shot

Michael Jackson was killed (yes I said it!) at fifty years old and had been under the celebrity spotlight from the age of five. He never EVER had a childhood! So why do you think that he wanted to surround himself with the extreme childlike amenities that were often so expensive as opposed to another star who got into the “adult” style indulgences of fast women and fast cars?

He was called weird for this yet he never bothered anyone as he was merely attempting to make up for what he never had growing up when he was younger.

He witness and experienced a lot, from the drill sergeant-like domineering philandering father who was a monster in his eyes who at the same time was ironically responsible for putting the “Jackson 5” on the map, steering them through the shark infested world of local entertainment until he I guess became a shark himself after his kids hit the mainstream.

Micheal never had a break from the public spotlight but even then I believe that the world that he created around him was somewhat of a second “womb” where like a Mother’s womb would protect him safely, nourish him physically and spiritually and give him the much needed chance to “let his hair done” before dealing with a relentless world who was hellbent on getting a piece of him in a manner that no one else has.

Oh how quickly we forget the scathing headlines of the gossip tabloids who would literally ad credibility to any wacky made up story of Michael Jackson merely to turn a profit at the expense of this great entertainers peace of mind. But although it had to sting I believe he learned to distance himself from it, but when the molestation charges arose that had to really hurt as it has been said that THAT was a major turning point in his life as the foolishness as well as the attempts to bring him down had gone just a little too far.

So in hindsight with all he had been through, Michael Jackson knew than anyone else what destructive opportunistic demonic forces were out there in the world and upon having his lovely children, made every attempt to keep them out of the circus that the salivating press would hope to make of their lives.

So protect them he would, often appearing to many as being fanatical in his approach to do so, but if hindsight is 20/20 I am quite sure that you all will agree that how he isolated them showed the world in a somewhat prophetic way that he what was out there lurking for them and what was yet to come.

So here we are in 2013 and the press has somewhat gotten their slimy claws all up into the most intimate recesses of the lives of Michael Jackson’s children.

But unlike the era when their father came up as a young star, his children, and especially Paris to whom I am focusing on in this written expression, they for one never get ANY breaks because EVERYONE has the ability to snap a photo with these smartphones that didn’t exist in Michael Jackson’s youth. Not only that, but young Michael was an entertainer and had to eventually understand and embrace that with celebrity came that certain measure of visibility that can sometime be annoying and very intrusive on his private life. But it couldn’t compare to the profit driven madness that we have her as reality today on a young Lady who was thrust into the spotlight merely because her father was considered by the majority of those in the world as the greatest entertainer of our time and even more so the greatest who ever lived!

So most of us can imagine losing our guardian Angel of a Father at such a young age and in such a public manner! To go from having your protective father around to not ever seeing him again because of his untimely passing has GOT to be a very unique and profoundly traumatic event for her. Heck, most people freak out when the trials and tribulations of crisis visits the front door of their personal lives but imagine being a target as a child for the fame, money, power and a status that so many greed driven individuals would die for and now see her as an easy source to attaining?

Yes, her lovely grandmother is the best person to raise them at this point, but at HER age how much can she really do now that Paris and her brothers have their own lives and are out and about pursuing their own course?

So every feeling of hurt, pain and insecurity that a young girl would feel in those very challenging and tough years growing up as a teenager is amplified for Paris Jackson thousands of times over because of her “star power” in the public spotlight!

Damn! Did she ever get a chance to truly mourn her father’s passing?

While Michael was an entertainer from the age of five and HAD his father, although it was reported and told that he was domineering, what about young Paris who never came out into the world as an entertainer but was merely guilty of the crime of choosing the wrong father if she thought that she would receive a “normal” upbringing with the average challenges of growing into adulthood.

…….and since we know that she never choose her family and father then why should this world expect so much of her merely because she is the offspring of such a famous and legendary man who left a legacy that will go on long after we have left this earth?

Michael Jackson

It’s not fair at all and I charge the media and those who seek profit from this young lady with the unseen mounting pressures that are compounded and amplified on her life everyday as she is constantly approached to potentially being set up to be used for someone elses gain.

What kind of life is that?

You see, she can put on and smile for the world and most observers may feel that all is well because they grew up without a financial care in the world but what effect does having ones life under the microscope constantly have on their perception of the world?

I personally believe that when you are growing up you have to have that emotional/spiritual safe haven in order to make it through and while Paris Jackson has a caring (Even if somewhat dysfunctional!) family that loves her but I don’t think it is enough when compared to the improportionate and ever increasing pressures that she must feel from within with each and every passing day of her life.

So I say to these leeches BACK OFF and let this young lady as well as her brothers have a life! Be considerate and understanding of the pressures that they must feel as well as the pain of having such a wonderful father that they’ve lost in such a public way. Give to them what their father never really had and allow them to grow at a pace that is comfortable to them and stop trying to take the “meal” that is Paris Jackson from out of the oven that she needs to thrive in to become a complete human being in a world as twisted as this.

My love and support go out to her and I hope that now the world can see that there is a great amount of pain held within her heart that is undetected and that we need to be loving and supportive from a safe distance and let her heal up from the psychological/emotional wounds that this circus of a world that we live in has caused her long before the self inflicted physical wounds ever came to be.

…….and my final thought is that we should truly become cognizant of the fact that we can never see, feel, experience or understand from our vantage point what transpires in the life of one who is in such a unique position. So know that what she has gone through in such a short period of time we will never be enabled to embraced. There are forces out in the world who care not that she is a young developing and beautiful young lady and will drive her to a tragic end if she does not do for them what they want her to do in the manner that her father experienced toward the end of his life.

Paris Jackson Scars

You’ve got to really ask yourself if the money and fame that these aspiring youngsters who don’t have it but are trying to get is worth anything at all then why are the rich and famous trying to commit suicide when they already have it?

That wasn’t to throw off on the life of Paris Jackson, she never tried to be a celebrity, it was thrust upon her, but no one speaks of the flip side of celebrity and the excruciating pain that accompanies such a lifestyle especially when your personal life is amplified at its every turn. You and I can close the door on the world and move about comparatively anonymous, but Paris Jackson’s existence hasn’t been as blessed as yours or mine.

Back up people and let her find herself and instead of constantly seeing what you can get from her whether it be money or merely a photograph, resist the urge because in the end we all might be responsible if her life comes to a tragic and unfortunate ending! Don’t be the straw that breaks the camels back!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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