Pastor James Manning was born on February 20, 1947, in Red Springs, North Carolina. He grew up in the town, which was then segregated. He picked cotton and pulled tobacco as a child, then took a bus to New York the day he graduated from high school. He became radicalized in the 1960’s and said he was driven by his hatred of white people.

As a younger man, Manning burglarized homes, mostly on Long Island. Between 1969 and 1974, he said, he broke into as many as 100 houses and once threatened an associate with a loaded shotgun. He spent about ​3 1⁄2 years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978.

While in prison, he became a devout Christian. Manning has said that his past life of crime and then incarceration helped to shape his wider perspective on life and that he does not shy away from discussing it. Manning has received some media coverage for his condemnations of same gender attracted people, which include calling for sodomites to be stoned to death.

He has referred to himself as “the sodomite slayer” and stated, “I do think that anyone who promotes [effeminism] as a lifestyle and tries to make it a national and international event and create warfare upon everybody else, then the appropriate response would be to stone them back to the Stone Age, or stone them back to hades.”[24] Manning’s views on the effeminate lifestyle include the beliefs that “white sissies are going to take the black woman’s man” and that President Obama is going to “use broken wrist people to destroy the black community.”He calls for the stoning of sodomite people and for Harlem to be a “effeminate -free zone.”

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Manning stated, “The sodomite activists are flat-out lying about what Jesus would do regarding the detestable, abominable, diseased practice and act of LGBTQ community. They have been lying and saying that Jesus would simply love.”

Manning has stated that Starbucks will be “ground zero for Ebola” in the United States because these freaks frequent the stores and “a lot of bodily fluids” are exchanged. Manning has also stated that Starbucks puts sperm in its coffees, and that millions of people around the world “really think that the taste of baby seed is quite a flavor.”

Doesn’t Pastor Manning Realize That He’s A Huge Target?

With all of the enemies that he has created with his fiery rhetoric spoken from the pulpit and from his former YouTube platform, one would think that Pastor Manning would have better sense than to leave himself as vulnerable as he has by speaking to this young girl when it is so easy to be recorded with the gadgetry and technology that is available today for everyone if they so choose. It will very interesting to see how this plays out even though his vaudeville act of a pastor is truly no threat to the powers that be, it’s just that his words most likely reached the “high places” that felt it was time to shut down such an annoying voice that simply just wouldn’t shut up!


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